Fairy Zi Xia was doubtful, “You still say you can fail after refining it?”

Immortal Master Chen will have you know that my pill refining has next to no chance of failing. How could it?

Chen Ming said, “That’s only normal. The chance of failing is high, and what you just witnessed was all luck. When I began, my mind was also at its peak, but if I refine constantly, failure is a given.”

Fairy Zi Xia bought it, True, all refinings have a chance to fail.

Fairy Zi Xia left swiftly to go fulfill Chen Ming’s arrangements.

Chen Ming burst into mischevious laughter, “What’s so amazing about a tsundere queen when even she is meekly following my, Immortal Master Chen, orders!”

Very soon, the people in the Nine Frozen Springs became aware o a new piece of information, “Yan Mountain, who supplies the ancient immortal sects with pills, sent a Grandmaster Alchemist to the Nine Frozen Springs. This Grandmaster has already made use of Soul Returning Water to refine something called Yin Yang Harmony Pill. The pill’s effect can even reach that of five drops. If we give ten drops we will, in turn, get four pills. That’s twice the effect of Soul Returning Water!”

“A rumor says that this Yan Mountain’s alchemist is the first in that Yan Mountain Sect when it comes to alchemy!”

“Is the number one alchemist great?”

It could be said that the immortal sect disciples were tightly dependent on Yan Mountain, and couldn’t help but reveal a shocking piece of information. Soon, a disciple said, “You can’t even begin to imagine Yan Mountain’s power. Yan Mountain can refine a million pills each month!”

This news jolted the hearts of all Human Kings in the Nine Frozen Springs. Didn’t that mean they had tens of thousands of alchemist, and that the one in the Nine Frozen Springs was the most skilled? “This person is more like an Eminent Alchemist!”

“Definitely an Eminent Alchemist!”

“He is equal to a Sovereign in status!”

The news gradually reached a boil, as everyone in earshot had their spirits rising. This was a heaven-given chance, “I’m just wondering but, how much do we have to pay the Eminent Alchemist?”

“Regardless of the amount, we still need to go. There might be many drops of Soul Returning Water, but he is sure to have the righteousness of a Grandmaster Alchemist, one that can return double the effect of Soul Returning Water!”

Barely three days have passed and there were dozens of Human Kings already here. The first of the herd was a white-clothed youth, with a snowflake on his forehead. He was the head disciple of the Snow Mountain Sect that entered earlier in the Soul Returning Water, Xue Ziyu. As the disciples entered way before the others, they had many more drops of Soul Returning Water.

A Snow Mountain Sect’s Human King brought Xue Ziyu to the immense skeleton. But the one welcoming them was Fairy Zi Xia.

Xue Ziyu walked in front of her and asked, “Is the Eminent Alchemist present?”

Fairy Zi Xia nodded, “His Eminence is resting. Have you come to ask Grandmaster to refine pills?”

Xue Ziyu nodded, but was somewhat skeptical, “I have a question. If ten drops of Soul Returning Water can be exchanged for four Yin Yang Harmony Pill, then can I ask for the Grandmaster to first refine five drops?”

Fairy Zi Xia was doubtful regarding Chen Ming’s math, but soon thought of a way to resolve it, “Forgive me, refining needs ten drops of Soul Returning Water.”

Xue Ziyu said after a pause, “With so many of us here, we aren’t afraid of you taking the Soul Returning Water and run away. And Fairy Zi Xia wouldn’t be tempted by mere ten drops. I shall ask his Eminence to refine twenty drops. But I’m unclear as to the price accompanying it.”

Fairy Zi Xia was stunned, No way! You guys are giving ten drops in exchange of four pills yet you want to pay some more?

Fairy Zi Xia said, “I will have to ask his Eminence!”

Xue Ziyu gave a courteous bow, “Many thanks!”

Fairy Zi Xia was soon before Chen Ming, “They are asking what is the price for the refining.”

Chen Ming thought, “A hundred thousand spirit stones!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “You still want money? You get five Yin Yang Harmony Pill with each refining and yet you want more? ”

“If they find out the immense profit in this, will they let us refine in peace? Why are you so nervous when you don’t even know the other’s intentions?”

Fairy Zi Xia did some thinking, Money entices people’s hearts. If they knew, they might even try to rob us. She understood in a flash, “It sounds reasonable, I’ll go tell them right away!”

Fairy Zi Xia walked out of the skeleton in a relaxed manner. These bones were isolated from the water thanks to one array, while another had the job of lighting up the place. It wasn’t much different from the outside world. Fairy Zi Xia said to Xue Ziyu, “His Eminence needs many ingredients to refine even once. Therefore, he requires a hundred thousand spirit stones!”

Xue Ziyu said, “A hundred thousand spirit stones isn’t a high price, and each item has its own value. I will pay! I wonder when will I receive the pills.”

Fairy Zi Xia acted according to Chen Ming’s instructions, “Out of time considerations, to not detain everyone for too long, our Astral Immortal Sect has already received their own Yin Yang Harmony Pills. Therefore, give me the Soul Returning Water and I will return shortly with the pills.”

Fifteen minutes later, Fairy Zi Xia came again before Xue Ziyu and handed him a pill bottle. He checked inside to see eight pills, then took one. He closed his eyes and sat cross-legged. Another fifteen minutes later, he flashed them open with a sharp glint exploding from within. He was thrilled, “It’s true, worthy of an Eminent Alchemist. This Yin Yang Harmony Pill is no less than five drops of Soul Returning Water, and with an excellent effect! That means that for every Soul Returning Water we find, and as long as the Eminent Alchemist refines it, we will receive double!”

Xue Ziyu didn’t hesitate and handed over thirty drops to Fairy Zi Xia, “I ask for his Eminence to refine for me again. Many thanks!”

Xue Ziyu’s words held credibility, as the sixth on the Dao Comprehension Board. The others didn’t wait any longer and handed over their Soul Returning Water, “I ask Fairy Zi Xia to act in my stead for refining these ten drops of Soul Returning Water!”

For a while, there was a constant line of incoming Human Kings. After all, first come first served! And an Eminent Alchemist needed time.

“And who are you? Get lost! I came first!”

“Don’t f*cking push! Or I, your father, will squeeze you out!”

“Bullshit! I was clearly first!”