The news of Zhuo Qingyao stringing a dozen Human Kings like pinatas and pummeling them spread like wildfire. It shocked close to everyone. This was a Dao Sense realm cultivator. If the Dao Sense realm was so powerful what would be the point of the Dao Initiation realm?

Therefore, under the awe-inspiring power of Zhuo Qingyao’s might, the entire land was swept by a bizarre wave of prodigies that remained in the Dao Sense realm as if their lives depended on it.

News of Yan Mountain also spread throughout the cultivation world, officially entering the eyes of the whole world.

But when it came to this new and famous Yan Mountain Sect, no one had the foggiest idea about it. All they knew was that it had Zhuo Qingyao.

Time flowed slowly and, half a month later, Xing Ming came to see Chen Ming, “Fellow Daoist, Fairy Zi Xia from our Astral Immortal Sect will lead this time’s group to Nine Frozen Springs. And since we promised you to take you to the Nine Frozen Springs, we have made the necessary preparations. The purpose of my coming today is to bring you over to meet Fairy Zi Xia and get you acquainted.”

Chen Ming had no complaints regarding this arrangement, Isn’t it just teaming up to beat monsters? En, having two helpers taking the hate is quite good.

Chen Ming and Zhuo Qingyao followed Xing Ming’s lead into the Astral Immortal Sect while giving them an introduction of the place, “In our ancient immortal sects, only the strongest Kings Ruler has the title of Fairy. Fairy Zi Xia is Astral Immortal Sect’s most promising expert in breaking through to the Sovereign rank. She is the fifth-ranked on the Dao Comprehension Board, and some say that she needs one final step to advance. Fellow Daoist must take care not to offend Fairy Zi Xia. ”

Chen Ming nodded, “Rest assured, I understand. Isn’t it just getting along with Fairy Zi Xia? I will follow all her commands!”

A peach orchard laid bellow a waterfall falling from an overhanging cliff. Here, Chen Ming saw a beauty with sparkling eyes and pearly teeth, with purple chiffon draped over her figure like clouds in the sunset. Her lily-white hands rested on a zither. She didn’t play, but pulled a sword from it and performed a sword dance. The snow-white wrists and her pure white sword sent Chen Ming’s mind spinning.

The girl sensed someone watching her and turned to look at Chen Ming. Fairy Zi Xia wasn’t bashful, having had her fill of gawking males.

Chen Ming saw her violet eyes, enchanting even, skin as snow, lips red and pearly teeth. He knew then and there she was a true beauty!

Danger value: 1500+80 (restricted value). Danger rating: lethal.

Chen Ming asked in his mind, “What does this restricted value mean?”

“Ding! In normal cases, the peak danger value of a Dao Comprehending realm cultivator is 1500. But some geniuses can go beyond it. That extra value is called restricted value.”

“Then why don’t I have any?”

“Can your danger value be assessed based on realms?”

“Uh, not in the least. Then what about Zhuo Qingyao?”

“Zhuo Qingyao’s cultivation is at the peak of the Dao Sense realm. Breaking through is equal to transcending for her. But only when her danger value surpasses that of a Sovereign’s basic value will she develop the restricted value.”

Hanging above Fairy Zi Xia’s head was the lvl 3 Purple Cloud From the East Aura. (1)

‘Purple Cloud From the East Aura

Description: lofty as a dragon, shacking the world with a gaze.

Effect: Before the imperial energy, all nations shall bow.’

Eh, isn’t this a debuff?

“Ding! Entering Purple Cloud From the East Aura’s range. Detecting resistances. Due to King Slayer Aura, you are immune to the imperial energy.”

Eh? This King Slayer Aura is quite handy. It’s good that I have it, and despite sounding like a villain boss’ aura from a drama, at least it’s more outstanding than one.

Fairy Zi Xia walked in front of Chen Ming with an uncaring expression, “Did you know? I once went to the Olden Demonic sect and the men there all had the same look. I left the sword in my hand fall, annihilating the entire demonic sect. I killed for two days and two nights, yet not once did I blink!”

Yet Chen Ming wasn’t scared, Eh? Did this Fairy Zi Xia also transmigrated? Is she going to spoil my fun?

Xing Ming’s eyes turned to see him, hoping he wasn’t too intimidated. Fairy Zi Xia was one of the strongest people beneath a Sovereign, after all.

Chen Ming wanted to test the waters, “Since you didn’t blink for two days on two nights, weren’t your eyes dry?”

Fairy Zi Xia: …

Xing Ming: …

Zhuo Qingyao:…

Fairy Zi Xia asked, “I just want to say, is there a problem whether my eyes were dry or not?”

Chen Ming spread his arms, “Alright, it seems it’s my misunderstanding.”

Fairy Zi Xia asked, “What misunderstanding?”

Chen Ming said, “Your eyes are violet. Probably from eyes being too dry at that time.”

Fairy Zi Xia drew her sword and Xing Ming jumped between them, “Fairy Zi Xia, let’s talk over there.”

Fairy Zi Xia glared at Chen Ming then followed after Xing Ming into the peach orchard.

Zhuo Qingyao asked from next to Chen Ming, “Master, do you find Fairy Zi Xia beautiful?”

Chen Ming smiled, “She’s just so wild, how can it compare to my cute Qingyao.”

Zhuo Qingyao blushed, but he didn’t notice for the mask.

Inside the orchard, Fairy Zi Xia places her hands on her hips, “Elder Xing Ming, is he the one you asked me to look after when we entered the Nine Frozen Springs?”

He gave a helpless nod.

“I can’t receive this task. They’re too weak, and they’ll only drag me behind.”

“These two have some influence and the sect behind them are the ones selling pills to the ancient immortal sects. This arrangement also comes also from the Sage. If you can look after them here and there, we will earn greatly the next time we buy pills.”

“Are they from that mysterious sect?”

“Yes, after their adjustments half a year ago, they can now make a million pills. Their sect must have tens of thousands of alchemists. It’s best not to offend such a sect, or it will be Medicine King Valley situation all over again.”

“No wonder he didn’t understand my words, alchemists are all strange beings. Since he’s just an alchemist, I can accept that he has such weak cultivation. A normal person can’t compare to that bunch of raving lunatics laughing maniacally by the pill furnace, right?”

He nodded helplessly.

Fairy Zi Xia emerged before Chen Ming a second time, “There’s no problem in coming with me and entering the Nine Frozen Springs. But you can’t fight what I say, my word law. If I say you can’t go somewhere, then you can’t. You have to defer to my judgment, is that clear?”

Are all these explanations especially for me?

Chen Ming nodded in earnest, “Rest assured, I won’t walk the path of the storyline… Uh, no, I will most certainly comply with your judgment.”

(1) In Chinese culture, the color Purple is auspicious and associated with immortality and spiritual awareness. It was also an Imperial color. The North Star used to be called the Purple Star (紫微星). It’s surrounded by the Purple Forbidden Enclosure (紫微垣), which was thought to be the palace of the Celestial Emperor. To complement this, the Forbidden City (the palace of the Chinese Emperor) used to be called the Purple Forbidden City (紫禁城). Additionally, Purple Qi (紫气) is an auspicious omen in Daoism and Chinese astrology. Qi (气) is “spiritual energy”, but it can also mean “air” or “cloud”. At sunrise and sunset, it’s not unusual to see clouds dyed a beautiful purple. This is perhaps the true origin of the idea that Purple is profound and auspicious.