Once the five scarlet clouds passed, Chen Ming came out, and since he was in the area, he neared where Fairy Zi Xia and the rest stood. Chen Ming hovered above them and asked, “What are you doing here?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Your Eminence, we heard of Yan Mountain’s plight, and have come to lend a helping hand. The sects would also like to take this opportunity to temper us.”

Chen Ming nodded, Ah, so they’re free thugs. I’m touched!

Chen Ming smiled, “As you all came, I’ll be frank. I deployed my forces as I wish to unify the whole Myriad Mountains, to settle the Fiend Domain!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Your Eminence, a magnificent great sect with tens of thousands of alchemists like Yan Mountain will only settle for such a small stretch of land?”

Chen Ming was under the misconception that the ancient immortal sects were afraid of his expansion going too far. But now he knew, that in their eyes, it was too small.

That’s the rich and overbearing ancient immortal sects for you. Yet not something Yan Mountain can compare. Chen Ming smiled, “Yan Mountain has always worked in secret until now. This is just us coming out into the world, and establish a firm foothold.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Your Eminence, as I see it, the best course will be to attack Steel Ox Valley’s vicinities since they all belong to Ghost Immortal. It will also make a connection with us, the ancient immortal sects, facilitating our interactions!”

Chen Ming did some thinking regarding the distance, Fighting such a path will be like walking an endless road!

Do all ancient immortal sects see the map like this?

Can’t compare at all!

Even if we fight our way over, where do I get the men to defend it?

Wait, doesn’t Yan Mountain still have around three thousand lords? When they settle their armies, this might not be so absurd.

Chen Ming cupped his hands, “Yan Mountain is a sect that advocates peace, always refining pills behind closed doors in these times. If not for the Grand Archfiends and Fiend Sovereign spreading havoc, plundering the pill caravans we sent to you, I wouldn’t have started this campaign.”

The geniuses’ roars shook mountains, “His Eminence is virtuous!”

Well, they still didn’t come to know of Yan Mountain’s dark history of enjoying pilfering to the bones any and all who weren’t careful in dealing with it. They held extreme worship for Chen Ming, possessing great power, yet not willing to suppress the weak around him, “His Eminence is a model of righteousness!”

But when they heard the pill caravan were all for them, they shed any bit of sympathy left for the Grand Archfiends, “The Grand Archfiends are a plague, a calamity upon this world, truly despicable. His Eminence is doing the work of the Heavens!”

Chen Ming only laughed at this. When it’s to your advantage, it’s working along with heaven’s will. That’s righteous morality for you.

“With everyone here, I will thank you all in advance. If you find Soul Returning Water you can just send it to Yan Mountain and I will refine it at the same price as in Nine Frozen Springs.”

The geniuses cupped their hands at this news, “His Eminence needs to only point and we will charge without a question!”

Fairy Zi Xia’s eyes flashed, “If his Eminence wants to attack the Fiend Sovereign, then you must take into account that he is a Sovereign, and a hundred thousand troops won’t be enough. How about we discuss this together?”

Chen Ming eyed Fairy Zi Xia, Just what is this Queen hinting at?

Following her into a small wooden house, Fairy Zi Xia looked to see it empty then went straight to the point, “Your Eminence, this time’s refining of Yin Yang Harmony Pill will net you with six pills. Have you no conscience?”

Chen Ming replied, “I wonder who was the one who ate those pills without conscience to break through to Sovereign rank.”

Fairy Zi Xia wasn’t fazed, “I’ve kept this secret for you, your Eminence. How will your Eminence reward me?”

Chen Ming said, “Then let us settle the debt of helping you advance.”

Fairy Zi Xia stood in a daze, “Didn’t the four Sages thank you?”

Chen Ming slapped the table, speaking with zeal and righteousness, “Those thanks are for saving your lives. This is what an elder should do, saving the younger generation. And I can’t accept such praise.”

Fairy Zi Xia considered for a bit, “How about this. Will you sell in secret Yin Yang Harmony Pill to the Astral Immortal Sect?”

Chen Ming paused to think. That’s not a bad course of action since these thingies will be sold at a sky-high price. And said, “Alright, we shall settle it with this.”

Fairy Zi Xia shifted to important matters, “Oh, right, when it comes to fighting Fiend Sovereign, I will trouble your Eminence to fight the others, so that I can get more accustomed with Sovereign battles.”

Chen Ming had no reason to refute. With free thugs and even a Sovereign rank among them, I’d be stupid to refuse. It’s like bringing up children anyway. It made no difference to Chen Ming if they were one extra or one less. “Alright, leave it to me.”

At Purple Mountain, Golden Howl and Long River sat across from each other, when the later began, “Yan Mountain is too arrogant, it even killed my son! Elder brother, you must help me bring judgment upon it!”

Golden Howl put on a furious face at this injustice, “Be at ease, dear little brother. I have checked Yan Mountain thoroughly and they have moved to the Yellow Sea. We cannot enter, but if they dare to show themselves, I will seek vengeance for dear little brother!”

Long River cupped his hands, “I’m grateful, elder brother!”

Jin An barged in the room with an urgent expression, “Lord Father, our scouts report Yan Mountain released troops!”

Golden Howl was calmer than ever, pacifying his son, “Must be from Fiend Sovereign’s constant pushing, and Yan Mountain can no longer take it. Let the two tigers fight, and when they’re at their worst, we will settle them both!”

Jin An said, “Lord Father, Yan Mountain’s target doesn’t seem to be Fiend Sovereign.”

“If not Fiend Sovereign, who are they attacking?”

“From their movements, it looks like they’re attacking Lord Father.”

Golden Howl flew into a rage and sent the chessboard pieces in all directions, “Yan Mountain! I didn’t trouble you and yet you want to attack me first. Does it think Purple Mountain is soft as mud? Bear my name and send the rest Grand Archfiends in Myriad Mountains the order to gather!”

“Lord Father, I’m afraid we can’t do that right now.”

“What’s going on? With my prestige, I can’t even do something as simple as this?”

“Yan Mountain is attacking five areas, five Grand Archfiends. They are rooted and can’t come. And Lord of Yan Mountain’s movements are still unclear.”

“Such gall! Attacking so many Grand Archfiends his forces must be scattered. We will fight them directly, and show Yan Mountain we aren’t to be pushed around!”