Chen Ming’s voice wasn’t loud, barely a whisper, yet Xing Ming was among the few that heard it. Xing Ming frowned but still couldn’t get himself to say there was a problem with Chen Ming’s question.

Even if a hundred Dao Initiation realm cultivators came at her, they’d still be no match for this girl, let alone a Dao Sense realm challenger!

I only hope Gu Bufan’s loss won’t be too shameful.

Zhuo Qingyao looked over Gu Bufan, finding not an ounce of threat from this person, “Are you sure you want to challenge me?”

Gu Bufan’s eyes burned with the flames of battle, “I could have advanced to the Dao Initiation realm but delayed it all for the chance to challenge the number one spot. Now that you finally appeared, defeating you will make me the new number one on the Dao Sense Board!”

Outside of Zhuo Qingyao’s body, hundreds of sword energy blades flicked into existence and revolved around her. The swordforce was enough to flood the sky with its pressure. And when it surged downwards, it scared Gu Bufan out of his wits. Zhuo Qingyao walked before him and said in earnest, “No you won’t.”

Only after ten breath did Gu Bufan slowly woke up. That feeling just now was swordforce. Did I just challenge a Unity stage monster?

Unity stage. That’s something only a Dao Comprehending realm cultivator can achieve! How did she do it?

There was no need to talk about defeating such an opponent when just a look from her unleashed enough pressure with the swordforce to crush him. It was a death stare.

So this is the power of number one. They are all monsters.

Gu Bufan gave a helpless smile at Zhuo Qingyao who retrieved her swordforce, “No I won’t.”

Zhuo Qingyao said, “Therefore, you should hurry up and advance to the Dao Initiation realm. Then I might have an ounce of interest accepting your challenge.”

Zhuo Qingyao resumed following Chen Ming and Xing Ming towards their accommodations; it was a palace. Xing Ming said, “This is where the ancient immortal sect from long ago received its guest. There are spiritual fruits everywhere and guests can go ahead and eat to your heart’s content.”

Chen Ming breathed in the fragrance of spiritual fruits, saw how the area was remote and beautiful in its scenery of nature, yet they could still eat till full. It was worthy of an ancient receiving place for guests. The Astral Immortal Sect seemed to have profound respect for the sect behind him. All the pills on the battlefield were made by Yan Mountain after all.

“En, many thanks, fellow Daoist.”

Xing Ming said, “No need for thanks. Also, thank you, young miss Zhuo Qingyao for being considerate and lenient. If not… never mind. Thank you!”

Zhuo Qingyao took a spiritual fruit and rubbed it, “It’s nothing, I am not unforgiving towards a small child.”

Chen Ming turned to ask her, “You should wash before eating. Who taught you manners? ”

Zhuo Qingyao took a bite then glared, “There were one, the one eating with spirits on the sly, who said nothing about washing.”

Chen Ming: …

How did I get discovered eating with those spirits?

News of Zhuo Qingyao appearing in Astral Immortal Sect traveled fast. There were quite a lot of sects that visited Astral Immortal Sect and join them in the exploration of Nine Frozen Springs.

Zhuo Qingyao’s talent left all mouths gaping in astonishment. Some of the visiting sects’ elders were wagging their tongues, “When this child breaks through to Dao Initiation realm she will jump straight to number one!”

“Rumor has it that Zhuo Qingyao has lingered in the Dao Sense realm for two years. She didn’t break through and kept staying at its peak.”

“An Astral Immortal Sect disciple told me that Zhuo Qingyao’s Master is only at the Dao Initiation realm!”

“What!? No wonder she is still in the Dao Sense realm. Her Master is only in the second realm and, with such talent, cripples his disciple. How can she be left in the hand of such a Master?”

“We should go and talk with her, to have her pay one of us respects. It would be a pity for her talent to waste like this!”

A dozen Dao Comprehending realm Kings banded together in an effort to save poor Zhuo Qingyao from the deadly clutches of Chen Ming. ( A/N: i.e. steal a disciple)

Those from the Astral Immortal Sect thought this was a given. Why would a mere Dao Initiation realm cultivator could get to teach such a genius until all her talent rots?

And so, a team of Astral Immortal Sect Elders also moved into action. But knowing Chen Ming’s identity, and the power he had in his sect, they were afraid of this turning into cutting off their pill supply. They could only tag along as observers, waiting for those elders to convince Chen Ming, then swoop down to deliver justice.

Chen Ming wasn’t one that thought much of his surroundings, as showed from his laid back posture in his chair, basking in the sun’s warm rays. Zhuo Qingyao sat in front of him, drumming his legs. Chen Ming was unclear regarding a Sovereign’s power but knew he had to cross a deep chasm to achieve it.

There was a sudden racket outside the courtyard, “Excuse me, does young miss Zhuo Qingyao live here?”

Zhuo Qingyao got the door, and when it swung wide, hundreds of people squeezed inside while the audience of Astral Immortal Sect disciples, eager to enjoy the show, was helplessly left outside to eavesdrop.

The human tide scared Chen Ming out of his chair. Just what are they planning?

A Human King turned a disdainful look at him, “Are you young miss Zhuo Qingyao’s Master?”

Chen Ming nodded, “Yep.”

“With Zhuo Qingyao’s genius talent how many years do you, her Master, plan to keep her in the Dao Sense realm?”

Chen Ming pondered in earnest, “In Qingyao’s case, I think two-three more years should be enough. But I’m not to clear on this. It could be ten, it could be eight.”

If Zhuo Qingyao were to break through a realm, that would be the Transcending realm, straight to Sovereign rank. The soonest would be in two-three years, the longest in eight-ten.

That Human King laughed his lungs out, “You actually want to have her stay in the Dao Sense realm for eight to ten years. Zhuo Qingyao’s genius will die in your hands!”

Chen Ming roamed a piercing eye over this Human King and soon found his spiritual power in disarray, clearly, his foundation was unstable, “Then what would be considered not restricting Qingyao’s talent by your standards?”

The Human King couldn’t see past the end of his nose as he laughed with confidence, “To have her pay respect to our sect of course. How could you be fit to teach a genius taking the number one place on the Dao Sense Board?”

Chen Ming gave his analysis, “First and foremost, your logic is flawed. If I didn’t teach her then how could Qingyao become the first on the Dao Sense Board? Self-taught genius? Secondly, what does Zhuo Qingyao’s time to break through has anything to do with you guys? And lastly, you came here to rave with your modicum understanding of the world’s Grand Dao?”