But there were now 87 stars in front of him, giving him quite the scare. My slash only cut through one!

This new Sovereign is fighting more and more like one from the demonic sect. He even has such a terrifying immortal art!

Xie Qianchou waved Grass Cutter non stop at the incoming stars. He cut 83 times in nearly an instant, but five slipped through and landed on his body. The hits left him in a sorry state as they exploded on contact and unleashed tremendous power.

His black robes were also damaged, while he himself ended up with some minor wounds.

Although they weren’t serious, it satisfied Chen Ming. Xie Qianchou wasted spiritual power to defend while he could use the stars once a day, without expending any spiritual power of his own.

He looked over his magical arts description and saw the words Heavenly Stellar Array(incomplete). He had no way of setting it up as of now. He’d have to understand more of its secrets before he could use it.

Xie Qianchou’s look no longer held any mockery. He might defeat Chen Ming, but not kill him. Even if he was stronger the difference would only be paper-thin. He laughed, “Let’s see how long can you hide in his cave!”

Xie Qianchou sheathed his saber, already retreating. When he returned to his camp, he spoke to the five of seven calamities, “You are all on the verge of becoming Sovereigns. The twenty King Corps will help you by gathering Soul Returning Water, while the enemy only has the cave to search. If your speed is slower then theirs in breaking through, you’ll have to answer to me!”

They were thrilled. With the King Corps helping them out, their chances were hight, “Rest assured, Sect Leader, we will do our very best!”

Xie Qianchou glanced at the cave. Chen Ming was an equal match and the only way to come out of this impasse was to have one of the youngsters advance.

Chen Ming stood in the broken cave, staring in the distance. He was actually thinking of a way to notify the Snow Mountain Sect, but he guessed the demonic sect had contingencies in place to impede the sect. Something told him there were no Sovereigns in the sect at the moment.

And even if there were, by the time he got back, the only thing left here would be corpses.

Chen Ming returned to the Human Kings camp inside the cave. His unharmed state eased their minds. They only heard thunderous explosions and crumbling sounds just moments ago.

“His Eminence returned!”

“His Eminence’s power is mystical. He can match blow by blow with the outstanding Xie Qianchou!”

“His Eminence is clearly superior!”

Chen Ming cupped his hands towards them. He just saw how the spiritual herbs in his storage ring were dwindling from continued refining these past days and had to see if they had some on them. He said, “Refining for so many days has almost exhausted my spiritual herbs. People, if you have any, please sell them to me. I will compensate with pills and spirit stones. ”

One Human King said, “His Eminence’s refining has been all for our sakes. If his Eminence needs spiritual herbs, you only need to ask and we will offer them!”

“There’s no need for his Eminence to compensate us, giving them for free is the right way to proceed!”

“Your Eminence, I will give you all six of my spiritual herbs!”

Chen Ming’s heart leaped in joy. It’s so easy to cheat the righteous folks. Even when I squeezed them dry, they still have something to give, sparing me from fighting for them for nothing. “There’s no need to say it. I have my principles, and I will leave the pills to the Astral Immortal Sect’s Human Kings to distribute them!”

Giving the pills to them, Chen Ming had no fear they would cheat. These proud sons and daughters still needed him. Not even three days passed and Chen Ming’s storage ring was packed to the brim with spiritual herbs.

Xie Qianchou took his King Corps to set camp in front of the cave. A leader of a team said, “Sect Leader, the situation is critical. Should we ask Head Sect Leader for reinforcements? Sect Leader is Head Sect Leader’s junior brother, so he might…”

Xie Qianchou stopped him with a wave, “No need to say it. Since I received this task, I will follow through with it! Moreover, many of demonic sect’s Sect Leaders disappeared. You take these righteous cultivators for fools. You don’t think they will track our movements?”

“Please forgive subordinate for this indiscretion.”

Xie Qianchou waved, “Leave, do everything to provide the seven calamities with Soul Returning Water!”

Time flew and more than half a month went by before Fairy Zi Xia rushed to Chen Ming. She was ecstatic, “Your Eminence, I can feel my cultivation method reaching completion. I’m about to break through!”

Chen Ming asked, “Are you ready to face the Heavenly Tribulation?”

“I won’t dare to say I have complete control, but I am sure I have half the chance of succeeding.”

Chen Ming nodded, “Good, but half is still too low.”

Chen Ming waved his hand over the table, leaving twenty bottles behind, “Take these pills. As one from an ancient immortal sect, you must be familiar with these, so I won’t explain them.”

Fairy Zi Xia’s charming face gained a tinge of red. This was the first time she received such a large gift, and from a male no less. These pills must be worth a couple of million spirit stones. Using such a grand manner because we’re all righteous cultivators?

Your Eminence, what’s in it for you if you do this?

Despite his Eminence cultivating a side road and wearing a smiley mask, probably from having an ugly appearance, he still has some good points. Like thinking of this Queen.

When the drama reached its climax in Fairy Zi Xia’s mind, she caught Chen Ming plain tone, “I guess you do not have many spirit stones on you, and you need to consider this point when breaking through. As far as the price goes, let’s wait after you advanced. We’ll discuss this over with your elders!”

Fairy Zi Xia: …

She said, “As in, you want them to pay you back? ”

Chen Ming fixed his eyes on her, “You all need to change your tempers. How can you call yourselves righteous when you’re this ungrateful? You righteous people had everything handed to you on a silver platter, and this Immortal Master doubts you fulfilling your part!”

Fairy Zi Xia rolled her eyes, Fine, this Queen won’t look for any strong points in you. There’s probably none anyway. “Got it!”