That Human King’s flared his nostrils in anger and barked, “Humph, a pathetic little Dao Initiation realm cultivator also dares to spew lies of the Grand Dao? I only see you have skill in flapping your mouth. How could you still be in the Dao Initiation realm otherwise?”

Chen Ming smiled faintly, “If I advance, the number one on the Dao Comprehension Board will change. If I transcend, all immortals will kneel at my feet.”

Roars of laughter everywhere, “Ha-ha-ha, did I hear that right? Did he just say the number one on the Dao Comprehension Board will change if he advances? Is he saying he’ll take the first place?”

“That last one was funny. If he transcends the immortals will kneel at his feet. Who is he kidding?”

“Did he lose heart and went insane?”

Chen Ming didn’t feel like wasting words, he told the truth anyway, “I won’t say much, as it’s taking out of my tanning. Since you came to talk to my disciple, then go have a nice long chat with them, Qingyao.”

The Human King was ecstatic. This Master simply let his disciples talk with them! This is the perfect chance!

The Human Kings withdrew, with Zhuo Qingyao behind them. When she was about to close the door behind her, Chen Ming’s dull voice reached her ears, “You can teach them a lesson, but don’t go beating them to a pulp.”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, then pulled the door shut.

With Zhuo Qingyao coming over, that first Human King said, “Young miss Zhuo Qingyao, as long as you take me as your Master, I’ll promise to make you my successor. You are in the Dao Sense realm, and I can provide you with one Dao Sense realm pill every ten days!”

The Astral Immortal Sect’s Elders in the back were under the assumption that they would have a fruitful chat with her. But hearing what he said, their heart sank. There was no one with more pills than him here. Wasn’t this the same as smacking them with pills?

Never was there one who could take out millions out of their pocket without batting an eye. Hearing his price, their face burned with shame.

Zhuo Qingyao was cold, “Sorry, but on Yan Mountain, even normal disciples don’t have any limit on Dao Sense realm pills. Oh, we even take pills as food.”

Taking pills as food…

The Human King’s eyebrow twitched. Normal disciples don’t have a limit on Dao Sense realm pills!? What did it mean? It showed that Yao Mountain disciples’ treatment was far better than their successor!

Did this sect has land that grew pills?

The Human King took his time to straighten his robe then wiped his brow of cold sweat. If Chen Ming said it, he would flat out deny it. But it ringed true when it came from Zhuo Qingyao. The number one on the Dao Sense Board had her pride, after all.

The Human King ground his teeth, nothing ventured nothing gained, and continued, “If young miss Zhuo Qingyao pays me respects, I will find a top-quality spiritual weapon!”

Zhuo Qingyao drew Obelisk from her back, “Spiritual weapon? Is it better than this sword?”

The Human King was stunned for words, almost forgetting this brat had the divine weapon Obelisk!

What use is a spiritual weapon when even a nation weapon can’t compare to Obelisk!

Zhuo Qingyao was quite serious, “But your words caught my interest in your sect.”

Eh? Thinks have taken a sudden turn for the better. That Human King felt glee, “I wonder, what caught young miss Zhuo Qingyao interest?”

“How poor can your sect get? I mean, my knowledge is lacking. It’s not that only your sect is dirt poor, but except Yan Mountain, are everyone here that poor?”

The Human King didn’t see that one coming and was left without retort.

He saw how Yan Mountain sect’s legacy disciple had an immortal equipment from the Divine Weapons Board. This important treasure was something only a Sect Leader or a highly esteemed Elder would use. Just what sect is this? I’ve never heard of Yan Mountain!

Let alone them, not even the ancient immortal sects were that filthy rich!

The silence was deafening, so much so that you could eve hear a pin drop.

Zhuo Qingyao reached for Obelisk, “It just so happens that I haven’t got a sparring partner lately. Second junior brother and third junior brother’s cultivations are too low, and others aren’t in my league either, while Master’s too powerful. If nothing else, then just for all of you want to take me as a disciple, a master should nevertheless be stronger then his disciple. How about this, as long as you win against me, I’ll accept you as my Master. What do you say?”

Many Human Kings bobbed their heads in joy, “What!? Did she just say that as long as someone defeats her, he will have her as disciple? ”

“It must have slipped her Master’s mind to tell her that there are two realms in between Dao Comprehending realm and Dao Sense realm! ”

“Humph, how can a petty and narrow-minded Dao Initiation realm cultivator ever know the extent of the world?”

“But one question rises above all else. Who can defeat her, who goes first?”

“How about we compete among ourselves, and the strongest gets to have Zhuo Qingyao!”

“That idea works perfectly!”

Zhuo Qingyao rolled her eyes, Seeing this bunch of delusional fools is a total waste of time. And it’s so hard to please Master. He was just about to explain the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. And these guys just don’t let up!

Zhuo Qingyao swiped her sword, and the swordforce felt like a mountain bearing down on them, “Since you want to defeat me, don’t waste time and come at me together!”

Zhuo Qingyao guessed that this bunch of hypocrites would feint modesty so she rushed with her sword aiming for the most blabbering Human King, the first one. Swordforce exploded everywhere as its might sent the Human King flying tens of zhangs while spitting blood.

Chen Ming heart a loud commotion outside, the rumbling kept echoing for a full quarter of an hour. Then it went dead quiet. As Zhuo Qingyao came in, he eyed her face eager to know the result, “How was it?”

Zhuo Qingyao took the teapot from the table beside Chen Ming, “Too weak. I thought it would be an exhilarating battle but never dreamed that this bunch was worse than Black Tiger and Black Tiger.”

Chen Ming saw Zhuo Qingyao parting her small mouth, and planed on drinking straight from the pot.

Chen Ming yelled on the spot, “Don’t!”

Too little too late, as Zhuo Qingyao already drank her fill with the entire tea and inquired curiously, “Master, what is it?”

Chen Ming indicated at the pot, “I just drank from it…”

Zhuo Qingyao looked at the pot, put it down in silence, and quietly walked to her room. Stillness. Chen Ming didn’t know what went on in that room but didn’t have the mind to care. Besides not being related by blood, and outside of becoming Dao companions, their relation of Master and disciple was no different than that of a father and his daughter!

It was just a simple matter of sharing a teapot, no harm no foul!

I must be overthinking it!

Hold on, what kind of wicked thought did I just have?