A dog couldn’t compare to a man. If it could, then wouldn’t that mean Chen Ming was lower than a dog?

Zhuo Qingyao had an innate aura and even if she wasn’t a Main Character stereotype, then she would at least belong to the hero stereotype.

Luckily, she was his disciple. Chen Ming coughed and showed no sign of embarrassment for being put on the spot by Zhuo Qingyao, “I left a Jade Mushroom here. Are you convinced now?”

Zhuo Qingyao blinked, understanding something, Master already took into consideration that I would fall off the Reflecting Cliff and prepared a Jade Mushroom to help me recover. If not wouldn’t Master eat it if he had found it?

“So Master prepared that jade mushroom. How did you know that I would fall here? “

Chen Ming made a hand gesture and showed a mysterious smile, “I wouldn’t dare to fully foretell your fortune as the will of heaven is ever-shifting. These are heaven’s secrets, how would I dare reveal them?”

“Oh, so that’s why.”

“For so many days here, you must have only eaten vine fruits. Cough. Here, I brought you some cakes.”

Chen Ming took a handkerchief from his chest and put it in her hand, “Eat, they aren’t good cold.”

Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes were brimming with tears. The only person good to her was Master. She lowered her head, not wanting to let Chen Ming see her expression, and found a new determination, to not let her Master down.

Chen Ming saw that she finished eating and said, “There are seven more days until the competition. I saw how good your sword was just now so I will teach you one more move! You only need to concern yourself with practicing this sword and need to discard all other matters, even the outcome of the battle.”

He then took the Fairy Sword from his back and gave it to Zhuo Qingyao, “From now on, this sword will be yours. Take care of it.”

The Fairy Sword was three-foot-long, like inky black jade, and a slender blade, fitting of a young child like Zhuo Qingyao.

Chen Ming never thought of teaching her anything else but the Overlord’s Rule.

He unsheathed the Lustrous King Sword and pointed at the sky, then he slashed. A powerful wind blew everywhere, sending all the dust in the cave flying.

“Did you see?” asked Chen Ming.

Zhuo Qingyao nodded. She already felt she was beginning to understand this strike and now that Chen Ming showed it to her, she had more or less comprehend it.

She began to wave the Fairy Sword and practice what Chen Ming had shown her, but he soon found something amiss, “Use that move to attack me.“

Zhuo Qingyao immediately directed her sword at Chen Ming and he lightly moved the Lustrous King Sword to block her move. He quietly used his spiritual power to draw the Fairy Sword in and making her used the Overlord’s Rule, “Remember that feeling.”

Chen Ming looked around the cave, at various etches, Why do I sense the overbearing intent of the Overlord’s Rule?

Chen Ming held Zhuo Qingyao and they soon flew out and landed on top of a waterfall. The ten-zhang tall waterfall looked incredibly tall from above. This was the new place where she would train the Overlord’s Rule.

Chen Ming released her and said, “Come, continue attacking me!”

Zhuo Qingyao was absentminded, “Eh? We arrived already?”

Chen Ming was stepping on top of the waterfall, once again using his sword to draw in the Fairy Sword and show Zhuo Qingyao all the changes it went through to launch the Overlord’s Rule.

Time passed slowly and besides instructed her on the sword art, he also took out snow ginseng, from his home, for her to eat.

In these seven days, Zhuo Qingyao advanced her cultivation another stage.

Tomorow was the inner sect disciples competition. As Chen Ming watched Zhuo Qingyao practicing, he found that the only thing she lacked was confidence. She still had some misgivings, unable to focus entirely. Ever since she entered the sect she had been labeled the worst talent and under the mockery of the other disciples caused her to be nervous.

If he could resolve this problem, then her Overlord’s Rule would have seventy percent of his potential, along with sword energy!

Chen Ming feigned carelessness and stepped in the water, making it look like Zhuo Qingyao’s strike sent him flying.

It worried Zhuo Qingyao, “Are you alright, Master?”

Chen Ming crawled out of the river, “En, your strike had seventy percent of it’s potential, capable of injuring me. In this competition, there will be no one who will be your match. Come, use that same strike on the waterfall.”

It brought joy to Zhuo Qingyao, I did it, I am not the trash they say I am! How could I have made Master retreat otherwise?

Zhuo Qingyao closed her eyes, focusing on her energy. She slowly lifted the Fairy Sword and at its peak, she opened her eyes then used her body and mind as one to strike!

A wave of sword energy was launched from the Fairy Sword at the waterfall causing the river water to surge wildly!

Chen Ming saw the sword energy gathering in Zhuo Qingyao’s body giving her an instant of enlightenment and allowing her to use it and break through to the 7th stage Dao Sense realm!

But who can tell me why was that move the Overlord’s Rule from the Lustrous King Sword Art when the condensed sword energy was from the Fairy Sword Art?

Forget it, it made no sense anyway. It’s good that she condensed sword energy, as only those reaching this stage are considered sword cultivators’

“Ding! Zhuo Qingyao condensed sword energy, walking the Dao of the sword. Reward: 100 merits.”

“Ding! Zhuo Qingyao reached the 7th stage Dao Sense realm. Reward: 70 merits!”

Reaching the 7th stage and with sword energy, her last strike was definitely at seventy percent similarity and should be enough.

All he had to do now was to sit back and enjoy Zhuo Qingyao revealing her power.

What? Do you think Zhuo Qingyao might lose? How can that be when in a month she reached the 7th stage from the first stage. Was this a freak or what?

As for Chen Ming, he used no less than fourteen years to reach the 10th stage, they just don’t compare.

Now Chen Ming began to ponder another problem. When the crown prince died, he mentioned the Pitfall Mountain.

He went to ask the Endless Swords Sect’s Sect Leader, “What is the origin of Pitfall Mountain?”

The Sect Leader watched him warily, “You already know of Pitfall Mountain?”

Chen Ming nodded.

“The reason the Emperor had a stable position, is because of Pitfall Mount. At the southern border of the Yan Empire are the Myriad Mountains a place ruled by fiends. It is said that the ruler of the Myriad Mountains is a Fiend Lord. The Pitfall Mount is the closest to Yan Empire and an Archfiend rules it. “

Just like the Yan Empire, the other empires around it are also serving the Pitfall Mountain. Yan Empire’s Emperor relies on the fact that he pays tribute to the Pitfall Mountain, assuring him safe stay on the throne.

“In truth, you weren’t the eldest of your family as you had three more brothers, but the Emperor forcefully sent them along with the tribute to the Pitfall Mountain.”

“Ding! Triggered storyline challenge mission. Difficulty: F. Block the monsters’ rage. Because the Yan Empire’s Crown Prince died, the Pitfall Mountain started to pay attention to the Regent’s estate. Please draw the Pitfall Mountain’s attention before it invades the Yan Empire.”

“Ding! Triggered storyline challenge mission. Difficulty: D. Vengeance is delayed, but not forgotten. the Pitfall Mountain killed your three brothers. Please destroy Pitfall Mountain and complete this delayed vengeance!

Why didn’t the other mission had difficulty? Asked Chen Ming.

“Because it didn’t register as difficult.”