The fight grew more intense with each passing moment, reaching a point of no return, where the result could go either way.

In the even that Xie Qianchou and Chen Ming left the Heavenly Tribulation’s range, it wouldn’t let them off with just this warning. It would make sure to let this second passing an everlasting memory!

The fire in Chen Ming’s heart burned hotter. But at this point, he had the upper hand against Xie Qianchou. The two clashed within the lightning sea below the Heavenly Tribulation. Chen Ming spat blood again, Zealot Aura is truly fierce. Xie Qianchou’s eyes are fully red.

The increase of 20% in attack and a decrease of 30% in defense of the Zealot Aura was nothing to scoff at. It only seemed they were affected, but this wasn’t a game. It wasn’t like they traded blows and spat blood with each hit.

Cultivators had their own style. If you wanted to attack, then the other wasn’t stupid and countered with his own move. Just how Chen Ming launched a sword strike and Xie Qianchou replied with a slash of his saber.

In other words, it compensated the aura’s shortcomings.

But it did have some use. When Heavenly Tribulation attacked him, it did with Dao lightning. Xie Qianchou had no choice but to hold on!

Chen Ming groaned, activating Warmonger Aura. He already activated King Slayer Aura since the beginning of battle.

With the increased speed of the spiritual power, Chen Ming controlled his sword dragon to once again face Xie Qianchou, but the outcome was the same. Chen Ming, who was on the sword dragon, jumped and came at him with his own sword!

Xie Qianchou swung his saber, clashing with Chen Ming longsword, and coming at a standstill!

From up above, a sudden bucket-thick purple lightning swept them both. They were giving their all into overpowering the other, sparing no time for anything else, and forced to take the full brunt of the attack; with their bodies.

Chen Ming might have had the Heavenly Thunder Nine Changes Art on, but the lightning still burned him black, with smoke drifting from his mouth.

As Sovereigns, they had much more power to resist the heavenly lightning than Fairy Zi Xia.

Xie Qianchou didn’t have it easy either. Lightning flickered all over him, turning his skin black with each passing.

Chen Ming had not time to sneak a pill in his mouth and had to rely on Illustrious Casket to heal his body. The two’s spiritual power reserves were in rapid decline. When the tribulation cloud sent a bucket-sized lightning on them, their skin would sizzle, crack, and drip blood.

In no time at all, they weren’t just men, but bloody chaps.

Chen Ming kicked Xie Qianchou and as he flew backwards, he took five bottles out, eating pills like peanuts. He didn’t even chew, only swallowed. In his body, spiritual power churned and began refining them post-haste.

With the fight reaching this critical juncture, the only way forward was to give it all!

The Sovereigns flew at each other again in the lightning sea. With a wave of Dao Empyrean Bamboo, thousands of spiritual swords flew in a swarm, shiting into dragon form, and creating quite the contrast with the lightning sea.

Xie Qianchou swung his blade enraged, “You actually eat pills in battle?”

Chen Ming chuckled, voice dripping with disdain, “I’m an alchemist, so why can’t I?”

Xie Qianchou was left tongue-tied.

There’s nothing wrong with an alchemist eating pills in battle!

Despite Chen Ming not stating it, Xie Qianchou guessed that he would eat pills regardless. This is a life or death battle! Preaching righteousness now will make a fool out of you!

The two black Sovereigns invested everything in this desperate battle, pulling out all the stops. Xie Qianchou’s slashes were all executed with Saber Drawing Art, while Chen Ming’s arts were all at Unity.

Two hours later, blood spilled. Chen Ming checked his storage ring. He was all out of pills!

Feeling around for a moment, he only came out with empty bottles. Xie Qianchou roared with laughter, “Go on, eat. What’s stopping you?”

Even with a mountain of pills, taking them like candy will exhaust them!

No choice. With no Dao Initiation realm pills, I can only take the Dao Sense realm recovery pills. Xie Qianchou witnessed how a white spring ran from the storage ring into Chen Ming’s mouth. It kept flowing and flowing.

Xue Ziyu caught this new sight of Chen Ming inside the Heavenly Tribulation. “Didn’t I told you so? With pills you can do all you’ve ever dreamed of. Look, the demonic sect Sect Leader still doesn’t believe it!”

Su Qingyang added, “If one is an alchemist and you wish to attack, then you’d better stop him from taking pills. But isn’t that bullying alchemists?”

A lightning smacked Chen Ming’s head at this precise moment. The strike turned the pill spring into black ash, eliciting a round of cursing from the glutton, “No! Tens of thousands of pills, gone!”

The Sovereigns resumed their fight. As it dragged on, Chen Ming became fiercer, the sword dragon showing no remorse. Under the double pressure, Xie Qianchou grew weaker.

Chen Ming was making bigger moves, each wave of the sword was meant to be the last, while the sword dragon swept with each passing. Xie Qianchou stumbled step after step in retreat. One retreated while the other advanced, drawing nearer to the edge of the Heavenly Tribulation. But how could it let them leave so easily after such blatant provocation? A dozen li radius tribulation cloud split from the main cloud and followed after them, relentless in dishing out purple lightning!

Chen Ming lifted his nation weapon Thunder Clap, using Unity, “Seeking Lightning!”

The sword fell and all the surrounding lighting around Thunder Clap turned into a ten zhang wide lightning sword wave going straight for Xie Qianchou.

Xie Qianchou was finding it hard to catch his breath. He brandished his saber but could only soften the sword wave by half. The explosive strike sent him flying for three li, his mouth spurting blood all the way!

This Seeking Lightning is quite useful in this lightning sea!

Chen Ming followed close behind with another lightning sword wave. It cut Xie Qianchou chest, leaving behind a black scar with visible bones.

Xie Qianchou was aware of the impending defeat. He wailed, “No! I haven’t lost yet!”

Xie Qianchou dragged his saber to continue the battle, but the blood kept flowing and was wobbling. Chen Ming took advantage of his plight and stabbed his thigh. Xie Qianchou ignored the wound, using his muscles and spiritual power to lock it in place. Chen Ming let go of the sword and grab the one the sword dragon sent over. He used this one to stab Xie Qianchou’s body.

Xie Qianchou locked it in place again, and waved his saber to Chen Ming’s head. Chen Ming took a step back while sword dragon swept over. When it passed, the only thing left was mincemeat.

“Ding! You killed Xie Qianchou. Reward: 10,000 spiritual knowledge, 1,000 fame and Grass Cutter.”

Chen Ming let out a long breath of relief, sprawling in the lightning sea, Dead at last. A bolt came out of the blue right on his head. Smoke drifted out of his mouth as he thought, THe Heavenly Tribulation isn’t over yet? He looked up, “Heavenly Tribulation, just you wait. I need to face you many times anyway. And the next time you want to leave, I won’t let you!”