Chen Ming let Zhuo Qingyao down, watching the countless water spheres forming a curtain that hid everything. He stepped among them.

Fairy Zi Xia and the rest saw him moving and also saw how images of the blood dragon were on the move. Sometimes towards them, sometimes away, raising the fear in their hearts to a new peak.

Even geniuses on the Dao Comprehending Board felt terror in moments like these. After all, they were in the Dao Comprehending realm, and not the Transcending realm.

The transcending realm represented the strongest power in this world.

It didn’t mean just casting oneself from the world, but also going beyond it. When one entered a world, it would bring calamity.

The Transcending realm was thus named because one needed to transcend the world and go further above it. Yet, it was a pity, since they would remain in the mortal world.

Xue Ziyu glanced as his three companions, “What do we do now?”

Liu Mang raised his spear, “His Eminence does his part and we’ll do ours! What else is there?”

Liu Mang’s meaning was play and simple. Even if they can come up with something, there wasn’t much they could do. It was better to stick to the task his Eminence gave them.

Leave Dao Comprehending realm to Dao Comprehending realm and Sovereign to Sovereign.

Chen Ming’s danger value was 1750. After activating Warmonger Aura and King Slayer Aura, it still fell short of a Sovereign. The Flood Dragon had it at 2500, but here was its heart, not a place where it could let his power run amock.

Walking through the rain curtain, Chen Ming felt how his Unity state was suppressed, that the blood dragon entered his domain, and that his control was slipping.

Truth be told, he loathed this feeling.

There were now places his senses couldn’t reach.

As if his array was starting to collapse.

It was the first time he met such a crisis, such a strong adversary.

Chen Ming stretched his hand and the sword dragon spat a sword in his hand. It was Autumn Snow, representing the harshest seasons, autumn.

Chen Ming grasped it and felt its intent. Autumn froze all the plants, just like grass. And even if they are many, the grass was still the weakest, just like these droplets. They might be many, but each was frail.

This wasn’t an illusion, so Chen Ming didn’t need to use his cloud cultivation method. He grasped the sword, entered Unity, and unleashed its art, Freezing Grass!

He walked holding the sword in his hands and, in the clear droplets, the image of Chen Ming slashing could be seen.

Killing intent swept the area as droplet after droplet broke down. The harsh and endless power of the sword enveloped all of them, turning them into harmless water.

Among the falling water, the blood dragon roared, charging at Fairy Zi Xia and the rest!

Chen Ming lifted his head, and a wave from him sent the sword dragon to block its path, but it wasn’t fast enough.

Chen Ming darted, Autumn Snow tight in hands, and struck towards the blood dragon’s head!

With blood dragon moving erraticaly, the hit landed on the heart wall, leaving a hole from which bloody mist entered.

The sword dragon now caught up to the blood dragon and resumed their struggle for supremacy!

Su Qingyang said, “We need to widen the wound to weaken the Flood Dragon!”

The rest nodded. The battle behind was chaotic and unpredictable. This was not the time to enjoy the scene.

Liu Mang waved his spear while saying, “I never knew the world held such a powerful Eminent!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “The whole world will know when a Sovereign battle occurs. Each of their moves brings disasters after all. But even Astral Immortal Sect never heard anything of his Eminence. I always thought he was just an alchemist, that he didn’t know how to fight. It seems I was wrong!”

Su Qingyang said, “Can’t be! You never saw his Eminence fight? Is his temper that good?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Not in the least. I just never knew his identity, and even his disciple, Zhuo Qingyao, easily dealt with a bunch of common Human Kings. How could I have known? Furthermore, even if I knew who he was, who from our ancient immortal sects would dare to offend a sect that can refine a million pills a month? ”

Liu Mang said, “There’s no use watching his Eminence’s fight. We can’t learn from his methods.”

Xue Ziyu added, “We need to complete our task and not be an inconvenience to his Eminence. Never saw the day I will be a nuisance to another!”

On the other side, the blood dragon and sword dragon were tangled in a tense fight, with Chen Ming pouring all of his focus into controlling his dragon. The Flood Dragon didn’t have any other means of fighting back, after all, he was not a cultivator, lacking attack patterns.

With the constant flow of Flood Dragon’s blood, the blood dragon weakened, slowly shifting the tables in sword dragon’s favor.

Chen Ming was starting to relax and, after fifteen minutes, the blood dragon was vanquished, with the heart almost empty of blood. Fairy Zi Xia said, “The flesh has gone soft. The Flood Dragon can’t take it anymore!”

Chen Ming let out a relieved breath, “There’s no need to panic now. It will die, no doubt about it, it’s all a matter of time. With its death, the beast tide will most likely withdraw.”

Chen Ming held Zhuo Qingyao as a thousand swords cleared a path above him through the Flood Dragon’s flesh to the outside.

Chen Ming saw the four comings shortly behind him. “You four deal with the rest. You are more familiar with the Human Kings than me.”

He returned inside the skull with Zhuo Qingyao, took the only seat and barked, “Kneel!”

Zhuo Qingyao hanged her head in guilt as she knelt. Chen Ming smiled, “Great ability you say? So much so that you went off to challenge a Flood Dragon that not even a Sovereign dares to provoke?”

Zhuo Qingyao lifted her head, no regret on her face, “Master was still refining!”

Chen Ming said, “Since you can’t see where you did wrong, go kneel outside!”

Six hours later, Chen Ming walked outside the skull and saw the kneeling Zhuo Qingyao with stubbornness written all over her face, “Do you know your wrong?”

Zhuo Qingyao said, “Master was refining pills. Escaping by myself is something I cannot do!”

Chen Ming smiled, “There is no fault there. You made two mistakes. One, you didn’t believe I could leave safely, that you doubted my power. Two, you are too weak. Being weak is your fault. Weren’t you always bragging about being the first under heaven? Now do you understand?”

Zhuo Qingyao lifted her head, with steeled determination in her eyes, and tears drifting down her cheeks, “I know my wrongs, Master.”

Chen Ming helped her up, “Did kneeling hurt?”

A squeaky and barely audible groan came from Zhuo Qingyao, “En, a bit painful.”