Going through the teleportation array inside the Snow Mountain Sect, Chen Ming and the others arrived at Astral Immortal Sect. After walking through many levels of a building, they finally came before the doors to the meeting hall. The Snowy Mountain Sect’s elder entered, and only came out after a while, “The Sages are asking you to come in to discuss.”

It was clear to the Snow Mountain Sect’s elder that Fairy Zi Xia was a Sovereign, but had some apprehension towards Chen Ming and his high status. That was why he said discuss and not report.

It made no difference since to report they had to see them.

They entered, and what welcomed them was bright starlight. They could see clusters of stars shining down from above.

Chen Ming glanced at Fairy Zi Xia, who understood, stepping forwards and bowing, “Reporting to Sages. On our trip within Nine Frozen Springs, the demonic sect set up a teleportation array. Demonic sect’s Demon Sovereign, Xie Qianchou, led twenty King Corps to hunt us down!”

Snow Mountain Sage was enraged, “Demonic sect must have wanted to wipe out our younger generation!”

Astral Sage was also furious, “The demonic sect is outrageous!”

Sage Tie Yi said, “Since you came to report, then we will swiftly deploy troops. We will send three Sovereigns to behead demonic sect’s men!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “No need. At a critical time in Nine Frozen Springs, the Eminent from Yan Mountain broke through the last step, killing to affirm one’s Dao, eliminating more than two hundred Demon Kings, and became a Sovereign. His Eminence kept Xie Qianchou at bay, sparring us the heavy losses. He also refined Soul Returning Water into Yin Yang Harmony Pill to give us the chance to advance to Sovereign rank and defeat Xie Qianchou. I am one who completed the last step before this trip and could advance to Sovereign rank. At the time of my tribulation, Xie Qianchou interfered, wanting to kill me inside the Heavenly Tribulation. But his Eminence disregarded the danger to his life and blocked him, killing him instead, giving me the chance to breakthrough. Now, the entire Nine Frozen Springs is at peace.”

The four Sages shifted their eyes to Chen Ming. Astral Sage said, “Fellow Daoist is the Lord of Yan Mountain with which we collaborate?”

Chen Ming eyed the four, All question marks. Well, never mind. He cupped his hands, “Correct, it is indeed I.”

Astral Sagfe continued, “No wonder you taught such a genius as Zhuo Qingyao, you have such power. Can it be that the first on the Dao Comprehending Board is fellow Daoist?”

“If the name is Chen Ming, that would be me. My cultivation is somewhat unusual, thus my power differs. It doesn’t follow the realms, just like my disciple, Zhuo Qingyao. ”

The Sages were wise and knowledgable, fully believing him in this regard. Snow Mountain Sage said, “There’s no harm in it. Fellow Daoist has the power of a Sovereign and also trades with us, the ancient immortal sects. Let us handle the conferring of the title of Sovereign.”

Astral Sage said, “The demonic sect has moved against us, and we can only start acting according to our previous arrangement. With demonic sect entering the fray, it will throw the entire world into this war. But we need to first thank fellow Daoist Chen Ming for his help. If it weren’t for him, our righteous immortal sects’ young generation would’ve been wiped out. My three fellow Daoists, let us thank Chen Ming for his help in resolving this impending crisis.”

The four Sages rose and bowed towards Chen Ming, “We thank fellow Daoist Chen Ming for his effort!”

The other Dao Comprehending Board geniuses were stunned at this. They were the four Sages of the four great ancient immortal sects!

Chen Ming’s curses in his heart reached the skies, These four geezers have no shame what so ever. I toiled day and night refining for these brats, fought with my life on the line, and even wasted two million spirit stones worth of pills on Fairy Zi Xia, yet all I get is thanks?

And when I ask for compensation later they’ll say: Haven’t we thank you already? And you even show proper decorum. Isn’t enough enough already?

The four elders were shrewd, and Chen Ming had no choice but to return the gesture. He rushed to help them get up, “Sages, I don’t deserve it.”

Another message popped in Chen Ming’s mind, “Ding! Li Suyi advanced to the Divine Palace stage. Reward: 5,000 merits.”

Eh? Just what’s happening?

How is it that Li Suyi’s power grows unchecked?

Something must have happened on Yan Mountain.

Chen Ming said, “Astral Sage, could you let me look at the Dao Comprehending Board?”

Astral Sage chuckled as he waved, “Small matter, you can look at all three of them. ”

Among the star clusters above, three boards appeared. Chen Ming soon found Li Suyi’s name on the Dao Comprehending Board. The Sages discovered Chen Ming’s name in the first place, then another new name on it, Li Suyi.

Astral Sage said, “Who exactly is this Li Suyi? He was just the second on the Dao Initiation Board, yet in a few days, he entered the Dao Comprehending Board. His speed is too fast, even unheard of. This is very disconcerting. ”

Chen Ming said, “That is my third disciple.”

The four Sages, the immortal sect, the geniuses, all glanced at Chen Ming, Your third disciple?

Are all from Yan Mountain freaks!?

A radical thought struck Astral Sage, “Then the first on the Dao Initiation Board, Chen Lingyu, and the last, Ling Xian, are they someones fellow Daoist knows?”

With Yan Mountain’s fame reaching every nook and cranny of the world, Chen Ming wasn’t afraid to declare, “Chen Lingyu is my fourth disciple. As for Ling Xian, he is the second, but he cultivates Dao Canon. His speed is painfully slow, but when the time comes and enters the Dao Comprehending realm, and if I am still on the board, he will take the first place.”

Everyone’s faces changed. Just what kind of freaky sect is this!? Each and every one of them is a genius among talents! It’s almost as if their massacring the entire board.

But Chen Ming’s face was devoid of all blood. For Li Suyi’s cultivation to advance so fast he must have turned into a demon.

Astral Sage asked, “Fellow Daoist, Li Suyi is your disciple, and his advancement should be a joyous affair. Why is fellow Daoist so restless?”

Chen Ming said, “I’m afraid the third disciple will unleash a bloody disaster over the whole world. I wanted to stay for a while longer, but by the look of things, something grave must have happened back on Yan Mountain. Please forgive me as I need to leave and resolve these matters.”

Chen Ming took Zhuo Qingyao and left, rushing at full speed towards Yan Mountain.