In a short span of time, the Archfiends scrambled in choosing a disciple to sponsor, “I’ve been watching this kid for a long time. I will give him two hundred thousand spirit stones!”

“Lord, this girl has admired Sir for a very long time, worthy of marrying Sir. How do you feel about my delicate and refined daughter?”

“Eh, my cultivation is not enough to accept the order of expansion…”

“No worry, no worry. It’ll only be a few days. Come, join me for a walk and talk about marriage…”

Chen Ming overlooked these events unfold, How interesting! When they went for broke with spirit stones, they resorted to using their daughters!

The order of expansion implied that all Dao Initiation realm disciples could receive it. His disciples numbered three thousand, thus three hundred million spirit stones. He had no way to fork out that much. Yan Mountain treasury could, at best, squeeze a hundred million, and another hundred from fishing in Nine Frozen Springs, to which was also added siphoning all the fiends’ spirit stones from the Yan Mountain Bank.

Their accounts had many zeroes anyway, so he might as well skim some of them for his use.

The best outcome for Chen Ming would be for the first six hundred disciples to establish their own Regalia Legion since they knew how to refine their equipment.

A spiritual weapon’s value was far higher than that of pills. These funds would allow them to reap a large number of spirit stones and recruit soldiers.

He estimated that for raiding Myriad Mountains, these disciples would lack the necessary capital to raise a Regalia Legion or equipment. He now sent them on the expansion path to get hold of their own domain and gather enough subordinates. This was the scarlet tide stage.

Chen Ming already sowed the seeds, and now he’d just have to wait for the results.

The marks on the map included all Ghost Immortal’s affiliated forces in Myriad Mountains, as well as demonic sect’s. He guessed that they couldn’t attack them for now, but there was no rush.

The day flashed by and on the morrow, Chen Ming made an appearance before the hundred thousand large Regalia Legion and orated. The meaning came down, more or less, to why should they attack, the righteousness of this war.

The Regalia Legion assumed square formations, listening to Chen Ming’s speech who stood on the stage high above them, “For many months now, Yan Mountain’s trade caravan has been robbed constantly. This was condoned by Myriad Mountains’ Fiend Sovereign and the Grand Archfiends. How much should we endure before enough is enough? I am speaking before you today because I want to sweep clean the fiend domain!”

Though I don’t believe any of it.

When someone skims just a hint from you, you go and pick their clan clean…

Chen Ming coughed twice, “People, are you willing to join me in fighting all Myriad Mountains?”

The Regalia Legion still figured they should give him at least some semblance of respect, “Kill, kill, kill!”

Chen Ming said, “Excellent, bring the flag sacrifices(1)!”

A man in shabby clothing popped from the sandstorm, watching the surrounding with a doubtful eye. His face showed that time has not been kind, having to resort to using a crutch made of bones to hobble over, “Ha-ha-ha, I’m out! I, Moon Fiend, am finally out!”

In a flash, a hundred thousand pairs of eyes stared at Moon Fiend. Moon Fiend felt jittery from so many glances, but rage won over when he discovered Chen Ming on the stage, “Chen Ming, I’ll kill you!”

Chen Ming’s heart seized upon seeing Moon Fiend, No freakin’ way! How come you found this precise moment to waltz in?

I can’t let him spill the be. When Moon Fiend was about to charge over, Chen Ming’s pupils flashed and ten thousand swords stormed, taking dragon form and made sure to hack Moon Fiend to fine pieces.

Chen Ming grabbed a bloody sword and wiped it on a Yan Mountain’s banner while yelling, “On that year, I saw how hard it must have been to cultivate so far and wanted to give him a chance at life. I didn’t expect this bastard to attack me either way. Fine then, today, this Grand Archfiend’s blood will be the flag sacrifice!”

Witnessing Chen Ming insta-killing a Grand Archfiend, the Regalia Legion were struck dumb, “Mountain Lord’s might is outstanding”

“Mountain Lord’s skill is unrivaled!”

“Mountain Lord has no equal!”

Chen Ming waved for the fervent commotion to stop, “Alright, alright, where is Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao?”

Zhuo Qingyao hopped next to him with hands cupped, “Disciple is here!”

Chen Ming said, “I give you command of thirty thousand Regalia soldiers. Breach Purple Mountain and crush Golden Howl!”

Zhuo Qingyao lifted her head, eyes filled with battle lust, “Disciple will comply!”

Chen Ming continued, “Black Tiger, Black Python, Fire Swallow, and Silver Wing, you will each lead ten thousand Regalia troops to attack a different Grand Archfiend!”

The four Grand Archfiends kneeled together, “We accept the order!”

Chen Ming added, “As for the rest of the Regalia Legion, five thousand will safeguard Yan Mountain while the rest will follow me to Fiend Sovereign!”

Now that the orders were assigned, Yan Mountain deployed everything for this operation. Chen Ming, looked at Ling Xian and Chen Lingyu, “You two follow your head senior sister to gain more experience.”

He then turned to the other disciples, “You will follow behind the army and gather those that surrender. As for those that don’t, leave them to Black Tiger, Black Python, and Fire Swallow.”

What handling? It’s plain devouring!

The disciples cupped his hands, “We accept the order!”

Chen Ming watched how, one after another, the armies left Yan Mountain and turned to look in demonic sect’s direction. He didn’t know Li Suyi’s situation but at least, the system didn’t issue a mission and guessed there was no danger to his life.

Suyi, don’t be afraid, Master will soon engulf the entire land in a scarlet tide to rescue you.

Chen Ming climbed on a palanquin held by four Regalia soldiers, “Move out!”

Fairy Zi Xia was waiting for Chen Ming to show up, along with the other geniuses, next to their wooden houses. They just happened to see how five scarlet clouds flew above the Yellow Sea.

They lifted their heads, filled with astonishment at this spectacle. There were many from ancient immortal sects among them, and they all witnessed their sects moving in full force. What was amazing was the sheer number of Yan Mountain troops; they were too few. In their minds, Yan Mountain was supposed to be as large as an ancient immortal sect.

But when the red clouds neared, it shed some light. Yan Mountain’s army had standard spiritual weapons and spiritual armor, “No wonder Yan Mountain’s military isn’t huge, it’s because these are all elites!”

“Their equipment is identical. They might even have a special array on them.”

“With his Eminence’s mastery, we can’t use any standard when referring to Yan Mountain’s army!”

“They say that Yan Mountain’s execution is swift and precise. His Eminence just came back and already set out with the army. We need to return to the sects and debate!”

“I believe that the demonic sect is clueless on account of Fairy Zi Xia and his Eminence’s response in dealing with them.”

When it came to Yan Mountain, there were no discussions to begin with. At most, Chen Ming’s subordinates would listen to his orders. His word was law. If he said attack, then that was what they’d do!

When it came to subordinates, they didn’t think too much about it. When Chen Ming said charge, well they’d attack all in their path. What Mountain Lord said was truth. If he said attack, then that was what they’d do!

(1) In ancient times generals would paint their flags with animal blood before going to war, to receive god’s blessing.