The Flood Dragon felt a threat to his life. He didn’t want to unleash magical arts, but even if he did, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference now. Because his heart had a deep hole through which blood burst like a dam.

It sensed his life in danger, yet he had no time to mind the situation of his heart and released magical arts inside!

With the Blood dragon formed, its might bore down on them. Zhuo Qingyao said, “I can feel a strong power of vitality!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “It no longer holds back and wants to fight us in its heart!”

Su Qingyang added, “This Flood Dragon has a trace of dragon blood. This is the Draconic Influence!”

Wit Draconic Influence crushing them, even Zhuo Qingyao, with her outstanding vitality, could feel a strong pressure.

Chen Ming looked a the dragon blood, “Let’s see how Draconic Influence fairs against my King Slayer Aura. Isn’t it just a dragon? If you can, why can’t I?”

Two thousand longswords shifted, forming scales, claws, and fangs. It became a dragon made of swords. At its core, the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array was a controlling art for ten thousand swords. If one had enough swords, wouldn’t it transcend its earth rank?

This was a sword dragon formed through the Obscure Gates Swordplay Array!

Of course, this was just an imitation. If Chen Ming wanted, he could turn it into a mouse or a cockroach.

The Draconic Influence vibrated imposingly above the blood dragon. The sword dragon’s swords energy moved erratically, as King Slayer Aura enveloped it, wanting to cleave open this Draconic Influence, to contend against it!

Chen Ming said, “Guys, don’t let up on wounding it. I will deal with this blood dragon!”

Sword dragon and blood dragon smashed into each other, fighting for their lives. The four geniuses took a peek here and then, eyes shining from the amazing power display!

“Is this a battle of Sovereigns?”

“It should be!”

“A battle of Sovereigns is so fierce!”

The two intertwined, but the sword dragon came at a disadvantage. Chen Ming still fell short of a true Sovereign. If he wasn’t in the Flood Dragon’s heart, fighting a blood dragon, he wouldn’t have held for so long!

Chen Ming’s eyes flashed as he controlled the sword dragon. Having the advantage, the blood dragon disregarded him and went straight for the four, to let his heart heal!

Chen Ming hat to stop it or they would die from it. His eyes flashed and activated Warmonger Aura!

Spiritual power’s speed rose by 10%, giving Chen Ming a rush. The surroundings seemed clearer, his power exploding in an instant, extricating the sword dragon and chasing after the blood dragon. He let its tail swing wide onto his opponent’s head.

The blood dragon roared, turning to face it and the two resumed battle!

The two twisted around each other, blood and spiritual swords merging, all to grab the chance to finish the other one off!

Blood whirled, spiritual swords hovered, as the eyes of the sword dragon flashed with endless killing intent. It came from the nation weapon in its left eye, Overflowing Void!

Chen Ming was at Unity with dozens of sword arts, and the sword dragon’s left eye was also wielded at the Unity stage. It tore at the space!

With the space breaking, cracks appeared, and it wasn’t because of Chen Ming’s sword Dao, but the effect of this nation weapon. It matched with this space shattering sword, giving off an endless and tyrannical power!

A sword stabbed through the blood dragon, leaving a wave of blood in its wake.

The four were shocked, “The feel of the Unity stage!”

They set their eyes on Chen Ming, but it wasn’t the image of a refined sword immortal brandishing his sword. No, it was a black turtle laying on the ground undisturbed, yet its eyes never strayed from the two dragons’ battle.

Why do I feel ill when I see this?

The blood dragon flew into a rage. It spat a rain of ice at the sword dragon!

The other spat a dark-yellow sword, the nation weapon Chaotic Ground!

Chen Ming controlled Chaotic Ground, achieving Unity, again, “Unshakable Mountain!”

It cut through the rain of ice, arriving before the blood dragon without a single impediment!

The four geniuses were doubly shocked, Again Unity? And it gives a different feeling at that?

What is going on exactly? Can anyone be that bored? So bored that he trained in two sword arts at the Unity stage?

All people with a bit of common sense would train in just one. Once they achieved Unity, they would pursue the sword Dao to an even further stage, the Sword Intent!

Many Unities don’t compare to Sword Intent. He didn’t stop until he had dozens of sword arts at the Unity stage? Even in battle with another cultivator, you could only unleash one at a time!

If not, don’t you think there were more like you?

Yet this Eminent let’s out another Unity stage sword art. Just how bored was he? It’s as if he’s cultivating to fake immortal. He totally took the side road from the path of immortality!

Fairy Zi Xia was one who saw many baffling things, This person is a deviant, alright? He has alchemy at the Eminent level, arrays, divination, tool refining, all mastered and all useless side jobs!

Now, this master of all shows a strong side. But just how bored was he to drift so far off the path of immortality?

Yet the result was irrefutable.

No point in looking at something you can’t copy!

The ice rain was endless, yet it didn’t stop Chaotic Ground’s advance. The sword dragon spat out another sword, Heavenly Punishment, at Unity of course, unleashing the Heavenly Destruction Art!

The blood-red longsword looked as if it went through countless hardships as it released a sword light dozens of zhangs long. The blow seemed to cut the sky and split the world with its descent, slicing the ice rain in half!

Blood dragon moved the icy rain, surrounding himself in water droplets. The area was then littered with countless water droplets, and from within came the image of a blood dragon. In mere moments there were blood dragons all around, with no means of distinguishing the real one!

Those droplets were like mirrors, with blood dragon’s reflection inside it. It gave Chen Ming a hard time in finding out the real one!

The reflections showed a blood dragon baring its fangs and claws. Chen Ming saw how it was ready to strike but he has yet to find its location!

No wonder it’s a disaster rating. It can control the entire battlefield!