Wu Jiang stood outside the Yellow Sea, six sabers on his back, his gaze wandering over Yan Mountain. He was filled with admiration for it, “What an excellent saber. It’s a pity his Master’s control is to strict. Even if he grasps the power of a Sovereign, can he control it?”

“Even if this will turn him into a demon, with his consciousness focus on slaughter, isn’t this what I want?”

“He should possess the power of a Sovereign!”

Wu Jiang stepped inside the Yellow Sea, but the sand didn’t seem inclined to rip him to shreds like it did to Archfiends, and cleared a path instead. Wu Jiang chuckled as he walked through, “Wind fiend’s power isn’t much to look at, but his memory is excellent. I will let you off this time since you let me through by your own accord.”

Wu Jiang pressed on.

Two hours later, he arrived at the foot of Yan Mountain, finding the Regalia Legion watching him. They were on guard and glared, “Who are you?”

Wu Jiang smiled, “I am demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader, Wu Jiang!”

The Regalia Legion panicked. They never say Wu Jiang, but they could sense his power. To pass through the Yellow Sea like a breeze, he had to be the real demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader.

“I wonder why is Head Sect Leader visiting Yan Mountain.”

Wu Jiang had his arms behind him, not a trace of concern, “This trip of mine isn’t for Yan Mountain, so I won’t kill you. My purpose here is to meet someone.”

A regalia soldier asked, “Who do you want to meet?”

Wu Jiang calmly spoke, “Li Suyi!”

With the reports coming from the Regalia Legion, Li Suyi and Ling Xian also heard them. Ling Xian said, “Demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader wants to meet you. Do you know what’s going on?”

Li Suyi shook his head, “I have no connection with him, nor have I met this person. I don’t know what is the meaning behind this action. Second senior brother, what should we do?”

Ling clan ancestor in Ling Xian’s ring spoke in his consciousness, “The one that came is a breath away from becoming immortal. Within this world, there might be no one that can contend him.”

Ling Xian asked in his heart, “What do we do then?”

The ancestor said, “If he wants to meet Li Suyi, you have no way to stop him. And he didn’t come to kill, so it might be better to let him see him.”

Ling Xian said to Li Suyi, “Demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader didn’t come to kill, showing no ill will. You should go meet him.”

Li Suyi could only nod, “Alright.”

In a courtyard on Yan Mountain, Li Suyi pushed the door, finding a person with six sabers on his back, “Di you ask for me?”

Wu Jiang turned, showing a trace of joy, “Truly an excellent saber!”

Li Suyi was confused, waiting quietly for his next words.

Wu Jiang smiled, “Even if such a saber is still sheathed, I just know you’re a great saber. I am a person fond of sabers, so I came to Yan Mountain to take this saber away.”

Li Suyi wanted to leave, but he couldn’t budge. Wu Jiang’s power rooted him in place while he inspected him, “I know you cultivate a demonic method, the most vicious method, Bones of the Taotie. I also know the saber on your back is Demonic Blood Saber, a genuine divine weapon.”

“I never met your Master, but I have to admit he did well by you. He imparted Bones of the Taotie in a way suited to you and even gave you Demonic Blood Saber. This would never happen in the demonic sect. Only a Sovereign can wield this saber in my sect.”

“I can feel your power growing swiftly, that you can grasp the power of a Sovereign. Just that your consciousness is somewhat assaulted by demonic intent. But this is normal for a demonic cultivator.”

“Therefore, I want to take you with me, to turn you into a real Sovereign, qualified of wielding such saber.”

Wu Jiang lifted the paralyzed Li Suyi on his shoulder, and turned his eyes to Yan Mountain, “Your Master taught you well, honed the saber to perfection. So much so I didn’t ask for his approval when taking you. I just can’t help but steal you. Since it is I who is uncouth, I won’t kill anyone.”

Wu Jiang left under the watchful and powerless gaze of Ling Xian.

Ling Xian fell to his knees, “Master, disciple is useless…”

The next day found Wu Jiang land in the demonic sect, leaving Li Suyi in a prison. He did not know what this prison was made of but saw a person in the last cell. When he looked over, that man was Wu Sanqi.

Wu Sanqi was now at the peak of the Dao Comprehending realm.

Wu Jiang stood outside the prison cell as he spoke to Li Suyi, “Each day, I will open the passage leading to a cage. In this cage, only when one person is left, will I give him food. If there are two, then you will both starve to death.”

The next day Wu Jiang saw Li Suyi soaked in blood in the cage. A roasted chicken fell inside and he easily caught it then stuffed his mouth as he ripped from it.

Wu Jiang chuckled when he saw the corpse next to Li Suyi, “Not bad at all. But not good enough.” He then pointed at Wu Sanqi, “I sensed the killing intent you have for him. That is why I captured him. You must know that he was at the peak of the Dao Comprehending realm while you’re at the peak of the Dao Initiation realm. If you don’t use Bones of the Taotie to devour those innocent Dao Initiation realm and Dao Comprehending realm people,” Wu Jiang stressed the word innocent, “Then when you’ll face him, it will end with your death.”

Li Suyi felt Wu Sanqi’s eyes on him. In his first life, he died at his hands. Was history going to repeat itself?

No, I can’t die at Wu Sanqi’s hands!

But Master will be disappointed by what I’ve done…

Three days later, Wu Jiang came before the cage, indicating to the demonic cultivator in front of Li Suyi, “The people I give you to devour aren’t many, but you haven’t got the luxury to indulge in hesitation.”

Another day passed and Wu Jiang came again. Li Suyi held Demonic Blood Saber tight, but there was no demonic cultivator corpse next to him. Wu Jiang chuckled, “You’re willing to devour those innocent cultivators?”

Li Suyi lifted his head, his eyes red to the point they could drop blood, “How are demonic cultivators innocent?”