Despite his thoughts, he did not have enough merits to learn the entire Dao Canon and see just what kind of toy was this Limitless Dao Body.

“Comprehend the first volume.”

“Ding! It requires one merit, continue?”

“Yes, direct comprehension!”

The first volume echoed in his mind as it changed into a page of scriptures that sank in his mind. Chen Ming then discovered that there was a new Dao Palace in his body!

The Dao Palace was at the place where a cultivator stored spiritual energy. When one entered the Dao Initiation realm the spiritual energy would transform into spiritual power.

Chen Ming introspected his body and found one large and one small Dao Palaces!

Then the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art came to Chen Ming’s mind, the one the Sect Leader of the Endless Swords Sect practiced, “Comprehend the first stage of Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art!”

“Ding! The first stage of Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art requires 3 merits, continue?”

“Yes, direct comprehension!”

The Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art unraveled in his mind, and a sudden idea flashed through his mind, allowing him to comprehend the first stage of this mysterious scripture.

He looked again and found another Dao Palace there. Both of the small Dao Palaces were gathering spiritual energy, the Dao Canon’s palace gathered neutral spiritual energy while the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art’s palace lightning attribute spiritual energy.

“Um, doesn’t this mean I can become three immortals? And if I train in more methods, will I become an all-in-one immortal?”

“Ding! You’re thinking too much. You might have the Limitless Dao Body, but your current body is average. The Limitless Dao Body isn’t even in the fledgling stage yet and your current highest capability is the Dao Comprehending realm.”

“Huh? Then what is the fledgling stage of the Limitless Dao Body?”

“Form three thousand Dao Seeds!”

“Why you @#$*%(the next pages were omitted)!”

After a few moments, Chen Ming cooled down. He could reach the highest realm, the Dao Comprehending realm, but that wasn’t important when he could now have three thousand Dao Palaces.

Three thousand Grand Daos. He liked them all, so how could he choose one over the other?

But his fighting style would need to change. As he got more Dao Palaces, he had to study arrays to use all their power as if he had many cultivators under him, and interlink them.

Others needed countless cultivators to set up an array, while he could do it on his own, and the powers would be interconnected. He could change it whenever he wanted while easily controlling the array’s power!

Since he never studied arrays before, he would do some research when he returned to Endless Swords Sect.

But every Dao Palace would need something as a medium through which he could draw its spiritual power and use it to form the array.

He would just use every Dao Palace to temper swords and form a sword array.

An array’s power was much stronger than an outstanding magical art. But it had a fatal flaw; it was hard to move it. And so, what kept the sects safe were guarding arrays. Would he turn into a moving array then? Would he be able to comprehend mystical space-related arts that would allow him to teleport?

He would become a sect, and could change the arrays he used as he wished!

“The Limitless Dao Body seems to have an overbearing nature!”

There were ten days left until the inner disciple competition. It was high time to return since this mission had a reward of one thousand merits. This amount would allow Chen Ming to bring three cultivation methods at the Dao Initiation realm. At that time it would count him as four cultivators, enough to use arrays!

The Regent’s estate.

One side raized the Murdering Temple, and this side shook hands, ending the play.

Truth be told, Chen Ming’s letter shocked the Regent and Chen Yuhu. Chen Ming, who never led an army in his life, has taken thirty thousand Flying Tiger Army troops into battle and won a resounding victory. Of the ninety thousand men casualties, Chen Ming was the culprit behind earning the terrifying glory of killing one thousand men.

The fact he had a way to win was already amazing, but what was strange was that he was close to wiping them out. It was a thorough victory with negligible losses on the Flying Tiger Army side.

Winning in such an easy manner was something they never saw before, not to mention hearing about it.

They were incredulous even now and sent for Wang Meng to ask them personally what he witnessed, “Are you sure you hid nothing?”

“Regent, all is true. I didn’t say you should doubt it, as even when I myself witnessed it, I still feel like it was a dream. Besides His Highness the Prince, all the generals think the same. I can only say that Prince is a divine strategist and a grim reaper on the battlefield.”

Chen Yuhu finally relaxed, “Ha-ha-ha, good. My son surpassed me!”

Old Regent smiled, “Alright, alright, we are getting old. I can now rest easy, knowing Ming’er has such heroic abilities.”

Chen Yuhu smiled, “I heard that last night, the Emperor threw a fit and smashed countless art pieces.”

“What an ignorant fool, daring to scheme against us. Right, did Ming’er returned with you?”

Wang Meng said, “Prince already returned to Endless Swords Sect. Young miss Qingyao is about to take part in the inner disciple sect competition and he is worried. “

Old Regent cursed, “This little bastard, he doesn’t even come to see I, his grandaddy, and his father? See if I don’t tear him a new one when he gets here! “

Lustrous King Peak.

After a three-day stroll, Chen Ming returned to Lustrous King Peak. He remembered that the girl was still below the cliff. He looked through the vines and saw that Zhuo Qingyao was practicing her sword. Didn’t this girl learn the Fairy Sword Art? Why was this move resembling the most overbearing move, the Overlord’s Rule from the Lustrous King Sword Art?

And this move had thirty percent similarity, with a hint of intent behind it.

Training in Fairy Sword Art, through some freaky coincidences, led to her practicing the Overlord’s Rule.

Zhuo Qingyao noticed him and Chen Ming flew inside. Zhuo Qingyao showed a wronged expression, “Master, I almost fell to my death while you were gone.”

Chen Ming watched her and found that there were two auras on her.

‘Cliff Falling Aura lvl 1.

Description: How could a true genius fall to his death off a cliff?

Effect: 70% chance of death, 20% chance of surviving, 10% chance of obtaining a treasure.’

‘Dire Straits Aura lvl 5.

Description: When there’s no way out, a glimmer of hope appears!

Effect: When pushed to the extreme, one’s spiritual power will rise based on the aura level!’

No wonder she survived the journey through the Myriad Mountains!

It seemed that she was born with such an awesome innate aura while he had to kill his way through many difficulties just for the chance to get the Killer aura.