The blue-eyed dark ox beneath Liu Mang transformed, turning into a leviathan ten zhang long, bashing and smashing into the savage beast tide. Liu Mang held a heavy spear, leaving afterimages as his swings unleashed black tornadoes, sweeping his immediate surroundings.

Xue Ziyu flashed his eye open, and the snowflakes around him turned the savage beasts into ice sculptures at a mere touch. Only to shatter into crystals.

Su Qingyang pulled the sword from his back and started hacking with no regard, each swing traveling dozens of zhangs, killing by the dozens.

Fairy Zi Xia unsheathed her own sword while carrying a zither on her back. She walked among the savage beasts and, with each flash, one collapsed.

The four experts on the Dao Initiation Board began to move, stirring the hearts of the Human Kings. Before, when his Eminence swept everything, he spared no one. But now that the four experts joined, were they going to just leave?

If there was one place to go to, that was to kill!

This was the chance to earn Soul Returning Water!

The battlefield came upon a complete reversal with Chen Ming’s interference.

Chen Ming couldn’t compare with a Sovereign when it came to raw power. But in case of crowd control, he held an advantage higher than one. It wasn’t a far stretch to say that he had a Sovereign power in group fights.

After all, everyone was equal under the array!

Chen Ming didn’t need to lift a finger, the two thousand spiritual swords doing the work for him. He was a living meat grinder, leaving slaughter in his path.

Blood churned in the water, Chen Ming taking every moment to look for Zhuo Qingyao’s figure. Despite killing thousands of savage beasts, he has yet to find any sign of her!

Just where did Zhuo Qingyao run off to?

Chen Ming charged left then smashed right, sparing no expense on his search for Zhuo Qingyao. In the darkness, the water current grew stronger, sweeping the surroundings. Chen Ming saw a large figure in the darkness, She couldn’t have gone to distract the Flood Dragon, could she?

Chen Ming couldn’t discern the Flood Dragon in this abyss, It’s too dark here!

Chen Ming cooled his heart, feeling with his mind all the changes in his vicinity, looking for the place where the water was the most restless. When he found one, he went killing towards it. Su Qingyang and the rest, saw him moving and followed after him in their slaughter.

Chen Ming sensed Su Qingyang coming so he opened a gap in the vortex, letting him drew nearer. Such a fine control startled Su Qingyang, “Your Eminence’s control of arrays has reached such a precise level!”

Chen Ming said, “Killing the beast tide is endless. Just how many does this Nine Frozen Springs have? With countless savage beasts, our only choice is to forge ahead. That should end this trouble!”

Su Qingyang said, “Your Eminence wants to kill that Flood Dragon?”

Chen Ming nodded, “Correct!”

“I will join you in seeing Flood Dragon’s power for myself, then I will decide!”

The two walked in darkness, leaving a trail of slaughter in their wake. After no less than ten li of killing, Chen Ming saw the giant Flood Dragon. It was a thousand zhang long taking all their sights, just like a mountain!

Chen Ming saw the giant creature, similar to a fish, with endless rows of teeth. Yet there, on a certain tooth, hanged a smiley face.

Chen Ming glanced at its danger value, 2500. Danger rating: disaster.

‘Disaster: it is a calamity even for cultivators.’

This was a brand new rating, one that surpassed his own. It was also the first time he saw a danger rating that could contest with a Sovereign. But he recalled how he didn’t saw the danger rating of the elder from the Snow Mountain Sect, having question marks instead. The same applied to wind fiend Patriarch. He only knew that the Patriarch had a four-digit danger value.

Was it because this Flood Dragon had lower intelligence? Was that the reason he could see its danger rating?

From its rating, Chen Ming was clear that its power was that of a calamity.

What was a disaster? It meant one couldn’t resist it. If one survived it, it wouldn’t be called a disaster, but an accident instead.

I just knew I’m no Main Character, that I won’t meet with enemies that are only a bit higher than my danger value. The ones that I bump into have hundreds of points over me, and a level higher in danger rating.

Fear gripped Su Qingyang’s heart at the mere sight of the Flood Dragon. He could sense from that distance the Flood Dragon’s power!

Su Qingyang said, “Your Eminence, do we have a fighting chance against this monster?”

Chen Ming let out a helpless laughter. When he saw the smiley face, no choice remained, “It’s just a savage beast, its intelligence can’t compare with ours. We do have a chance. Tell Xue Ziyu, Liu Mang and Fairy Zi Xia to come over.”

Su Qingyang could only nod, then went in search of the three. When all four of them came, Chen Ming said, “This is a disaster, and if we don’t solve it, then you won’t have an easy time looking for Soul Returning Water in the Nine Frozen Springs. Even you, if you meet with such a beast tide, will find no escape. We have no choice but to end it!”

The four nodded, with Liu Mang asking, “But this Flood Dragon is comparable to a Sovereign. How are we supposed to kill it?”

Xue Ziyu said, “Its hide is like iron, and with its size, even if it gets injured, it won’t amount to anything!”

Chen Ming said, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It is still a savage beast with low intellect. If we enter his stomach and fight our way to its heart, it will surely die!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “That’s dangerous!”

Chen Ming smiled, “My life is a continuous struggle against destiny. Now, destiny wants to drive us out of Nine Frozen Springs, to give up the chance of breaking through to the Sovereign rank. Will you cower?”

The four’s hearts jumped at this. Liu Mang was a boor, easily angered, “No way! If I get the chance, I will kill even a Flood Dragon!”

Chen Ming continued, “This is my suggestion, it’s up to you if you come or not.”

The four nodded. As geniuses at their peak, this wasn’t the time to shrink back against such danger. This challenge was part of their job description!

Chen Ming smiled, “Good, then let us kill this Flood Dragon together. Let us bring prosperity in this world! Don’t let the pressure get to you, follow me!”

Chen Ming dashed towards the Flood Dragon, going with the water current.

The four were behind Chen Ming, jumping inside the current. They were nothing more than ants in the face of such a behemoth like a Flood Dragon. As it swallowed water, it didn’t care about five specks, letting them enter its mouth without trouble. The five traveled through the teeth, resembling jutting swords. The current swept them away inhibiting any control as they followed Chen Ming inside the belly of the beast.