Snow Mountain Sage said, “Fellow Daoist Chen Ming worries too much. How much trouble can a Dao Comprehending realm cultivator cause?”

Sword King Pavilion Sage said, “Even if he advanced to Dao Comprehending realm and has a fast cultivation he still won’t reach Sovereign rank. How can it affect the current state of things?”

Fairy Zi Xia witnessed Chen Ming’s power, as well as his mastery in alchemy and arrays. He was a freak through and through, “Sages, don’t forget that Yan Mountain has tens of thousand alchemists!”

Astral Sage said, “In this case, Yan Mountain must be the Yan Mountain from Myriad Mountains. Its matter involves standing above the Fiend Sovereign, and now that he returned, he will unify Myriad Mountains and defeat Fiend Sovereign.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Disciple requests to leave for Myriad Mountains and help his Eminence!”

The geniuses that received Chen Ming’s grace also requested, “We all received his Eminence’s favor. If not for him, we would have died at the hands of the demonic sect. Now that Yan Mountain is facing troubled times, we cannot just stand by and watch it unfold. We also request to join him!”

Who will refine Yin Yang Harmony Pill if there’s no Chen Ming?

We need to firmly, and resolutely, grab this thick leg!

The four Sages discussed, then Astral Sage said, “Zi Xia you just advanced to Sovereign rank, and need to fight a Sovereign to experience his power. Since fellow Daoist Chen Ming killed Xie Qianchou, his power must be above yours, so you can take this chance to temper yourself with Fiend Sovereign. As for the other disciples, they all need to pass through killing to affirm one’s Dao. As such, you will lead them to Yan Mountain. Go, we have much to discuss now that the demonic sect entered the war, regarding how we should respond. As for the title of Sovereign, we will announce it to the whole world.”

When the door closed behind them, Snow Mountain Sage smiled, “Astral Sage, Chen Ming has no Dao companion, nor does Zi Xia. Moreover, the two fought the demonic sect together, and Chen Ming even entered the Heavenly Tribulation with no hesitation, killing Xie Qianchou. There must be something between them. What letting Zi Xia temper herself? You just want to tie Chen Ming to Astral Immortal Sect!”

Sword King Pavilion Sage added, “Yan Mountain has tens of thousand alchemists, while our disciples will do anything, and even kill for Chen Ming. Yan Mountain will have many connections in the future. Astral geezer, you played this card well!”

Iron Sage said, “But from what I saw, Chen Ming has no feelings for Zi Xia.”

Astral Sage burst in laughter, “A woman chases a man, plus they are new Sovereigns, respecting each other, and even went through thick and thin together. Yet the chance might be small. At worst, I will just have to play a small trick when announcing their titles and give them a small push!”

Chen Ming had no idea the four Sages were playing matchmakers. He took Zhuo Qingyao, flying as if burnt, straight for Yan Mountain. She said, “Something must have happened back on Yan Mountain for third junior brother’s power to increase so.”

Chen Ming said, “There’s no point in thinking about it. We need to return first. If the Fiend Sovereign intervened, I will rip him into a thousand pieces!”

The two rushed like a storm, and a few days later Chen Ming arrived outside the Yellow Sea, yet there were no signs fo battle anywhere, “Eh? What is going on?”

Zhuo Qingyao said, “It doesn’t look to be any fighting.”

Chen Ming said, “We’ll know once we return to Yan Mountain.”

The two flew over Yan Mountain, the guards recognizing Chen Ming as he made a beeline for the top of the mountain, finding Ling Xian and Chen Lingyu. Ling Xian fell on his knees, “Master, disciple is useless. I let demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader take third junior brother away.”

Chen Ming was stunned, “Did you say demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader, Wu Jiang?”

Ling Xian nodded. Chen Lingyu held Chen Ming’s arm, “Master, you have to find a way to rescue third senior brother.”

Chen Ming’s eyes shifted again and again, killing intent thickening. He didn’t know anything about the Head Sect Leader, but that was before. He knew that he had the tile of the Strongest Under Heaven. Some even said that the demonic sect had close to half the world. Chen Ming took a deep breath, “The chaos has arrived. We, Yan Mountain, will have to officially open our gates and set out.”

Chen Ming continued, “It’s alright. Wu Jiang wants to steal my disciple, but he still needs to ask for my permission! Even if we want to defeat demonic sect and bring back old third, we are still lacking the strength to do it. I will first unite Myriad Mountains, completing the first step towards this massacre to bring him back.”

Below the mountain, Silver Wing arrived outside the courtyard. He knew of Chen Ming’s return and came to pay his respects, “Reporting to Mountain Lord, Black Python wishes to speak with you.”

Chen Ming waved, “You all work hard on cultivating, Master has matters to handle!”

Chen Ming walked out and saw Silver Wing. For this past year, this fellow became filthy rich thanks to Yan Mountain Escort Agency. Yet also turned into a Grand Archfiend, “Take me to Black Python.”

Silver Wing led him to a peak outside Yan Mountain’s headquarters. Chen Ming saw Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow waiting patiently and bowing to him, “We greet Mountain Lord!”

Chen Ming waved, and took the highest seat, “What happened?”

Black Python clasped his hands, “Fiend Sovereign sent a denouncing letter one month ago. It wrote: Brazen Chen Ming, since you’re a Grand Archfiend, you still haven’t come to show your respects to this Sovereign at my Fiend City. If you are sincere in admitting your faults, this Sovereign will confer to you the position of Grand Archfiend!”

Chen Ming sneered, “How ridiculous! How can a mere Fiend Sovereign be so arrogant?”

Black Python said, “He is the Fiend Sovereign! He wants Yan Mountain to kneel and deter the rest Grand Archfiend through this, while also testing Yan Mountain’s power. If Mountain Lord attends, Fiend Sovereign’s will humiliate you. Therefore, the best would be not to go.”

Chen Ming was close to the boiling point. Since Fiend Sovereign is asking for it, then I will use this and expand my territory to provide everything the disciples need to grow. Let’s fight and see who has the final say in Myriad Mountains!

He waved and Grass Cutter fell before him, “I already killed a demonic sect’s Demon Sovereign. Let’s see how great a Fiend Sovereign fairs. Since he wants me to bow, then he wants to see Yan Mountain’s strength for himself and that’s exactly what he’ll get!”

The three gazed upon Chen Ming with startled looks, “Mountain Lord is a Sovereign!?”

Chen Ming said, “It shouldn’t take more than a month for the ancient immortal sects to announce my title to the world. I can see that your cultivation has stabilized and I will impart the next stage of the Bones of the Taotie to help you break through to Grand Archfiend rank.”

The three were overjoyed, cupped their hands, and knelt, “We thank Mountain Lord!”

Chen Ming looked to where the sand storm coiled, and said, “Storm is coming. I wonder what will be the face of the world went an all-out war breaks out. Yan Mountain is no longer what it was in the past. We will make this war resound the glorious name of Yan Mountain throughout the world.”