Zhuo Qingyao suddenly realized something and shrieked, “Master! Go away!”

Chen Ming was mulling over the meaning of that damaged Eight Sacred Powers Aura when Zhuo Qingyao’s yell sent him, with his pondering, out of the cave. Just what is this Eight Sacred Powers Aura? It has no description, is it because it’s damaged? He didn’t bother with it for long, Whatever, the more auras the better. After a short wait, he got to see a fully clothed Zhuo Qingyao, with a red hot face burning from shame. But witnessing him deep in his thoughts, she told herself he hadn’t done it with intention. She let out a whisper, “Whether you saw or not, I will take it as you’ve looked!”

Chen Ming regarded her with a puzzled look, “What are you mumbling about?”

Zhuo Qingyao whistled, “Who knows. Master, your medicine bath is awesome! ”

Zhuo Qingyao then skipped to look for Fairy Zi Xia and spar with her, leaving Chen Ming to scratch his head, Hold on a sec. I feel like I missed something of great importance. What was it?

Three days later, most of the Human Kings gathered in the camp. Fairy Zi Xia and the three other geniuses went to look for Chen Ming, finding him with Zhuo Qingyao. Fairy Zi Xia still felt some fear after her spar. Zhuo Qingyao now had enough power to defend herself, so one couldn’t blame the odd looks she gave Chen Ming. In a single day, Zhuo Qingyao’s power practically doubled. How did he do it?

Fairy Zi Xia reported, “Our side consists of a thousand and three hundred Human Kings, while the enemy’s King Corps numbers twenty. We don’t hold the advantage in this fight, while they have King Corps. We are all independent cultivators. The only chance we have at winning is if we can make a breakthrough in realm.”

Chen Ming mulled it over. Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art was a good cultivation method that allowed one to reach the Sovereign rank. But Chen Ming would never reveal it since it was the basis of Yan Mountain. And even if he did, since all were Human Kings, it wouldn’t just take a second to change to the new cultivation method, not to mention the astronomical amount of spirit stones required. It was just not feasible.

With peak Dao Comprehending realm experts on hand, the two sides weren’t that unbalanced. The Demonic sect had the five of seven calamities, while they had Fairy Zi Xia, Xue Ziyu, Liu Mang, Su Qingyang and also Zhuo Qingyao.

The Sovereign aspect of the battle came down to Chen Ming versus Xie Qianchou. They were pretty much equal, and there was a chance of defeating his opponent but only through a lengthy process. Moreover, it wasn’t that high of a chance, since he couldn’t do anything if Xie Qianchou would choose to flee.

The only way to kill Xie Qianchou is with another Sovereign!

Hold on. I seem to have a mission regarding Fairy Zi Xia’s breakthrough to Sovereign rank.

If she advanced, Xie Qianchou would be dealt with in one fell swoop, followed with an easy victory all round!

Two missions with one stone. I’ll finish them both at the same time.

He would need other cultivation methods if he were to improve his power, but spiritual knowledge was something he did not have. This breakthrough left him with less than a hundred thousand. It would be better to finish these two missions to replenish the stock.

Chen Ming asked, “Did the Human Kings discovered an undercurrent cave when they were hiding? ”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Your Eminence is referring to a deep undercurrent cave we do not know where it leads?”

Chen Ming nodded, “Yes, both sides’ power is roughly the same, and even if we won, we would have heavy casualties in an open battle. The others are King Corps, not afraid of death, but we are all sect geniuses. Our so-called victory would end up becoming a loss.”

“Our best course of action, at the moment, is to have another Sovereign make its appearance. With my Yin Yang Harmony Pill you four only have the final step to surmount. You can breakthrough! I will be standing guard at the undercurrent cave entrance, and if a fight breaks out, it would only be small-scaled in the narrow cave. Once inside the undercurrent cave of the Nine Frozen Springs, the Human Kings can search of Soul Returning Water, to refine even more pills.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “The Human Kings have laid in hiding over a large area, maybe they know about this place. I’ll go ask.”

Fairy Zi Xia soon returned with an answer, “There are three undercurrent caves. Which should we take, your Eminence?”

She spread a map on the table.

Chen Ming flicked his eyes over it, and chose the smallest one, “This, as it has the most narrow terrain.”

Taking the Human Kings with them, the delegation migrated to the undercurrent cave. Fairy Zi Xia started making preparation as soon as they arrived. The Human Kings split in one part defending the entrance with Chen Ming, while the majority ventured within in search for Soul Returning Water. Chen Ming spent a day inside, setting simple arrays. A Sovereign might breeze through them but Demon Kings would get caught.

Time drifted onward, finding Chen Ming and Fairy Zi Xia in a room inside the cave. He had been refining Yin Yang Harmony Pill every single day for a week. On this day, he asked while watching Fairy Zi Xia taking today’s share of pills, “How much time do you need to break through?”

She thought for a bit before answering, “At the current pace, one month. In one month I will be a Sovereign! In the end, I have your Yin Yang Harmony Pills that can replace five drops of Soul Returning Water. I’m improving tens of times faster than Su Qingyang and the rest!”

Chen Ming nodded, “En, that’s great.”

Zhuo Qingyao stormed in, “Demon Sovereign is here with his troops!”

Chen Ming said, “He wants to test my power. I’ll go see him since he’s come a long way to meet me.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “I’m also coming!”

Chen Ming shook his head, “This undercurrent cave is only twenty zhang wide. You can’t handle a battle of Sovereigns. This will be a fight between me and Xie Qianchou. I am an array master, not afraid to go face him.”

Chen Ming rushed outside, Zhuo Qingyao tailing him. He gave her a sidelong glance. As a hardship cultivator, she had a body of steel, so he wasn’t worried. I’ll let this girl come, to widen her horizons with a battle of Sovereigns. The more she experiences, the better.