Sinister Moon Wolf led the troops to attack a Grand Archfiend, but the latest letter came to him with a shock, “What!? Yan Mountain has the advantage?”

An Archfiend asked, “Sir, do we continue the attack?”

Sinister Moon Wolf looked at the sky, “Attack? Whatever for? The fiend world is about to change its sky. Chen Ming’s treachery and cunning know no limits. Everyone thought he was a mere Grand Archfiend, yet his power extended to the Sovereign rank! Make haste in our return to Fiend City. He must be planning to attack Fiend Sovereign himself.”

At this time, Chen Ming was in a slow march. Fiend Sovereign’s troops neared the three hundred thousand mark. He was waiting for the other five armies assemble their forces with him, once they’re done leveling the Grand Archfiends.

His goal for this battle was simple, to take Myriad Mountains for himself. He sowed the seeds for the Scarlet Tide and had to give them room to grow; i.e. Myriad Mountains.

He also wanted Fiend Sovereign’s life. A living Fiend Sovereign was a great threat to anyone. He was a disaster rating existence, no something one could mess around with.

Chen Ming was engaged in a battle of prices, and Fairy Zi Xia was his opponent, “Didn’t I said I wanted some cultivation methods when I helped you break through to Sovereign rank? Why are you so obstinate!”

Fairy Zi Xia’s face was stern, “Cultivation methods are crucial to a sect’s livelihood. I cannot give you any of them.”

A Regalia soldier came to report, “Mountain Lord, Fiend Sovereign has joined with the returning Sinister Moon Wolf. They are preparing to attack us!”

Chen Ming said, “Only now he reacted?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “How great are Fiend Sovereign’s forces?”

“He should have three hundred thousand. You know that all the fiends in Myriad Mountains have only one Sovereign. His forces aren’t meager, and he is also relying on Ghost Immortal. This is why his army bolstered its ranks to three hundred thousand, to unify Myriad Mountains.”

“We only have twenty-five thousand troops. What do we do if Fiend Sovereign’s army attacks? He also has King Corps while Yan Mountain has none. Our only advantage is two Sovereigns.”

“That is why we are waiting for the five armies to finish rooting out the Grand Archfiends, so they can join us and finish off Fiend Sovereign.”

“What I don’t understand is how could you think of splitting into five armies, with each having ten thousand to face a Grand Archfiend while only Zhuo Qingyao has thirty thousand. Yet her opponent has less than ten thousand. I am beginning to doubt how you came to be the Lord of Yan Mountain.”

Chen Ming waved, “If you were in command, how would you proceed?”

“Crushing one Grand Archfiend at a time, of course! Relying on the surrendered troops, I will have close to two hundred thousand soldiers. This will help in earning a decisive victory when facing Fiend Sovereign!”

Xue Ziyu said, “Your Eminence, if you haven’t led us to victory in Nine Frozen Springs, we would have doubted your current strategy.”

Chen Ming glared and cursed at Xue Ziyu, “Just go back to playing Aeroplane Chess with Su Qingyang!”

Chen Ming continued, “Your plan not only works but is also stable. Though, I can’t agree with you because of two points.”

Su Qingyang asked, “What are they?”

“First, would be the speed. With this method, it will take close to a year to settle the war. Second, if I didn’t split forces and the Fiend Sovereign witnessed Yan Mountain’s power, it wasn’t certain he would fight us. He is under Ghost Immortal, and would surely unite with the other Sovereign forces belonging to him around Myriad Mountains then waited for a chance to strike.”

Fairy Zi Xia now understood, “You want Fiend Sovereign to attack. This is the only way we can kill him!”

Chen Ming nodded, “In this world, a Sovereign is the greatest power. They have the strength to wipe out everything. The appearance or death of a Sovereign will send big waves across the whole world. It’s not so easy to kill one.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “But how will we defend?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “Fiend Sovereign’s power is close to your level, almost no difference. If he had my power, he would have unified Myriad Mountains a long time ago. You just need to tangle with Fiend Sovereign, while leaving the rest to me. I’m most expert in dealing with crowds. You should know of my title in Myriad Mountains. Beneath the array, all are equal!”

Fairy Zi Xia didn’t have a nice expression when Chen Ming poked fun at her strength, “Humph, only a bit stronger and you’re that arrogant. The problem is if your five armies can’t deal with the enemy. So explain it.”

“When Silver Wing took ten thousand guards from Yan Mountain Escort Agency, he killed a Grand Archfiend. Yan Mountain’s Regalia Legion is three times stronger than Yan Mountain Escort Agency, killing a Grand Archfiend needs a mere flick of the hand.”

“We’ll see how great your Regalia Legion is! Twenty-five thousand facing three hundred thousand is like sending them to their deaths. But I am a Sovereign, so I can leave when I wish.”

Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu said, “Yeah, with our strength it will be easy to run.”

Chen Ming barked, “You two think you’re the same as her? She finished the step of killing to affirm one’s Dao and can run. But if you two flee, your Dao Heart will crumble. Don’t think you can reach Sovereign rank in your lifetimes if you do this. Cultivation means struggling against Heaven for longer life, for your fate. You have no fear of Heaven yet you cower from men?”

Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu woke up, with the former cupping his hands, “Thank you, your Eminence, for your guidance. We almost stepped off the path of Grand Dao!”

Xue Ziyu’s eyes flashed with lust for battle, “Correct. How can we be dauntless in the face of Heaven yet cower from men?”

That’s how easily you con the righteous immortal sect.

Chen Ming rolled his eyes and facepalmed. There was just a month left to the Grand World Opening. The world was now in constant shift, with even the demonic sect, holding half the world under control, joining the fray. The war between immortal and demonic factions will last for at least a year since my storyline pointed out the Demon Subjugation Gathering is held a year after the Grand World Opening. So what’s the meaning of this Grand World Opening?

I will have to consult with the four Sages about this.

The remaining time is not long. I have no choice but to risk it in speeding up the process I handle things.