Witnessing this scene led to admiration blossom in Fairy Zi Xia’s heart, Only Chen Ming could come up with this. While all Human Kings fought on the edge of a blade, he gets the Soul Returning Water from all of them put together!

This was an amazing amount of Yin Yang Harmony Pills!

I wonder what is this guy’s brain made of, to come up with this idea.

Here was Chen Ming’s response, if he knew, You think I want to wrack my brain? If this granddaddy has a Luck Aura, do you think I’d waste time with these petty tricks? I would just barge right in, and take everything!

Fairy Zi Xia rushed to receive many Human Kings, worried they might not get the chance at pills, “There’s no need to worry, everyone. The pills will arrive shortly, please take your place in line! ”

Xue Ziyu, as the first in line, didn’t think they would fight him over his place, “Everyone, we all came here to ask his Eminence. Please don’t rush! His Eminence most likely likes peace and quiet. Too much noise will affect his refining, or even anger his Eminence. Then no one will have their chance!”

With two powerful figures from the Dao Comprehension Board intervening, the others calmed down, meekly waiting for their turn in line.

But soon, there was a new doubt spreading like a disease, “His Eminence needs ten drops for a batch. What about me then, who has only five?”

The one next to him said, “Yeah, I also got six. It’s not enough for a batch.”

Someone suggested, “Each of you can take out five drops, and ask the Eminent Alchemist to refine a batch. Then you can split the pills between you!”

The two found it a great proposal. And so, the ones with low Soul Returning Water searched for others to pair up. Two pooled their drops then another asked for refining.

As the day passes, Chen Ming was listening to Fairy Zi Xia’s report while handing her fifty Yin Yang Harmony Pill, “This is your share for today.”

Fairy Zi Xia opened the bottle and saw the fifty pills. Then she figured Chen Ming must have two hundred and fifty!

This many pills equaled the effect of over a thousand drops of Soul Returning Water.

After Fairy Zi Xia gave some to the Human Kings under her, she would be left with half.

Many Astral Immortal Sect’s Human Kings went wild with joy at the pill in their hands. This was much faster than looking for drops. They finally noticed how Chen Ming had one thick leg, so thick they almost couldn’t grab it!

“His Eminence is so generous!”

“Our cultivation will soar if this keeps up!”

“This is the same with everyone getting five drops of Soul Returning Water every day, many times faster than before!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Everyone is a Human King from Astral Immortal Sect. I’m sure that you know what to keep to yourselves. ”

They were all grateful, with no intention of selling Chen Ming out, “With suck kindness from his Eminence, my lips are sealed.”

“Yeah, if others knew of this, they would charge in, ready to fight over this benefit!”

“This will crush our hope of reaching the Sovereign stage. We cannot sell out his Eminence!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “If someone feels they are close to advancing, it would be best if they go out, to avoid arousing any suspicions!”

They all bobbed their heads, “We understand!”

With the distribution of the pills settled, Fairy Zi Xia was more and more intrigued by Chen Ming, What on earth would a Dao Initiation realm cultivator do with so many Yin Yang Harmony Pills?

When she returned to Chen Ming she caught him chugging bottle after bottle in his bottomless maw, “Aren’t you afraid the medicinal effect will stack and explode?”

She heard him let out a satisfied belch, never feeling better, “Ugh, the taste is lacking. I think a blueberry-flavor fits the Soul Returning Water well!”

Fairy Zi Xia: …

An alchemist’s thoughts have nothing in common with normal people.

Chen Ming knew a question was coming, “What? Chugging pills by the bottle is the glorious tradition of Yan Mountain. I need to set an unprecedend example as the Lord of Yan Mountain. Oh, I need to bump up my pill eating skill. Sigh, the world is so cruel!”

Fairy Zi Xia said in suspicion, “Isn’t it tantamount to saying that you didn’t need to raise it before?”

“I’ve never taken them before! Oh, I might have tried, now and then, to check their effects on the first refining, but that’s it.”

Fairy Zi Xia was speechless, An alchemist that didn’t eat pills was now chugging them by the bottle. And this was nothing? Even Xue Ziyu took one at a time.

Following the eventful first day, on the morrow, Chen Ming’s area exploded in a clamor. Those that got their pills yesterday flaunted their good luck, after all.

“Yan Mountain’s Eminent Alchemist. I’ll eat till I explode!”

“Yan Mountain’s Eminent Alchemist’s renown reaches the heavens!”

“Never have I seen such a righteous and illustrious man in my life!”

“If Yan Mountain faces a challenge in the future, I will lead it a hand!”

“Did you know? There’s an Eminent Alchemist inside the Nine Frozen Springs. He has a divine skill in alchemy that can double the Soul Returning Water’s effect! ”

It was a given that on the second day the situation would blow out. Yet Chen Ming’s refining project continued unabashed. Seeing the number of Yin Yang Harmony Pill bottles growing each day, his joy soared with them. While Zhuo Qingyao was, all the while, bored to death. She had no interest in alchemy. But Master’s style of refining is so manly, so handsome!

Fairy Zi Xia didn’t know what Chen Ming cooked up, but Zhuo Qingyao did.

With the passing of the first day, now that everyone had a new-found respect for the righteous Chen Ming, one that was worthy of their admiration, they didn’t need Fairy Zi Xia to babysit them into keeping quiet. And when Zhuo Qingyao saw the idle her, she asked her to spar on the spot.

Fairy Zi Xia didn’t refuse since the pills would come either way. So with a slight reluctance, she accepted her invitation, elevating Zhuo Qingyao’s fighting prowess to a new level.

With an expert like Fairy Zi Xia close at hand, Zhuo Qingyao held no qualms and let go of the reins on her power. She was finding everlasting joy in sparring with her every day.

Fairy Zi Xia thought Zhuo Qingyao held some interest in fighting, so she didn’t mind it. But after fifteen days, and Zhuo Qingyao still came for her, she said, “I say, auntie, aren’t you tired sparring ten times a day?”

Zhuo Qingyao gave an earnest reply, “What I want, is to be first under heaven. On this road, this amount of hardships is nothing!”

Fairy Zi Xia asked, “You are Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, but if you want to be first under heaven, what about your Master?”

Zhuo Qingyao pondered, “Master was never below the firmament, so how could he descend?”

Fairy Zi Xia laughed, “Don’t joke around. Your master’s skill in alchemy is passable, so just how great is his fighting power, when he’s just a Dao Initiation realm cultivator?”