Fairy Zi Xia looked at the pills in her hand, resolution in her voice, “His Eminence is doing everything to buy me time. I can’t let him down. I need to break through as soon as possible!”

She quickly returned to her cave and sat down on a stone to begin absorbing the pills.

Chen Ming walked through the undercurrent cave. It was akin to a river, leading to Nine Frozen Springs.

The walls of the cave were lined with night pearls. Xie Qianchou sat cross-legged at a table, wearing a black robe, and laid two cups on it. He also held a wine jug with his right, while his left gripped a long saber.

Xie Qianchou drank a cup by himself, then gave Chen Ming a cold eye, “You must be the new Sovereign. I am demonic sect’s 16th Sect Leader, Xie Qianchou. I invite Sovereign to join me.”

Chen Ming just sat cross-legged at the table. The water current lost its power the closer it got to them until it calmed down. Zhuo Qingyao stood silently not ten feet from them, with the ancient broadsword on her back.

Chen Ming saw many things as he looked at him, now that the question marks were dispelled. Is it because my power grew that I can discern more?

Two auras hanged above Xie Qianchou:

‘Sovereign’s Dominion Aura

Description: A Sovereign’s power overlooks the world!

Effect: has a suppressing effect an all below the Transcending realm.

Zealot Aura

Description: how could a zealot mind life and death when he has orders to follow?

Effect: once activated you will have no fear of death and will enter a berserk state. Attack will increase by 20% and defense will lower by 30%.’

No one is normal to attain the Sovereign rank since all have an aura. The Zealot Aura looks as if he’s filled with adrenaline. When fury peaks, his power will grow, but the burden on his body will also increase.

Chen Ming guessed that this aura must be standard for all Transcending realm cultivators. Or how could a Sovereign insta-kill one on the Dao Comprehending Board with a gap of 500 in danger value?

Chen Ming had King Slayer Aura, holding no regard towards the Sovereign’s Dominion Aura.

Xie Qianchou placed a cup before Chen Ming, “Sir’s cultivation must have been filled with hardships for hundreds of years to reach Sovereign rank. To endure hundreds of lonely and cruel years, yet have it all laid to waste just after achieving it, is it worth it?”

Chen Ming emptied the cup in one gulp, then chuckled, “What hundreds of years? It only took three!”

Xie Qianchou’s head trembled a bit. What the hell! Are you playing around? How does one respond to that? I wanted to say your journey must have been long and hard, that it would be a pity to die here. It would be best if you entered the demonic sect as a Sect Leader. Wouldn’t this be the best outcome for you?

“Uh, um, a demonic sect disciple informed me that Sir is also cultivating a demonic method. I can guess that you hold no prejudice towards us. Since you’re willing to walk this path, then Sir must also be without bias. How about joining us. Head Sect Leader cherishes talents, as all paths end at the same point, and he will grant you the Sect Leader status! Thus you will become an imposing mountain!”

Xie Qianchou’s voice was loud, wanting for the entire cave to hear him. The slightest hesitation on Chen Ming’s part would breed confusion among ranks. How will you fight if your soldiers lose faith in you?

Chen Ming wasn’t swayed one bit, If I join the demonic sect, where will I find wastrels to buy my pills? “Preposterous! How can the magnificent and righteous immortal sect follow your path? In this vast land, this brilliant universe, I may be a mere Sovereign, I may die, but that will happen as I walk the righteous path till the end! You kill mercilessly in this righteous world! I, Chen Ming, with my meager power, will sweep clean these lands!”

The Human Kings’ hearts were in their mouths. Chen Ming was a new Sovereign, while his opponent was the junior brother of demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader, not to mention a more seasoned Sovereign. A new Sovereign didn’t have experience when it came to Sovereign battles and might lose. Taking all of this into account, he also had to mind his life, thus anxiety spread among them with regard to Chen Ming’s decision.

Yet a breath later, they heard Chen Ming’s resolution, “His Eminence is a model of righteousness!”

“With his Eminence’s zeal, how can he fear demons and monsters! ”

“My path will no longer be lonely, now that I know his Eminence is in the righteous immortal faction!”

Xie Qianchou’s face twitched, The disciples said that this guy’s manners are even more in line with the demonic sect, yet he is a righteous zealot? More like a freak! My plan backfired, helping Chen Ming’s rise instead. “Do you truly want to die?”

Chen Ming lifted a hand, “Come, let’s see you try!”

Xie Qianchou gripped his saber, “This saber’s name is Grass Cutter, the 31st on the Divine Weapons Board, handed to me personally by senior brother. Those wastes behind you are just like grass before me. Since you are eager to die, then I should help you!”

With the long saber unsheathed, its gleaming surface reflected a divine weapon’s cold pressure. Demonic energy rippled and with a small shake of Dao Empyrean Bamboo, the green wind blew, filling the place with bamboo leaves, twisting alongside the demonic energy.

Xie Qianchou jeered at Dao Empyrean Bamboo, “You dare face Grass Cutter with an incomplete immortal equipment?”

Held in one hand, Grass Cutter ringed without stop. The saber wave seemed to split the world as it fell on Chen Ming. To defend, he jerked Dao Empyrean Bamboo, to block Grass Cutter.

Grass Cutter didn’t leave a scratch when they collided, and Xie Qianchou showed his admiration, “That’s one good prototype immortal equipment. It can actually contest with my Grass Cutter!”

Chen Ming was never one to partake in idle talks. As a boss, he cultivated the skill of not talking when killing. Eighty-eight stars formed behind him, flying with thunderous power at Xie Qianchou.

Xie Qianchou felt anxious as he kicked the table, launching him three li backward.

He sensed the starts’ power just as they formed. These can hurt me. Just when did this masked guy had the time to deploy an art? Whispering the chant behind a mask is a more fitting style of the demonic sect!

A star approached him, and Xie Qianchou made a tilted slash, bisecting it!