Chen Ming stood next to the teleportation array near the exit of the Nine Frozen Springs. He observed it for two hours, A teleportation array is formed of two interconnected arrays. There’s no point in taking just one. The best would be to find a way to take the other one also.

He said, “I will go through it and see if I can find a way to take the other teleportation array.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “There’s no way of knowing what’s on the other side. How about me and your Eminence go together?”

Chen Ming agreed since Fairy Zi Xia was now a Sovereign.

The two stepped through it and found themselves in a forest, with ten Demon Kings standing guard.

They were stunned, “Eh? It can’t be the time to withdraw. How come there are people returning?”

Chen Ming smiled and greeted, “I have come to steal the teleportation array… Um, no no, I came to fetch the teleportation array.”

In two Sovereign versus ten Demon Kings, the later lost in ten breaths.

Chen Ming set to work. The teleportation array was placed on a stone platform, with spirit stones and materials arranged around it.

Chen Ming took a small hammer and chisel and, in a bout of banging, accompanied by smashing, made quick work of it. What trouble could a mere teleportation array pose to an array master of his level?

Moments later, Chen Ming was holding the core of the array, the twin spacial stone.

The twin spacial stone came in pairs. One could send a person to the other, but they were unstable. That was where the teleportation array came in.

Fairy Zi Xia saw the broken down teleportation array, “You tore apart the array, so how do we get back?”

Chen Ming pondered, “Simple. We just need to search for a place to reset the teleportation array!”

“You planned to take this path and strike back at the demonic sect?”

“That’s the idea.”

“Then where are you going to set it up?”

Chen Ming looked at the array’s previous location, “If this teleportation array disappears, they will surely have a way of locating it, like a lamp in the dark. So I’ll just set it up here, but this time it will be ten li underground. No matter how much they look, they’ll never find it.”

“How will you mask its trace?”

Chen Ming fanned the horsetail whisk, “Don’t forget, my Dao Empyrean Bamboo can return all to origin. Once the path down is set, a wave from it will remove all signs. Let’s go down and set it up.”

The two channeled their spiritual power, opening a tunnel in the ground. Ten li down under, Chen Ming flickered Dao Empyrean Bamboo, “Return to origin.”

Chen Ming shifted a large rock over the tunnel entrance and set to deploy the teleportation array. After one hour he also arranged a few dozen spirit stones then activated the array.

Back at the entrance of the Nine Frozen Springs, Fairy Zi Xia glanced at Chen Ming, “I didn’t expect for your mastery of arrays to reach such profound level!”

Chen Ming ignored this proud woman. He tore the teleportation array on this side just like before.

Chen Ming’s mind spun, Sigh, it seems my dream of blinking isn’t viable. Unless I engrave teleportation arrays on all ten thousand swords, then use a sword to blink to another. But won’t there be too many like this?

Forget it, I’ll set it aside for now.

A sudden voice echoed in his mind, “Ding! Li Suyi advanced to the Dao Comprehending realm. Reward: 1,000 merits.”

Eh? Li Suyi broke through?

His rise in power is quite fast. Once I’m done with the matters here, I will have to return. If Li Suyi became a demon, the consequences would be dire. A guy with Main Character aura becoming a demon will be a calamity upon this world.

The crux is Reckless Aura. It’s too fierce. Once he’s in danger, he’ll be prone to rash actions.

He quickly checked his mission, “Choice, mission completion rate: 94%.”

94% is alright since 100% is plain impossible. “Turn in!”

“Ding! You finished the Choice mission. Reward: 400,000 spiritual knowledge, 100,000 fame.”

“Ding! You led an unwinnable battle and prevailed. Your Control Aura upgraded to lvl 2.”

The fame reward is beyond outrageous. It must be because this battle will make me famous, with my name spreading to every corner of the world.

I also earned a nice batch of spiritual knowledge. It’s not spiritual knowledge and merits that I lack, but cultivation methods.

Control Aura also upgraded and will help me greatly when I become a Sects Ruler.

For me to become stronger, my only choice is to look for more cultivation methods.

Chen Ming turned to Fairy Zi Xia, “Let’s go. All problems are now settled, and the time has come to give the ancient immortal sects the news.”

Fairy Zi Xia was a tad angry, “The demonic sect will pay for what they’ve done!”

The two, along with the rest Dao Comprehending Board geniuses and Zhuo Qingyao, left Nine Frozen Springs. Once outside the Snow Mountain Sect, Fairy Zi Xia released her Sovereign’s Dominion Aura without restraint. She waited for a Snow Mountain Sect’s Human King to come out of the Nine Frozen Springs and said, “Tell one of your Sovereigns to see me!”

The Human King felt the might of a Sovereign and didn’t hesitate to charge into the sect. Not a moment passed before the same elder that met them before arrived, cupping his hands towards Fairy Zi Xia, “I didn’t expect that this trip in the Nine Frozen Springs was fruitful for fellow Daoist to enter Transcending realm. It’s an event worth celebrating. I will announce to every ancient immortal sect that Fairy Zi Xia is now a Sovereign.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “No need to announce. Where are all the Sages? Something grave has happened.”

The elder hesitated, “I wonder what grave matter is Fairy Zi Xia speaking of? The demonic sect has begun moving, and will most likely wage war against us, the immortal faction. All Sages have set out for Astral Immortal Sect to debate.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “No, it has begun already.”

Chen Ming opened his hand, and Grass Cutter flashed from his storage ring, “You should recognize this, right?”