Chen Ming moved within the Nine Palaces, waving another furnace to land, “Here the cold Yin is the strongest!”

The two furnaces dropped, Chen Ming closed his eyes, and then he flashed them open. As an earth ranked array master, and as a Grandmaster Alchemist, these two professions were displayed to their full extent inside this array. If he couldn’t do it, then hardly anyone could.

Ingredients appeared in front of him one by one. Chen Ming used spiritual power and handled each of them differently. They changed their form, turning either into slices or ground to powder.

This wasn’t hard within the scope of Unity’s effect.

With the ingredients ready, Chen Ming mumbled as he looked at the two furnaces, “No, these two furnaces don’t fit to merge yin and yang. They need to be adjusted.”

Fairy Zi Xia was struck dumb. What monster is he? He knows array, he knows alchemy, he can divine, and now he even knows tool refining?

It’s like he knows everything save fighting!

Fairy Zi Xia saw Chen Ming slapping a furnace three times and soon turned scarlet. He walked to the other furnace and with four slaps it turned dark blue; extreme cold.

Now came the final step, pill refining.

Chen Ming sent the ingredients in, handling them according to their medicinal property.

As each ingredient fell inside, Chen Ming relied on his mastery in alchemy, arrays and tool refining. It was as if the entire process has reached perfection.

He split a drop of Soul Returning Water in two, sent one to each furnace, then waited for them to merge with the ingredients. He revolved his spiritual power and two refined liquids came from the furnaces and fused them in mid-air. As the pill mist spread over the entire skull, Chen Ming reached forward and a pill with blue and red intertwined dropped in his hand.

Fairy Zi Xia saw a perfectly round bead with a jade finish, a complete and perfect pill. He really refined it!

“Try and see how much it’s effect improved!”

Chen Ming popped it in his mouth and it had several times more potency than the last time. When he opened his eyes, he reflected on the process, “Soul Returning Water’s effect increased five times.”

The shock left Fairy Zi Xia speechless, Is this an alchemist?

Too terrifying!

Fairy Zi Xia had to admit she belittled Chen Ming at first but, seeing the art of his skill in alchemy, it upended her view on alchemists. Astral Immortal Sect guessed that the sect behind Chen Ming had tens of thousands of alchemists. Fairy Zi Xia probed, “I was wondering, what is sir’s alchemist rank in your sect? ”

Zhuo Qingyao answered for him, “The first, why?”

Fairy Zi Xia found it normal. To be the top among tens of thousands of alchemists was a given with such mastery in alchemy. Only Medicine King Valley’s Valley Lord might be his match. In other words, they were the only two in the entire world.

Only this kind of alchemist could refine such a pill.

Medicine King Valley’s Valley Lord might be a Sovereign but his power was less than others, yet he had a high and majestic status. But the one before her had the right to stand next to him, next to an almighty Sovereign!

Perhaps he might be her chance to advance to the Sovereign stage.

Fairy Zi Xia said, “What are you planning to do next, now that you’ve succeeded? If you are willing to give me this pill, I will do all in my power to follow your instructions to the letter.”

Fairy Zi Xia tested him, hoping to receive some assistance from him. She could rely on her power to guarantee Chen Ming’s safety.

Chen Ming was just a peak Dao Initiation realm cultivator in her eyes, after all. And how could a guy skilled in alchemy, arrays, divination, and tool refining be good at fighting?

Chen Ming’s face held no shred of joy from the complete refining, but a frown instead, “Not good enough.”

Fairy Zi Xia was baffled, “What are you saying! Haven’t you succeeded?”

“Too slow. It took me six hours to refine one, and even if I can refine ten at a time, it’s still too slow. I won’t be able to meet the demands of everyone. I will try again after I comprehend an immortal ranked cultivation method.”

Fairy Zi Xia thought she saw an idiot. Six hours to refine is slow!? What kind of monster are you?

Do you think learning an immortal ranked cultivation method can be done on the spot? Fairy Zi Xia cultivated such a method, so how could she not know the troubles that came with it.

Chen Ming’s heart moved with determination as he closed his eyes. He squandered seventy thousand merits on Illustrious Casket. This method merged life and death together, which gave immense benefit in refining pills.

When his eyes flashed open, Fairy Zi Xia saw a never-ending stream of changes littering the air. Just like that, Chen Ming refining sped up by dozens of times!

Fifteen minutes later, Chen Ming reached into the pill mist, and pulled an identical pill, “Now that’s more like it. This speed should do it!”

Fairy Zi Xia never blinked or shifted her eyes all this time, watching Chen Ming’s refining. Is it even possible for a Dao Initiation realm cultivator to display such a dazzling technique?

Moreover, he was also in the Unity stage. Fairy Zi Xia gave him a deep look, confirming he was indeed walking the path of cultivation. He had no fighting prowess, and yet has mastered the side paths of professions.

Chen Ming said, “Now we can go tell all the others in the Nine Frozen Springs of my success. The price is ten drops of Soul Returning Water for four pills. Its name, uh, just call it Blue-red Pellet! What, don’t I have a good naming sense?”

Zhuo Qingyao shook her head with force.

Fairy Zi Xia said, “How about Yin Yang Harmony Pill?”

Chen Ming was earnest in his reply, “Despite your choice not being colorful enough, since you’re a woman, you take precedence. So I will have to reluctantly agree with the name Yin Yang Harmony Pill.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Great. Then I will gather the Human Kings from the Astral Immortal Sect, and let them know of this. But what reward will you give me?”

“Ding! You triggered a storyline mission: Queen’s Emergence. Please aid the future queen to become a Sovereign. Reward: 100,000 spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame.”

Since a mission came, then Fairy Zi Xia must be an important person later in the story. She must also be a Main Character.

Chen Ming said, “Even if we take failures into account, with ten drops of Soul Returning Water, my earning would be quite considerable. How about this, every ten drops refined, I will give you one Yin Yang Harmony Pill. As for how you divide the pills among your people, it is up to you.”