The dark curtain of night descended with each splash of raindrops. A group of black-clothed men darted through the rain, splashing mud at each step.

Wu Jiang stood on a large bluestone, with the rain exploring his cloak. He frowned.

In his eyes, the raindrops formed a shaped with each splash.

Wu Jiang looked like a depressed middle-aged man, with curly and messy hair. But in fact, he wasn’t sad at all.

A black-clothed man came from behind, bowing in respect, “Head Sect Leader, Demonic Blood Saber Hall’s 12th King Corps is ready!”

Wu Jiang made no hint of movement, still enjoying the rain curtain.

The man asked, “Head Sect Leader, what are you looking at?”

Wu Jiang broke out of his reverie, “I am watching a saber.”

“It must be a great saber to garner such close attention of Head Sect Leader.”

Wu Jiang nodded, “A great saber, yes. I am certain of it, even if it hasn’t displayed its valor yet.”

“Dare I ask the name of this saber?”

Wu Jiang reflected a bit, “It should be Li Suyi.”

Wu Jiang continued, “Never mind this. Since you are ready, then set out. Take my 7th saber this time. Junior brother, do you still remember? We once became Demonic Blood Hall’s subordinates, and Master wanted to use your blood as a sacrifice for this saber. I found this by chance and killed Master with a wave of that very saber, now bearing the crime of patricide. In a blink, the demonic sect sent men after me, while the immortal sect couldn’t bear me. But I survived and even became Head Sect Leader of the demonic sect. Junior brother, you must me for killing the Master and his family, even your love, the Master’s daughter.”

The black-clothed man shook his head, “Senior brother, I never blamed you. I only hate my powerlessness to help when the whole world pursued you.”

Wu Jiang laughed, “If I wasn’t chased by the world, then I wouldn’t have had the mind of treating all under heaven as my enemies. I escaped with my life the first time, but there will be no more running. This time, I want the entire land to tremble under my saber. I don’t like this saber’s name, therefore, I will change its name to Grass Cutter. After all, it will kill most of the immortal sect’s most famous and promising in becoming Sovereigns.”

Wu Jiang drew the long saber from his back and threw it. The black-clothed man caught Grass Cutter, then bowed, “Senior brother, I will forever stay at your back. I will help you kill the immoral sect’s geniuses, to wipe them out!”

Wu Jiang said, “Go, junior brother, and return sooner.”

The black-clothed man turned and disappeared in the rain. He then showed himself, carrying Grass Cutter, in front of a sea of black-clothed men. He stabbed the sky with the saber and shouted, “Receive esteemed Head Sect Leader’s order, kill all promising King ranks of the immortal sect!”

The crowd lifted their head and, with bloodshot eyes, roared “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The leader black-clothed man waved Grass Cutter at the teleportation array, “Move out!”

Countless people charged at the array and disappeared in its midst.

For several days, Chen Ming gobbled god knew how many Yin Yang Harmony Pills. His body was like a sucking abyss. But because of the nearly hundred Dao Palaces, these pills seemed to have entered an ocean, vanishing in a blink, and increasing Chen Ming’s consciousness.

Chen Ming of today could use the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array without an issue, but far from reaching its peak. Obscure Gates Swordplay Array could control ten thousand flying sword at its best, while he only had it in him to use two thousand flying swords.

Chen Ming peeked at his danger value, 1750. He wasn’t far from the Sovereign stage, needing just a bit more to cover the gap.

Over this period of time, his danger value had an explosive growth, and Chen Ming hoped it would continue for a long time to come.

In two more months, he’d be at his peak.

As Chen Ming refined another batch, the outside burst into a clamor. He finished the refining then asked Fairy Zi Xia who waited at the side for the pills, “What’s happening? Is there something going on outside?”

Fairy Zi Xia was restless, “A Flood Dragon came along with many savage beasts!”

“Why is this happening? How can this place have so many Flood Dragons?”

“The Flood Dragon skeleton indicates this place as their resting place. We disturbed his rest and now he is furious. That’s why he led a sea of savage beasts over.”

“What’s the situation?”

“There were many Human Kings who came to ask for pills and just left to buy you time. I came to protect you as you leave this place! ”

“Ding! You triggered a storyline mission, Flood Dragon’s Warm Greeting. Please give the Flood Dragon’s warm greeting the perfect welcome. Reward: unknown.”

The system lady shouldn’t crack jokes at this time. Even going as far as calling it Flood Dragon’s Warm Greeting!

Warm your sister!

Chen Ming didn’t say they should leave, but instead, “Let’s go check it out.”

Chen Ming came outside the skull and saw the chaos. Many noticed him, “Is that the Eminent Alchemist?”

“From the respectful attitude of Fairy Zi Xia, he should be the one!”

“Your Eminence, leave quickly! We can hold them off for a while longer. We can rest easy as long as we know your Eminence is safe!”

“Yes, your Eminence has toiled for us day and night to refine Yin Yang Harmony Pill. Nothing must happen to your Eminence, or we’ll never know peace!”

Chen Ming took everything in and saw the black cloud of savage beasts coming like a tsunami. They were thousands upon thousands, and a slithering creature leading the charge. The Flood Dragon!

Many Human Kings were unleashing attacks, to cope with the incoming tide of savage beasts. Blood spread, turning the water in shades of red. Flickering came sometimes from the bloody waters, just like a night pearl, with no way of telling the fate of the ones inside.

Fairy Zi Xia asked Chen Ming, “What is it? Do you feel guilty watching these Human Kings you swindled risking their lives for you?”

Chen Ming smiled, “How can that be? And aren’t you also one of the swindlers? This only confirms my path is correct, writing a new page on my perfect record. They’re just a bunch of hypocrites anyway, but they do have an inkling of kindness in their hearts.”