When Chen Ming threw the star, he sensed the one on his back dimming and slowly recovering.

Chen Ming guessed that with this speed, he would need to wait a day before he could use it. This meant that in a battle, he could only use them one or two times at most. Which wasn’t bad.

Chen Ming didn’t get involved in Fairy Zi Xia’s organizations of the Human Kings since all were done perfectly.

While the other Human Kings waited for their tasks, he took this chance to give the blood dragon essence(fake) to Zhuo Qingyao.

Chen Ming took Zhuo Qingyao to the camp on the ground below and took out the drop of blood. He still wanted to try and see if he could turn it into a King ranked pill, since this dragon blood was aking to a King ranked ingredient.

“Ding! Zhuo Qingyao’s Thirst for Power. Please let her neck completely absorb the drop of dragon blood essence(fake). Reward: 10,000 merits.”

As expected of my, Immortal Master, disciple. This reward is actually ten thousand merits, but why on earth in her neck? Hold on, Zhuo Qingyao has eighty-one meridians, while normal people have only ten. Most of them can only temper their bodies with just one sacred beast’s blood. Is it possible that she could have eight?

Even sacred beasts’ bodies had weaknesses and strengths. A dragon’s inviolable place was the reverse scale on its neck!

He scrapped a bit of the dragon blood essence(fake)’s powder and put it in his mouth, paying close attention to the effect of the dragon blood essence.

He could feel his body heating up, his flesh becoming stronger a minute amount. This powder had next to no effect on his power since he was just tasting it.

The dragon blood essence couldn’t be refined into a pill. But there was another way to bring its effect to its peak. It was trough a medicine bath, through the use of weapons, or through pills.

With battle just around the corner, Chen Ming hoped to give Zhuo Qingyao the power to defend herself.

He looked for Fairy Zi Xia, “Bring me that damnable Flood Dragon’s bones we just killed.”

Chen Ming wanted to use the bones to boil a medicine bath. He returned to the cave in the camp and began to sort out the ingredients for the bath.

“This eight hundred years old Phoenix Blood Grass should go in, and the same goes for the Bone Flower, good for toughening one’s skeleton.”

After dumping eighteen spiritual herbs in a flash, he was afraid Zhuo Qingyao couldn’t handle the strong medicine so he added thirteen medicinal plants with average medicinal property. He said to her, “Your Master has a drop of blood essence. Come, I will think of a way so that it will become your power.”

“This drop, by itself, won’t have a high chance of tempering your body. Turn your back towards me, I will grind it to powder then draw an array on your nape to absorb it.”

Zhuo Qingyao saw how Chen Ming pointed at the dragon blood essence. He drew the array on her nape, then a Human King came to report, “Your Eminence, we brought the Flood Dragon’s bones.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Wait for me while I will boil a medicine bath from the bones.”

The Flood Dragon’s skeleton was large, but after being enveloped in the array for two hours, it turned into a boiling vat of bone soup.

Su Qingyang looked intrigued at Chen Ming’s work, “Your Eminence, what are you doing? Want to eat soup?”

Liu Mang chuckled, “That is for his disciple! This is a medicine bath, to strengthen the body. You, cultivators, know nothing!”

Su Qingyang chuckled, “I wonder what you hardship cultivator think about this. You can’t fly and have to use a mount instead. What’s so great about hardship cultivation?”

Liu Mang smiled, “You don’t know a damn thing! One hand of mine has the power of millions of catties. As long as I don’t tire, my power in battle is higher than you who needs spiritual power to unleash immortal arts! His Eminence is exceptional indeed, this medicine bath will improve his disciple’s power greatly!”

With the boiling cauldron set, Chen Ming said, “Shortly after you enter, you will feel uncomfortable. If you can’t take it, just tell me.”

Zhuo Qingyao blushed, “Master, do I have to undress to enter the medicine bath?”

Chen Ming laughed, “Where did you hear that? You can go in as you are!”

Zhuo Qingyao bobbed her small head and entered the boiling cauldron with a light jump. Chen Ming peeked at her thin cloth getting soaked, sticking to her delicate body, emphasizing her feature through it. It was lucky she had undergarments, curbing most of her embarrassment.

There’s no doubt about it. The more this little lass grows the more enticing she becomes. What should be standing out does, what should be slender was more than that, and what should be perky did its job flawlessly.

Wait, I just had a wicked thought! She is my disciple!

“Master, what are you looking at?”

Chen Ming forced a laugh, “Uh, this medicine bath is not good enough. I will start by adding more ingredients.”

Chen Ming said as he threw ingredients one by one, “I will increase the heat. Operate the Nine Nines Mysteries Art to absorb all of the medicine.”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded her cute head, closed her eyes and let the water cover them while operating the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. Chen Ming waved a flame beneath the cauldron, heating up the medicine.

With Zhuo Qingyao’s cultivation, she could even take a lava bath, let alone a mere medicine bath.

With the increase in temperature, the back of her right arm was beginning to sting, as it permeated her bones in her arm. The medicine also entered her body through the array on her nape. She made sure to operate the Nine Nines Mysteries Art to absorb it as it entered.

At some point, Zhuo Qingyao’s cultivation broke through. Chen Ming saw it and spent six thousand merits on the spot, to completely comprehend the Nine Nines Mysteries Art. He was beside her, explaining the intricacies of the cultivation method while controlling the heat.

The next day, Zhuo Qingyao opened her eyes, her pupils flashing golden. Those were the golden eyes, holding Draconic Influence within. On her nape appeared to be an inverse scale, rousing Chen Ming’s spirit, Success!

“Ding! You completed Zhuo Qingyao’s Thirst for Power. Reward: 10,000 merits.”

With the added benefit of Zhuo Qingyao breaking through three stages, Chen Ming earned ten thousand merits on top of it.

A look told him Zhuo Qingyao’s danger value was at 1400. She also developed a new aura, Eight Sacred Powers Aura(damaged).

Just when Zhuo Qingyao broke through, the vitality was ever-growing, surrounding her body and turning her clothes to dust. In the fuzzy medicine, Chen Ming saw clearly only her smooth shoulder, yet the outline of her body was fairly discernible beneath the liquid.