Purple Mountain.

Golden Howl and Long River laid across each other and the later set his chess piece down, “Elder brother, if the chance presents itself, let me kill Chen Ming’s disciple. You have to give me this much. Let him feel the pain of loss!”

Golden Howl reassured, “Dear little brother, Yan Mountain is reckless and wild. The chance will surely come!”

Jin An burst in, “Lord Father, Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao, is attacking at the edge of Purple Mountain’s territory. ”

Golden Howl felt some doubt, “You’re certain it’s her, Chen Ming’s head disciple?”

Jin An nodded, “Completely. Her strength might not be high since she stays back and directs the army.”

Long River said, “Elder brother, this is a rare opportunity. Please allow younger brother to go and end Zhuo Qingyao!”

Golden Howl nodded faintly, “Go, we will resume this game of chess when you return!”

Long River burst in laugher while cupping his hands, “Wait for a bit, elder brother, I will soon return. When I am back we will drink from Zhuo Qingyao’s skull! Her heart will be our side dish!”

Long River left in a storm, leaving Jin An to ask, “Lord Father, we’ll offend Yan Mountain if we kill Zhuo Qingyao.”

Golden Howl said, “There’s nothing to fear. If Yan Mountain is defeated, it won’t matter. If it’s not, at worst, we’ll hand over Long River to appease it.”

Jin An returned to the cave two hours later, with an expression akin to having lost his soul, “Lord Father, Zhuo Qingyao killed Long River in a single sword swing…”

Golden Howl jumped to his feet, “How can it be? How could Long River die from one sword of Zhuo Qingyao!?”

Jin An said, “Zhuo Qingyao’s move released a pressure akin to a mountain. From the way she killed Long River, I fear that she will be equal with Lord Father. If you clash…”

Outside the cave was a loud clamor, “Old man Golden Howl, Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao, has come to take your head, by the orders of Master!”

Golden Howl’s fury peaked, “Foolish child, you’re playing with death if you came to provoke me! Bring my weapon!”

Above Purple Mountain were a dozen or so Archfiends watching the play unfold from the sideline. Fear filed them from witnessing Zhuo Qingyao end Long River with a simple swing, “The rumors don’t seem to be entirely accurate.”

“When did Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader have such imposing power?”

“Yet she’s only Yan Mountain’s head disciple. If his first disciple can sweep Myriad Mountains, how strong will Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord be?”

“You mean to say that Yan Mountain’s campaign isn’t a front to defect, but to truly attack?”

“Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord must be going for Fiend City to attack the Sovereign!”

Golden Howl came out holding a great saber. Zhuo Qingyao chuckled, “Finally, a worthy opponent came out for me to enjoy. Ling Xian, take command. I will handle Golden Howl!”

Ling Xian took the commanding banner from her hand, and ordered the Regalia Legion to begin the assault, “I see now why Master sent me with senior sister. She is a battle addict that doesn’t care for much else.”

From within the ranks, Liu Mang held his spear as he rode his blue-eyed dark ox. He glanced at Zhuo Qingyao and said, “Don’t worry, I didn’t come to steal your opponent. Your Master said you don’t have a mount and can’t fly. Let me wait here, and won’t intervene as long as Golden Howl doesn’t flee.”

Zhuo Qingyao’s heart eased at this. She gripped the bloody Obelisk and charged Golden Howl, leaving Liu Mang to bear witness, “Is this demeanor one from a Dao Sense realm cultivator?”

Ling Xian fluttered the banner while saying, “With head senior sister training in Nine Nines Mysteries Art, when she breaks through, she’ll transcend!”

Liu Mang understood, “With Nine Nines Mysteries Art at this lever, her talent must be the brightest since the dawn of time.”

Ling Xian said, “Rather, Master’s teaching is great.”

Liu Mang was puzzled, “You’re saying your Master trains in Nine Nines Mysteries Art?”

“Yeah, why? Master’s understanding of Nine Nines Mysteries Art is far deeper than head senior sister’s. Master has guided her every step of the way, but he doesn’t seem to like training in it.”

Liu Mang was stuck for words. Isn’t it the same as saying he can hardship cultivate? Doesn’t it mean his cultivation of Nine Nines Mysteries Art is enough to break through to the Sovereign rank?

He is no longer cultivating a side road, but cultivating fake immortality.

He turned a blind eye to the clash between Zhuo Qingyao and Golden Howl. How they made big moves, crushing tens of mountains in the process. He was crystal clear of her power, even feeling fear when he crossed weapons with her.

Throughout Myriad Mountains, fires of war billowed smoke, spreading havoc and devastation at each step.

The Archfiends were under the idea Yan Mountain put only a token of effort, but the result spoke for itself. Yan Mountain wasn’t playing make-believe, and even had the upper hand in this war!

No Archfiend could escape the Regalia Legion donned in red armor, falling one after the other. The troops would occasionally get hurt, but as long as it wasn’t fatal, they would pop the cork of a bottle, take some recovery pill, and resume fighting. Killing one of them when they stood united was easier said than done.

The fiends saw with their own eyes of the invincible Regalia Legion, passing everywhere unchallenged.

Because of the red color of the blood aura, and Regalia Legion’s style on top of it, the fiends had come to call it Scarlet Tide.

Where Scarlet Tide passed, the earth stood barren.

The war progressed slowly. The Scarlet Tide was invincible, true, but these Grand Archfiends were warlords, with tens of thousands of troops at their beck and call. Thus, rumors swept Myriad Mountains.

Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader killed Grand Archfiend Long River, fought Golden Howl, who ran away in defeat, and that Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader pursued him for no less than three thousand li.

Yan Mountain’s other armies, all had commanders at the Grand Archfiend level. The fiends seemed to find a brand new perspective of Yan Mountain. It had the power to contend for the entire Myriad Mountains and also had five Grand Archfiends in its ranks.

But Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord, Chen Ming, the most mysterious figure of this faction, has yet to make a move.

Most fiends could somewhat guess Chen Ming’s might. Only a Sovereign could make five Grand Archfiends swore him fealty.

Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord had a high chance of being a Sovereign, one that entered the Transcending realm.

Yan Mountain’s armies were also shouting Yan Mountain’s order: ‘Any who don’t serve Yan Mountain will be killed!’

A storm swept Myriad Mountains, turning it into anarchy. The doubt from before, regarding Yan Mountain’s survival, has now switched into showing its desire to control the whole Myriad Mountains, the ambition to unify the Fiend Domain.