Fairy Zi Xia asked, “You will need time to gather everything and retreat. I already prepared for the Astral Immortal Sect’s people to also fall back.”

Chen Ming looked around, then asked impatiently, “Qingyao?”

Fairy Zi Xia thought of something and gave an awkward reply, “She already charged into the savage beasts tide.”

Chen Ming’s fury was on the brink of erupting as he roared, “How can that be? Why did she charge over there!”

“She was the first to discover the incoming savage beasts. You were still refining and because she was afraid you won’t be able to retreat, she rushed over to switch their focus.”

Chen Ming’s bones crackled as he clenched his fists, “Damn it! I have no choice but to give the Flood Dragon a perfect welcome!”

Fairy Zi Xia bit her lip, “Leave quickly, I will get Zhuo Qingyao out of there!”

Chen Ming smiled, “From your reluctance, it seems you can’t save Qingyao without risking your life. You won’t save her, but I can.”

Fairy Zi Xia asked, “What are you trying to do? How many can you kill on your own?”

Chen Ming touched the Dao Empyrean Bamboo and smiled, “Gang fight? That’s what I excel at.”

Chen Ming jumped, leaving the safety area behind, and landed right in front of the beast tide. The surrounding Human Kings were startled, “Your Eminence, leave quickly!”

“We can hold them a bit longer!”

“We can rest easy as long as your Eminence retreats!”

The blood rippled when it reached Chen Ming. Fairy Zi Xia rushed next to him, yelling, “This is not the time to let your emotions cloud your judgment. You’re just an alchemist!”

Chen Ming had no intention to reason with her, “I am an alchemist, and also Qingyao’s Master. If one hair is missing from her, be it done by a sect or a kingdom, I will purge them. I, Chen Ming, am a man of my word!”

A savage beast threw itself at Chen Ming, a three-zhang-long fish. It opened its ravenous maw to bite him. Fairy Zi Xia yelled, “Watch out!”

Chen Ming got swallowed right before her eyes, leaving only the large fish behind. Fairy Zi Xia cursed, “He’s clearly an alchemist, yet he still wants to show off. Hope he won’t end up ripped to pieces!”

Fairy Zi Xia thought about rescuing him, only to see a never-ending stream of spiritual swords cutting their way through the large fish’s insides. In a short while, two thousand spiritual swords were displayed in her eyes, spreading in the sky, and sealing the eight directions!

Fairy Zi Xia watched dumbstruck as the spiritual swords formed a vortex in the endless darkness!

The vortex revolved in the waters, and the many savage beasts that met with it were soon torn to shreds. In its center, the Human Kings saw Chen Ming wearing the smiley mask, his unyielding eyes flashing with endless killing intent.

“His Eminence is joining!”

“Isn’t his Eminence just an alchemist?”

“His Eminence’s display of power is close to a Sovereign!”

“Is his Eminence a Sovereign?”

“Even if he isn’t, only one step is separating them!”

Fairy Zi Xia was in a daze. She once witnessed a Sovereign fighting a group, and Chen Ming’s show of power when fighting was very similar. Was he a Sovereign?


He is clearly in the Dao Initiation realm. Hold on, what did he say his name was?

He is Chen Ming!

He is the number one on the Dao Initiation Board, Chen Ming. And that horsetail whisk must be the Dao Empyrean Bamboo!

No wonder a Dao Initiation realm cultivator had such mastery in alchemy. He was the number one on the Dao Initiation Board, Chen Ming! He should have the highest power in the Dao Initiation realm, but from his display, he could even match a Sovereign!

Fairy Zi Xia recalled the ridicule spreading among many cultivators. Chen Ming said that if he advanced, he would be the number one on the Dao Comprehending Board. It didn’t sound like boasting now. But how did he do it? How could a Dao Initiation realm cultivator have such power?

This reminded Fairy Zi Xia of Zhuo Qingyao, Isn’t she a Dao Sense realm cultivator that can hold her own against a King rank?

Nothing impossible about it. What baffling cultivation method was Yan Mountain’s cultivators using?

A super special immortal one?

This was not the time for a flight of fancy. Since Chen Ming was as strong as her, if not stronger, he should be able to quickly save Zhuo Qingyao.

Countless spiritual swords surrounded him, and an array instantly set up within his body. The Obscure Gates Swordplay Array launched, with eight swords covering the eight directions. He simply walked towards the savage beasts tide, letting the vortex twist any creature that met to shreds.

Chen Ming was like a meat grinder, killing with no regard. Savage beasts came in, slop came out.

The Human Kings were at a lost for words, “Even a Sovereign doesn’t have this kind of power!”

“Are you saying his Eminence is a new Sovereign?”

“He has sole control of the array!”

“Were array master that terrifying? I always thought array master was a side job!”

Liu Mang and Xue Ziyu, as well as Su Qingyang from the Sword King Pavilion, arrived next to Fairy Zi Xia. Xue Ziyu asked, “How is his Eminence? Is he alright?”

Su Qingyang said, “If he is alright, quickly take him away from here!”

Fairy Zi Xia stretched her fingers towards the vortex, “He’s there.”

Su Qingyang glanced at the vortex, “His Eminence is the Human King below the vortex?”

Liu Mang said, “Not bad, that Human King seems old, yet fitting the image we pictured of an eminent character.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “His Eminence is the one inside the vortex.”

Su Qingyang, Xue Ziyu, and Liu Mang were gawking like fishes. Su Qingyang recovered first, “I’m no seeing things right? His Eminence has such power! Wasn’t he an alchemist?”

Fairy Zi Xia rolled her eyes at Su Qingyang, “His Eminence’s mastery in arrays reached the level of earth ranked array master. Moreover, he is that Chen Ming on the Dao Initiation Board.”

Xue Ziyu said, “Are you talking about the first on the Dao Initiation Board, the one holding the Dao Empyrean Bamboo, Chen Ming?”

Fairy Zi Xia nodded, “It should be him. That horsetail whisk’s handle was blue bamboo.”

Liu Mang said, “Then what are you standing around for? Since his Eminence is so strong, go kill savage beasts. You should know that they were brought by the Flood Dragon, and they must have Soul Returning Water within!”

They all came to the same conclusion and readied their power to charge into the savage beasts for a slaughter!