The moon peeked through the willows, with Chen Ming standing in the warm candlelight in front of Black Python. He was reporting about Golden Howl, “You’re saying that that old lion worked behind our back to drive a wedge between Yan Mountain and the rest Grand Archfiends? To the point that every one of them acts against us in the dark?”

Black Python cupped his hands, “Correct, many Grand Archfiends secretly broke relations with us. If it weren’t for Yan Mountain Escort Agency, all of our Archfiends’ refined pills would be stolen by now. ”

Chen Ming pondered, “I never had a good impression of Golden Howl the moment I laid my eyes on him. Since he wants to play tricks, then let’s see how elaborate they are.”

That old lion had Control Aura lvl 2. Chen Ming wasn’t one to let such a person ran amock in his territory, he’d take care of him.

Now that this old lion was so impatient, then he would first settle these Grand Archfiends first. They would surely backstab him when the fight with the Fiend Sovereign came.

Chen Ming glanced over at Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow. After seven days, they should be able to overcome the last step, becoming full-fledged Grand Archfiends. Adding to them Silver Wing and Zhuo Qingyao, Yan Mountain would have the power of five Grand Archfiends.

The Regalia Legion was armed and ready, with improved gear to boot. The King Slaying Sword and spiritual armor they wore were the second series that Chen Ming improved upon.

Chen Ming walked in front of a map, and drew crosses on each Grand Archfiends’ lands, “Since none of them want to live, then we can only oblige.”

The fire in Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow’s hearts burned hotter with each added cross. Black Tiger cupped his hands, “Mountain Lord needs only say it and I will lead the army to trample the entire Myriad Mountains, not sparing a single blade of grass!”

“Ding! In the wake of constant power increases, Yan Mountain’s lands can no longer satisfy its development rate. Please purge all rebel officials, and unify the Fiend Domain. Reward: unknown.”

Eh? The mission came and even has such a good unknown reward. The best will be to get another aura.

Chen Ming said, “This campaign shall span over the entire Myriad Mountains, over tens of thousand li. I shall name it the Fiend Campaign, settling all treacherous officials and unify the Fiend Domain!”

Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow’s blood boiled. They were Archfiends who felt excitement at the thought of participating in such a war, “We will settle all the treacherous official for Mountain Lord!”

Silver Wing barged in to report, “Mountain Lord, a Sovereign calling herself Zi Xia brought hundreds of Human Kings to greet Mountain Lord. She wants to lend a helping hand.”

Chen Ming’s eyebrows jumped, “Just what are they doing here?”

Chen Ming continued, “Forget it, since they’re here, tell them to wait outside the Yellow Sea, through where we move the troops. Receive these guests with the utmost care and don’t neglect them. These little fellows are all ancient immortal sects’ geniuses.”

Silver Wing was stunned, Did Mountain Lord have such a large reputation? To have even the ancient immortal sects fawn over him? But the more he found his name louder, the more his excitement grew and went to receive them.

Chen Ming said, “The next morning, at the edge of the Yellow Sea, I shall hold a speech in front of the troops that Yan Mountain’s campaign has begun!”

In the dead of night, Chen Ming called for all Yan Mountain disciples and the surrendered Archfiends to gather. Three thousand six hundred disciples gathered with the Archfiends watching behind them. Chen Ming watched as the disciples sat cross-legged in an orderly fashion. If you’d think about it, they were still young, with very few matured figures among them, but the cultivation world had no shortage of young people in high positions.

Chen Ming watched from atop the stage, voice booming, “In the Nine Frozen Springs demonic sect ambushed the geniuses from the immortal faction. I swept through them, killing a Demon Sovereign, and over a thousand Demon Kings. The immortal and demonic war is on the verge of igniting, leaving us with no choice but to join it. Yan Mountain has allied with the four great ancient immortal sects to repel the demonic sect. These are most dangerous times, but also the most opportune times. I declare that Yan Mountain will officially begin its expansion!”

“The order is as follows: all disciples qualified to expand are all lords of Yan Mountain’s affiliated parties and will enter a time of expansion. You now have the right to form your own Regalia troops with no limit to its size, and I will release the Blood Regalia and Warding Sword Art to everyone; do not divulge its contents. You now have the right to unlimited Alchemy Houses, without disclosing its secrets. Everyone will receive a map with the hostile parties marked. They are all targets you can attack and occupy.”

“All disciples eligible for this order will receive a hundred thousand spirit stones from Yan Mountain Bank to facilitate your expansion. All lords will be exempt from the 10% tax for the duration of this expansion, as well as all other taxes.”

This moved the hearts of all disciples, Oh shit! Just what the hell is Master trying to do!? He even lifted the ban on Alchemy Houses and Regalia Legion.

The disciples might be exhilarated, but the Archfiends behind felt their legs shaking. For Yan Mountain to reach this power, it relied on Regalia Legion and Alchemy Houses. But now, everything was allowed, lifting the ban for the three thousand and six hundred disciples. Would they turn into three thousand and six hundred monsters like Yan Mountain?

Just what will it entail?

‘Everywhere you’d look, you’ll see red, from the havoc the Regalia Legion will create!

It was a red tide that swallowed all!

In other words, to the outside world, Yan Mountain disciples were treated just like kings!

Each was like the successor of those King ranked sects.

They witnessed the rise of Yan Mountain and were in total belief in its style. So what would become of the world with three thousand and six hundred Yan Mountains?

“What about us?” The Archfiends could sense the crisis.

“This order of expansion, to all Yan Mountain disciples, no, to all Yan Mountain lords, will have no limit on expanding!”

Chen Ming continued, “Of course, a hundred thousand spirit stones aren’t enough to set up the Regalia army and Alchemy Houses. The Archfiends can offer spirit stones to the disciples they choose. As for the dividing of land, you can settle it among yourselves.”

Bai Yue was the first to stand, screaming, “Zhang Ming, I’ve long liked this kid. I wish to give him a million spirit stones!”

Bai Yue saw it as a business opportunity. Zhang Ming was the first to advance to the Dao Initiation realm, and every disciple was literally a Yan Mountain sprout. And a million spirit stones were not a loss to create another monster like Yan Mountain!