As more and more Human Kings returned to camp, they were told not to head out any longer, because Fairy Zi Xia was ready to face her tribulation. The time for the final battle was at hand.

This wouldn’t be like Chen Ming’s trial. Xie Qianchou didn’t meddle in his tribulation then since he thought it would be over by the time he got there.

But this time was the complete opposite, with Xie Qianchou standing watch outside.

In this distance, he was sure to detect it and you’d better be sure he’d stick his nose in it.

The good news was that they gathered all their forces, while the enemy still had teams out.

Chen Ming glanced at Fairy Zi Xia next to him, “You can make your preparations. Everyone else will follow my charge. We will be Fairy Zi Xia’s Dao Protectors!”

The cultivators cupped their hands, “We will follow you!”

Truth be told, if it were outside, and they would act as Dao Protectors, there might be some who’d do it, but not all of them. Since these were desperate times, it required two Sovereigns to pull them out on top!

If Fairy Zi Xia advanced, they would have the chance to come out alive.

Chen Ming walked outside the cave, under the nervous eyes of the Human Kings waiting for him. He saw the demonic sect’s camp and spoke to Su Qingyang, Liu Mang and Xue Ziyu, “You will lead this battle. I can’t have anything distract me as I fight Xie Qianchou.”

The three clasped their hands, “Understood, your Eminence!”

A tribulation cloud was beginning to form above, not escaping Xie Qianchou’s perception. But after a careful look, he found it on top of the cave, “What seven calamities! They’re all trash!”

Xie Qianchou took ten King Corps from the camp and saw Chen Ming standing in front of a crowd of Human Kings.

Chen Ming and Xie Qianchou had focused looks. Sparks seemed to fly when their eyes met.

The ones on the Dao Comprehending Board next to him didn’t wait for the Sovereigns to make contact, charging right ahead.

The armies clashed in a magnificent display, with explosions here and wailings there. The tribulation cloud spread for over eight li outside the battlefield, pressing down on the water until it left an empty space. Fairy Zi Xia stepped on the surface of the black sea and let her soft voice reach Chen Ming, “My life is in your hands.”

Fairy Zi Xia flew in the air, her left hand holding an elegant longbow. Of course, she wouldn’t lack immortal equipment, she was the strongest genius of the ancient immortal sects, after all.

Immortal equipment – Shooting Star Bow.

She pulled its string into a full moon and a radiant shooting star flew out, straight at the tribulation cloud.

The clouds shifted, sending a lightning python to encase Fairy Zi Xia within. Lightning fell like rain, turning the sea into a living hell!

All King ranks avoided the Sovereigns, moving the battle to the side. They had no intention of interfering in their clash.

Chen Ming and Xie Qianchou were the only ones left in a ten li range space.

Xie Qianchou gave a sidelong glance at Fairy Zi Xia, “You think I’ll let her pass this tribulation?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “Why am I here then?”

“You just became a Sovereign, and already believe to be my match? Do you even know the stages of a Sovereign?”

“Eh? Does a Sovereign have stages? Who’d have thought!”

Xie Qianchou’s eyebrow twitched, This guy is messing around. He is a sovereign, yet he doesn’t know its stages. “I shall tell you… Wait! You’re stalling for Fairy Zi Xia!”

Chen Ming let a burst of dry laughter, “Oops, busted! Guess we’ll have to start on our side too!”

Eighty-eight stars formed above them in a blink. Xie Qianchou felt the killing intent and looked up, “This again?”

When Chen Ming moved, he spared no time for prattle. His consciousness was on the move, brandishing Dao Empyrean Bamboo.

Xie Qianchou drew Grass Cutter from his back, sending tens of saber waves above, blue as the river.

Stars shattered on contact, but others drew nearer. Xie Qianchou released wave after wave, but some landed, making him stagger backward with each hit.

Chen Ming wasn’t one to let him have an easy time dealing with them. He wouldn’t wait for him to finish chopping the stars, only to sigh: Wow, you can handle even this move!

Then everyone will trade blow for blow. Are you stupid or what?

The point of a battle is to kill!

He flicked Dao Empyrean Bamboo, releasing bamboo leaves in the shape of a river, moving passed the stars without interfering, and approaching Xie Qianchou from behind. Withing this green river, each leaf carried a sword, and when the leaves scattered, a sword dragon took their place!

It went behind Xie Qianchou, then attacked with ferocious speed!

Xie Qianchou slashed a star, but a dozen more were coming. He lifted the Grass Cutter and touched his blade with his left hand. He swiped his hand across it, leaving a bloody trail, “All-Encompassing Saber Net!”

Xie Qianchou waved his saber, transforming the drops of blood into blood sabers. The blood saber released saber waves on their own, in the shape of a net. Xie Qianchou then turned around to face the sword dragon, “Watch how I slaughter this sword dragon! Saber Drawing Art!”

Xie Qianchou bent his legs and returned Grass Cutter to its sheath, gripping its handle with his right. Once he drew it, it sent a ripple from the speed alone and launching a saber wave at the sword dragon’s head. The raging sword dragon was bisected!

One after another, the spiritual swords were pushed to the sides, and as the Grass Cutter ended its swing to the ground, no spiritual sword remained before him!

The spiritual swords were sent flying, as the sword dragon Chen Ming controlled was split into halves from one strike!

While the stars behind him, all knocked against the All-Encompassing Saber Net.