Chen Ming gorged on pills as Fairy Zi Xia overcame her tribulation and was now a true Sovereign. Chen Ming peeked at her to find the danger value soaring until 2400, while also having an extra aura, Sovereign’s Dominion Aura.

This aura had to be a standard issued Sovereign aura.

“Ding! You completed the Queen’s Rise. Reward: 100,000 spiritual knowledge, 10,000 fame.”

Fairy Zi Xia finished her tribulation while mine is still here!

Chen Ming had a dark expression. Even though no one could see it on his face, he was raining curses inside.

Fairy Zi Xia glanced at Chen Ming, and since she had no way of handling the Heavenly Tribulation above him, she shot an arrow straight at the crowd of Demon Kings!

The arrow ran through a dozen Demon Kings, breeding fear in the hearts of the survivors. The enemy had two Sovereigns while theirs, none. They had no way of making a comeback, so the leaders of the King Corps yelled, “Retreat!”

Fairy Zi Xia wasn’t about to let them go. She first left a few people behind, to look after Chen Ming, since he would be half-dead when he comes out of the tribulation.

Chen Ming suffered at the hands of Heavenly Tribulation’s lightning for two more hours. His mouth let out endless black smoke as the dark clouds finally relented. His body relaxed, falling, eyes staring above as his vision went dark and blacked out. Zhuo Qingyao, waiting by his side, flew and caught him, taking him to get some rest under the escort of Human Kings.

The next day, when Chen Ming woke up, Zhuo Qingyao was using a wet handkerchief to wipe his face. She asked, “Master, how do you feel?”

“Can I say that I feel great?”

“Master, isn’t that an obvious lie?”

“Then why did you ask!?”

Zhuo Qingyao pouted, “Master, some people care about you.”

“Since you care, bring something to eat for your Master. Fighting for one day, tribulating for another almost starved me to death.”

Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes flashed. She walked out, took out some flour and water, and started kneading.

Fairy Zi Xia was baffled by her actions, Now way! What cultivator carries flour with them!? “Qingyao, what are you doing?”

Zhuo Qingyao had two flour traces on her face, “Master said he’s hungry, so I’m making him a bowl of noodles.”

Fairy Zi Xia was doubtful, “Don’t all of your disciples eat pills? How can a grand Mountain Lord eat this?”

The two grew more familiar over time, and Fairy Zi Xia knew that Chen Ming was the Mountain Lord of that mysterious pill sect. Zhuo Qingyao kneaded as she talked, “Master is very odd. He refines pills but, even when battle approaches, he never eats cultivation pills, leaving them all for his disciples.”

Fairy Zi Xia shrugged, “I never would have guessed that your Master cared so much about all of you. He hates he has to eat pills, wanting to leave them all four you.”

“Master is the best!”

“Then keep up the kneading. I will visit your Master, now that he’s awake, to express my thanks.”

Zhuo Qingyao resumed her task. She looked for some dry plants, lit a fire under a furnace, then put the noodles in a pot. Soon, the noodles were ready. She carried the bowl while recalling what Chen Lingyu said when she asked her for some tips, Senior sister, your cooking talent hit rock-bottom. It is enough as long as you can make a single dish.

Zhuo Qingyao recalled the time when he moved her Sword Mountain, that Chen Ming couldn’t bear to eat any more of her noodles.

I have trained for two years. The taste should be better. Right?

She carried the bowl to Chen Ming, who was at the point of dying from hunger. He took a mouthful with chopsticks, and just then noticed the clear flour smudges on Zhuo Qingyao’s face. Chen Ming swallowed, “Qingyao, did you make this?”

Zhuo Qingyao nodded, looking anywhere but at Chen Ming.

Chen Ming flipped, “Lass, you want to defy heaven and commit patricide?”

Zhuo Qingyao kept looking above, silent.

Chen Ming wanted to look for something else to eat, but then recalled the taste, It seems more or less quite likely to have the possibility of being edible!

Chen Ming was skeptical as he tasted a second time. His mouth was full of noodles, with a flavor that surpassed words spreading behind his lips.

Chen Ming too a sip of the soup, to help swallow the noodles. He cleaned the bowl in no time at all, and shouted, “Qingyao, make Master another!”

Zhuo Qingyao eyed him filled with suspicion, “Master, do you really want another?”

Chen Ming nodded, “To be honest, it’s delicious.”

Zhuo Qingyao took the empty bowl and bounced her way out to make another serving. Fairy Zi Xia said, “How come you were so moved when you ate Zhuo Qingyao’s noodles?”

“Let me explain. At the time when I had three disciples, I ate Qingyao’s noodles and had internal bleedings.”

Fairy Zi Xia was dumbstruck for a good while, “And now?”

Chen Ming was genuinely touched, “A delicacy! But I can’t be open about it, or the praise will get to this lass’ head!”

He looked to see the mission progress. “Choice, completion rate: 81.2%.”

How did it reach this point?

Oh, right. It must be because the teleportation array isn’t dealt with. Anyway, since my understanding of teleportation arrays ain’t at all that bad, I’ll just go and grab it!

Finishing the second bowl, Chen Ming found himself still covered in lacerations. He started the Illustrious Casket to heal the surface wounds. It was akin to growing a new skin and, in a flash, a flawless face entered Fairy Zi Xia’s dazed expression.

She thought Chen Ming had an ugly appearance, justifying his mask. Yet, never would she have thought what was hiding behind the mask was suck a handsome visage, causing her to be taken aback.

Chen Ming put on the smiley face as if nothing happened, “The teleportation array is still active. Take me to it so I can disable it. This way, there will be no future attacks.”

Fairy Zi Xia, “Uh, what? You want to go disable the teleportation array? Uh, alright, I will take you.”

The two failed to catch Zhuo Qingyao’s cold expression staring at Fairy Zi Xia, a pair of chopsticks breaking in her hand.

When Fairy Zi Xia saw Master’s face, she was lost for words.