The Human Kings in the area were shocked, to say the least, “Is this a Sovereign?”

“A Sovereign’s power is scary indeed!”

“Just their pressure makes us shiver. If that slash was aimed at me, even if it didn’t cut me, the pressure would surely kill me.”

Xie Qianchou’s hand was bleeding faintly. He ripped a piece of his cloak and tied his right hand with it. He looked at Grass Cutter, “Senior brother, you taught me Saber Drawing Art, and junior brother finally has some of your form!”

Xie Qianchou turned to his opponent, “That’s all the extent you amount to!”

Chen Ming snickered, “Is that so?”

The spiritual swords strewn about didn’t fell, but gathered under Chen Ming’s control and reformed the sword dragon, then resumed charging!

What a joke! This Immortal Master Chen’s talent lies in being the heart of the arrays. The dragon won’t stop as long as I’m alive!

The sword dragon raised its head, rushing to Xie Qianchou!

Xie Qianchou resheathed his saber, sliced the sword dragon in two again, but the spiritual swords flew and reformed it, resuming its charge.

Xie Qianchou glanced at Chen Ming and, once he cut the sword dragon the third time, he rushed towards him. This time, the sword dragon opened its maw and numerous spiritual swords flew around Chen Ming. He started skipping from sword to sword and grabbed the Overflowing Void on his way. Chen Ming’s eyes flashed, “Kill!”

He entered Unity just by lifting it. Space Rending Slash!

The void cracked revealing faint gaps. Xie Qianchou raised his saber to welcome it in laughter, “Good sword, good swordsman!”

The two figures collided amidst the storm of swords, booms echoing in all directions!

Bellow them formed a two li wide hole, the exchange shaking the earth and sending the water into a flood to engulf all in its path.

Xie Qianchou lifted his head at Chen Ming, “I admit, you have the right to fight me!”

Chen Ming turned, as the sword dragon flew next to him, “Go!”

The sword dragon threw itself at Xie Qianchou, while he jumped on it, still holding Overflowing Void. He sent another Space Rending Slash!

Small cracks appeared in the air, and Xie Qianchou waved Grass Cutter around creating a tornado. Chen Ming let go of his sword, then reached over for Heavenly Punishment, unleashing Heavenly Destruction Art!

Xie Qianchou’s eyes held a cold glint, as a bloody sword wave was drawing ever nearer, “This move is different than the previous one! You have two sword arts at Unity?”

Xie Qianchou shifted his style to receive it. He slashed at the incoming Heavenly Punishment and it was deflected. Xie Qianchou was happy, and flicked a saber wave at Chen Ming!

Chen Ming opened his palm to let Chaotic Ground land. He was in Unity in a flash and executed Unshakable Mountain!

Chaotic Ground was like the earth, blocking Xie Qianchou’s attack, who only burst out laughing, “Just how many Unities do you know?”

Xie Qianchou was confused, So many Unities, yet not one at the Sword Intent stage. Just how many did this guy train in?

But he wasn’t one to admit defeat so easily. Quaking booms resounded with the clash of sword images and saber waves filling the sky. Down below, all became dust, from the clashes’ aftermath to the point that even the water split to the sides.

With countless loud sounds, the Human Kings looked in shock at the spiritual swords storm, hearing the echoing explosions at close intervals. They could imagine how ruthless the battle was just from this!

“So fast!”

“Their clashes are too quick!”

“How many times did they faced in a breath? Three, four?”

“I can no longer discern it. The only thing I hear is endless rumbling and booms!”

Xie Qianchou was becoming more anxious as the battle progressed. This situation wasn’t in his favor. Chen Ming matched him every step of the way, while Fairy Zi Xia was passing her tribulation!

When Fairy Zi Xia was done, he’d be facing two Sovereigns. He wouldn’t survive that.

Xie Qianchou jumped above the battle, found Fairy Zi Xia figure, and entered the Heavenly Tribulation area. The pressure bore down on him, but he couldn’t just let Fairy Zi Xia pass her tribulation, “A zealot doesn’t mind life and death when he has orders to follow!”

Chen Ming yelled, “Damn it!”

He wants to activate the aura and fight till the end!

Xie Qianchou waved his saber as he roared in laughter, “Senior brother, because of me, you committed patricide a hundred years ago, and no longer could we fight side by side. Today, I will take your place in fighting the world!”

The Human Kings looked over, “What’s happening?”

“I don’t know. The battle changed for the worse!”

“Demonic sect’s Sect Leader wants to enter Fairy Zi Xia’s Heavenly Tribulation!”

“He doesn’t care about the tribulation’s retaliation?”

Xie Qianchou rushed with each step, reaching inside the thunderclouds!

This was a clear challenge. The Heavenly Tribulation sensed it and doubled its lightning!

Lightning snakes streaked from the surface of the black sea, charging at the two figures in the Heavenly Tribulation!

Fairy Zi Xia’s heart tightened. She shot an arrow, crushing an incoming lightning snake, but Xie Qianchou already slashed behind her. Fairy Zi Xia was about to resist the lightning while receiving Xie Qianchou’s strike. But a sword dragon burst in the sea of thunder right towards Xie Qianchou’s head!

A saber strike split the sword dragon apart, but it helped remove the danger to Fairy Zi Xia’s life.

“Look! His Eminence entered Fairy Zi Xia’s Heavenly Tribulation!”

“Never imagined the battle would turn so desperate!”

“A Sovereign will fall today!”

Chen Ming came next to Fairy Zi Xia. The Heavenly Tribulation upped its power again, and the surface of the sea was no longer black, but a silver pool of lightning.

Lightning never stopped as it hacked towards the three people.

Chen Ming glanced at Fairy Zi Xia, “Do your best to overcome the Heavenly Tribulation. Leave the rest to me!”

Fairy Zi Xia understood. She wasn’t a Sovereign yet and could offer him no help. She now had to face the increased tribulation.

Chen Ming peeked over at the Heavenly Tribulation. Lucky it’s not like mine, that it’s only lightning. But to kill a Dao Comprehending realm, the lightning must contain great power of the Grand Dao.

Chen Ming operated Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art in silence, to counter the incoming tribulation lighting, and avoid wasting too much spiritual power on it. He stepped on the sword dragon, lightning flickering all around his body, charging Xie Qianchou.

Xie Qianchou thought he cultivated a lightning attribute art, so he didn’t think too much of it. Now that he entered the Heavenly Tribulation, his path was sealed, and there was no point in minding unnecessary things. He waved his saber, flying straight for Chen Ming. One slash from him staggered Chen Ming back ten feet, while also leaving him bleeding at the corner of his mouth.