Purple Mountain.

Flying swords covered the skies, intersecting the chains tied to them into an immense net.

The chains wrapped around the Great Fiends and, with a pull from bellow, they were reduced to pieces.

Jin An stood on Purple Mountain, eyes blazing, “Just what is this!? How could Yan Mountain’s elites be that strong? They are heavens above those that killed Sand Scorpion!”

Even so, Jin An didn’t concede. He had more than a hundred thousand troops. “Use flying swords!”

More than ten thousand flying swords swept the sky, nearing Regalia Legion. Ling Xian spared them just a glance since they were just ten thousand swords, not unified like Yan Mountain’s attacks. It looked more like teams centered around each Archfiend.

Ling Xian gave a mocking laughter, “It won’t do a thing! It’s nothing more than a tickle.”

Blood aura of thirty thousand Regalia troops erupted, rising like a gargantuan red cloud, repelling the flying swords attack by sapping at their power on contact. There was, however, an occasional sword slipping through, only to be blocked by the spiritual armor.

Ling Xian pointed at the enemy, “Use flying swords!”

The retaliation caught the enemy off guard and the swords wave killed thousand Great Fiends.

Fresh blood spurted into the air, turning into a veritable rain, then landed on the ground, making bloody streams. The battlefield turned scarlet, joining to it the blood from the dead Great Fiends and making the streams into a small river.

Ling Xian followed the same pattern a few more times until Jin An felt numb. It hasn’t been that long and I already have close to twenty thousand casualties. This is a one-sided slaughter!

Jin An took the emblem from his waist, “With my right as Purple Mountain’s Crown Prince I command Savage Lion King Corps to charge and crush their formation!”

Forty Archfiend rose from Purple Mountain converging and charging at a Regalia troops square formation.

Ling Xian smiled, “Ah, King Corps are so amazing. Let me show you how King Slaying Swords are even more so! Scatter!”

The King Corps never expected for the Regalia Legion to clear a path for them. They were overjoyed as they sped towards the center of the army. Then Ling Xian’s order resounded, “Inner ring, surround and kill them. Outer ring, defend against the enemy army!”

The King Corps was clueless as to what was happening, only seeing thousands of chains spread across the sky like a net. They were soon trapped and a wave of flying swords remove the spiritual power shield. They wanted to lift it again, in preparation for the second wave, but because they felt the spiritual power’s response delayed, the attack was upon them!


“What is this damn spiritual weapon!”

“My spiritual power is too slow!”


Flying swords went through their chests and limbs, with blood flowing endlessly from the wounds, and along with it, their lives.

The Regalia Legion dispersed, and Ling Xian ordered them to continue the assault.

Jin An hoped for the King Corps to cause quite the havoc in their midst, but the result was sending them in the jaws of the beast, disappearing without a trace.

Jin An’s hand quivered, “All in Yan Mountain are freaks, even their army…”

Thousands of lis away.

Flitting over the rugged terrain, filled with mountains and valleys, Golden Howl clutched at the wound on his chest, running for his life. Hot on his trail, Zhuo Qingyao held Obelisk, with an eerie and cold glint reflecting of its blade.

Golden Howl saw a blue-eyed dark ox flying in the sky. This righteous fellow from the immortal sect is strange. He doesn’t fight me but when I try to escape a spear comes from above stopping my advance.

Liu Mang was having the time of his life, yelling at Zhuo Qingyao, “This old lion doesn’t look like much, but he does have a trace of blood from the Nine-Headed Lion. Wouldn’t it be better to make him your mount?”

Zhuo Qingyao shook her head, “Master said this old lion must die!”

Liu Mang didn’t continue since this touched upon Chen Ming’s plan.

Golden Howl ran out of mountains and valleys, so he turned to roar at Zhuo Qingyao. He grew into a three dozen zhang large hulking two-headed lion. His two bloody maws open large enough to swallow her, “Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, I am still a Lord of Myriad Mountains. With Yan Mountain’s power, you will need someone to rely on in these lands.”

Zhuo Qingyao smiled, “Master said that what people like you like the most is to use vile schemes. Master said to bring him your head, but didn’t mention anything about it being attached.”

Golden Howl’s fury burst, “Since you leave me no choice, we’ll fight to the death.”

A series of thunderous booms bounced off the mountainsides, causing the wild animals to flee in desperation, and birds to take the skies. Great Fiends were long gone from this please, with only some random Archfiends staying behind from afar, “Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader must be the strongest under Sovereign in Myriad Mountains.”

Who knew Yan Mountain could become so powerful, so much so that not even this aged Grand Archfiend can stand up to it.

“From the awful state of Golden Howl, this marks the beginning of his end at the hands of Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader.”

Three days later, two large lion heads rolled down a mountain, crushing their way down. Zhuo Qingyao stood above the lion corpse, panting for breath. She cleaned Obelisk on the body and turned to the audience of Archfiends, “From this day forth, there will be no Purple Mountain, only Yan Mountain. This place will carry the name Yan Mountain!”

The Archfiends looked at her with reverence, bowing in respect, “We greet Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader!”

“Head Sect Leader is without equal!”

News propagated quickly to all in Myriad Mountains, that the four hundred years old lord of Purple Mountain, Golden Howl found its demise at the hands of Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao. Yan Mountain used its power to declare once again who was the rightful ruler of Myriad Mountains.