With Yan Mountain bare of soldiers, the Myriad Mountains were on the brink of erupting. Average Archfiends took it as a show, with no intention of joining in this clash of forces. Even if it was Chen Ming, a Grand Archfiend, launching this campaign against Grand Archfiends on multiple fronts, he was bound to lose. The average Archfiend didn’t dare participate. They were Grand Archfiends for crying out loud!

From Yan Mountain’s display of force a few months back, it could be taken as true that Silver Wing was a Grand Archfiend. With Yan Mountain splitting forces, the Grand Archfiends’ focus rested on Silver Wing, thinking that the one to face him would have a hard time dealing with him.

As for when it came to themselves, they were worry-free. They judged Yan Mountain as having only two Grand Archfiends and labeled this campaign as Yan Mountain’s doom.

One versus seven and all were Grand Archfiends. The outcome was a sure defeat, something impossible to change with just a mere Grand Archfiend.

Golden Howl said, “I heard that Fiend Sovereign forced Yan Mountain into a corner, and the later had no choice but to show its faith by attacking us. Is he relying on Fiend Sovereign?”

Now that he said it, many saw reason in their movements, “Golden King’s words ring true!”

“This is the only way out for Yan Mountain!”

“I also heard that Lord of Yan Mountain’s palanquin is going towards Fiend Sovereign’s Fiend City!”

“It’s just as Golden King surmised!”

In Fiend City, Fiend Sovereign had a wolf pelt draped over his shoulders, staring at Sinister Moon Wolf, “Second brother, what do you make of Yan Mountain’s actions?”

Sinister Moon Wolf said, “Yan Mountain must be feeling our pressured on it and chose to rely on us. At this point, Chen Ming must be showing his sincerity.”

Fiend Sovereign asked after a pause, “Since Yan Mountain defects, from your point of view, should we send troops to rescue him?”

“As long as Yan Mountain holds some use to us, our distance to Lord will be one step shorter. As we all know, the place where Lord is sealed is in Yan Mountain’s domain. Such an important domain is best kept in our hands.”

Fiend Sovereign’s eyes flickered with sinister ghostly energy, “Your words speak reason. I will not let Lord’s sealing place remain in other people’s hands. But since Yan Mountain chose to defect, it won’t be seen well if we turn a blind eye. Let’s lend a helping hand. With Yan Mountain attacking six Grand Archfiends, you shall go eliminate the last one! ”


Sinister Moon Wolf asked, “Should I also save Yan Mountain after I eliminate him?”

Fiend Sovereign waved, “Take Chen Ming while disregarding the others. An array master can be of use to us, and might even lift the seal on Lord.”

Chen Ming and his party were having the time of his life going for Fiend Sovereign’s Fiend City. He took it as slow as it could, wanting to deal with the other Grand Archfiends first while also jumping in for anyone who needed saving.

A Regalia soldier popped before him to report, “Fiend Sovereign sent a messenger and wishes to meet Mountain Lord! His attitude couldn’t be worse, even going as far as addressing Mountain Lord by name. Should we take care of him?”

Chen Ming waved, “Arrogant? Let me see for myself just how far his arrogance took takes him.”

Not a moment passed before a Great Fiend with a wolf’s head was before Chen Ming looking all over the place. When he saw a person wearing an azure Daoist robe and holding a horsetail whisk, he said, “Are you Chen Ming?”

Chen Ming nodded slightly, “Why? Do you need me for something?”

The Great Fiend’s eyes landed on Fairy Zi Xia, and drool leaked with every ragged breath, his two legs shaking like leaves. His eyes struggled back to Chen Ming, “You can rest easy. The Sovereign is aware of every minute change, including your intent to rely on our Sovereign. This is why he’s sent me, to dispell any worries you might have.”

Chen Ming: …

“When did I ever said I wanted to rely on Fiend Sovereign?”

The Great Fiend smiled, “Why, the entire Myriad Mountains knows of this. Could it be you yourself don’t?”

The Great Fiend cut him off before he could reply, “I know that you must be moved since Sovereign pardoned you of offending Princess Wu Feihua and accepting you. So much so that you have forgotten how to welcome me. But no matter, I will teach you. Send that woman to my bed to entertain me for three days and three nights, and I shall forgive your insolence!”

Chen Ming looked on with pity at this poor Great Fiend. Of all the people here, all unoffendable, yet you had to do it to this proud Queen, repeatedly. You definitely never stared death in the face before!

Fairy Zi Xia’s chest made shallow movements, breathing turning heavier. She was angered beyond words as she turned to Chen Ming, “Well, did you wrote a letter of war?”

Chen Ming was puzzled, “Who would think to write one? When Yan Mountain goes to war, it never issues any letter!”

Fairy Zi Xia stared at the Great Fiend, “Leave this Great Fiend to me!”

Chen Ming said, “He’s all yours. You can even toy with him to death.”

Fairy Zi Xia unleashed her Sovereign’s Dominion Aura, scaring the wolf-head Great Fiend into collapsing in a heap on the floor. Chen Ming saw how she lifted the fiend by the scruff and took him at the furthest back of this procession. For two whole hours, squealings akin to a slaughtered pig echoed without stop.

Fairy Zi Xia came back and asked, “When will we attack Fiend Sovereign?”

Chen Ming said, “Don’t worry, with me here he won’t be able to run. Moreover, it doesn’t look like he wants to run, so let him fight for a while with the other Grand Archfiends.”

Myriad Mountains, in a valley.

Just when a team of Great Fiends belonging to a Grand Archfiend patrolled the valley, a scarlet cloud streaked the sky. They saw it approaching, the Regalia Legion, “It can’t be they plan on robbing us, right?”

The leader saw the ever nearer Silver Wing and asked, “You came to pilfer? We will hand over all our spirit stones!”

Silver Wing smiled and said in al seriousnees, “In this wilderness, if you meet someone, the chances are he’s a bandit. You’re lucky you ran across me since I’m no thief.”

The team of Great Fiends slapped their chests, “If you didn’t come to rob us, then we can be at ease.”

Silver Wing chuckled, “Yeah if you met others, not even your pants would be spared.”

The leader asked, “I wonder why has brother Archfiend came here.”

Silver Wing smiled, “Didn’t I say? You’re lucky you met me since I came to kill.”

Silver Wing waved and roared, “Kill all who resist and spare those who surrender!”

Robbing was better!