Chen Ming ventured through the endless fangs and finally stepped on fleshy ground. But this Flood Dragon’s flesh was as tough as black iron!

Chen Ming said to the four who just came after him, “Stay close and don’t stray!”

They replied in unison, “We understand!”

Chen Ming let the night pearl bring light to the darkness and followed along an immense tunnel. This was the Flood Dragon’s throat, the size of a huge cave!

When they were one li in, Chen Ming saw a person wearing blue robes, drifting with the current. He realized Zhuo Qingyao had no strength left.

Fairy Zi Xia yelled anxiously, “Look, there’s Zhuo Qingyao!”

Chen Ming didn’t wait and took to his black turtle form. His four claws trod water and was behind her in a flash. Zhuo Qingyao sensed his arrival, yelling with a guilty conscience, “Master, you also thought of going inside its mouth?”

Cen Ming’s tone was cold, “I will give your punishment when we return!”

Su Qingyang and the others were amazed they ran into Zhuo Qingyao here.

Zhuo Qingyao said, “This Flood Dragon is too large. I couldn’t find my way or any of its vital areas. Its flesh is so tough that my sword can only scratch it.”

Chen Ming said, “Fool, you only need to find its veins and make a gap. If you go in, you will soon reach its heart!”

Zhuo Qingyao was enlightened, “That sounds much better!”

“You four, go an make a wound. We just need to find a vein. Once inside we’ll reach the heart in no time!”

The four had no objections as they set off. They opened a wound, but when it came to the Flood Dragon, it didn’t even count as one, not feeling it from its sheer size.

They entered and after going a dozen zhangs, blood rushed out. Chen Ming brought Zhuo Qingyao as he entered the vein. It was just like a tunnel, with blood flowing through it.

Chen Ming said, “Follow me!”

They drifted through the vein for six long hours until they reached a new area. They were met with a brand new world. There was thick blood everywhere, accompanied by a heavy smell, looking just like an immense palace.

Chen Ming wandered around for a bit, “This is a large space, akin to a palace. It must be its heart. As long as we break it, the Flood Dragon will die!”

Liu Mang smiled, “Since we’re in the heart of this huge guy, then let’s take its life!”

Liu Mang took out his frost dragon spear, brandishing at a nearby wall. With its descent, a whole formed but not enough to breach it. Just from that small wound, the six found their surroundings shaking!

A thunderous roar came from outside. Liu Mang said, “It found us!”

He saw with the naked eye how the wound closed and healed!

In just ten breaths it was as good as new!

Xue Ziyu said, “With such a large body, a Flood Dragon regeneration is bound to defy common sense. Even if we are inside its heart, it will be hard to kill it!”

The vicinity was engulfed in spiritual power, trying to crush the six to pieces!

Su Qingyang said, “The Flood Dragon knows we’re here and won’t let us do as we please. He released his spiritual power to crush us!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Its body is too large. Its spiritual power is so great that it seems to be multiple Sovereigns combined. We just can’t fight it! The Flood Dragon is gathering all its spiritual power into his heart!”

Chen Ming let loose countless spiritual swords and, in no time at all, formed an array, “I will block the spiritual power with the array, while you hack at the heart. Let him bleed to death!”

Su Qingyang asked, “Can you handle facing against many such a spiritual power?”

“Based solely on spiritual power amount, I am lacking, but I can hold it off for a while. There’s no time for words, hurry!”

Obscure Gates Swordplay Array unfolded with Chen Ming power, creating a barrier between them and the blood. The four peak geniuses felt the pressure vanishing and after exchanging glances, they summoned their weapons and release immortal arts upon the heart’s wall!

Boom after boom echoed on and on. Zhuo Qingyao knew the four’s power was far above hers, and staid out of their way to avoid hindering them. She knelt behind Chen Ming and took a bottle of pills to replenish her energy.

Su Qingyang, Fairy Zi Xia and Liu Mang sent explosive moves at the flesh wall, making a piece of it fly and land at their feet, black iron-like pieces.

Seeing the three tearing a whole, Xue Ziyu formed a sign, “Immortal art- Thousand Li Ice!”

White snow spread from him, freezing everything it touched and soon the whole became solid as an iceberg, holding Flood Dragon’s regeneration in check.

Xue Ziyu was afraid Chen Ming couldn’t bear the brunt of the spiritual power of multiple Sovereigns, “Your Eminence, are you alright?”

“It’s only spiritual power, not a magical art. Keep going!”

Chen Ming thought of something, I’m not at all weak when it comes to holding back mere spiritual power. If not for all other reasons, then just from the awesome King Slayer Aura!

With the King Slayer Aura attributed to the spiritual power, it would shape it into sharp swords while Flood Dragon’s spiritual power was like a log. It might hold an advantage in quantity, but not in quality. And to augmenting it, Chen Ming had close to a hundred Dao Palaces!

Xue Ziyu nodded, “Great, we’ll resume attacking!”

The four caught glimpses of the stable Chen Ming. He was akin to an unshakable mountain, giving them a profound shock. It could be said that Chen Ming was holding the Flood Dragon at bay all by his lonesome, removing their fears of being attacked from behind.

Seven minutes later, the four hacked a wide hole in the wall. Blood came flooding like a river through the hole, followed by an enraged tremor. That was Flood Dragon’s roar. He was pissed!

People were making a mess of his insides!

And at a vital area at that.

The six could see how the blood surged in one place, gathering all together to assume the shape of a twenty zhang long blood dragon. One that had the might of a Sovereign!