The competition officially started and Zhuo Qingyao’s first opponent happened to be a female disciple under Li Changgeng, named Linghu Xiaoxiao. They considered her to be second to Wang Tian in power.

Wang Tian shook his head at this.

Another disciple asked him, “Senior brother, why are you sighing?”

“Zhuo Qingyao’s luck isn’t good. Her match is with Junior sister Linghu, and might be her last.”

The disciples started commenting, “Yeah, she has bad luck!”

“Senior sister Linghu is at the 5th stage of Dao Sense realm!”

“Hope senior sister Linghu will go easy on her, or she might die.”

“Senior sister Linghu isn’t that weaker compared to senior brother Wang Tian, and has a high chance of becoming a legacy disciple!”

On the stage, the judge went to his spot, “The competition begins! On the right corner, we have Elder Li’s disciple, Linghu Xiaoxiao. She has a high talent and almost certain of becoming a legacy disciple this year! On the left corner, we have Grand Elder Chen’s head disciple, Zhuo Qingyao. Um, whatever, she has the lowest talent and needs no introduction. We can see that Zhuo Qingyao is going to be the first to attack! When she entered the sect she was only at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm, and even with Grand Elder Chen’s guidance… Um, Grand Elder Chen had to deal with Murdering Temple this month, so Zhuo Qingyao wasn’t taught for more than a few days. Yet she is brave enough to attack first. But where did she find the bravery to do this? Linghu Xiaoxiao shows no emotion, worthy of someone with high talent, even having the aura of an expert!”

Chen Ming’s eyelid twitched, This judge knows how to comment. How are you so good at this?

The judge followed with, “Linghu Xiaoxiao moved, is she intending to retaliate? This strike of hers caused a storm. Wow, it’s the Torrential Sword Art and a skillfully implemented move at that. She clearly reached mastery in it. What? Zhuo Qingyao is just waving her sword. She got so scared by her opponent she doesn’t know what to do? It hit, it hit!”


Chen Ming watched as Linghu Xiaoxio smashed three chairs next to Li Changgeng, falling flat on her face. She coughed, spitting blood, and stretched her powerless arm at the dumbstruck Li Changgeng, “Master, I can still…”

The scene was terrifying embarrassing, distracting the judge, Was this a one-second match?

The judge’s eyes shifted to Zhuo Qingyao, Are you sure this girl is still at the 1st stage after a month? Are you sure this girl before me is a girl and not a savage beast?

Chen Ming watched the dazed Li Changgeng, “You know, Elder Li? Qingyao never fought with anyone and doesn’t know how to hold back. Elder Li, your disciples talked bravely, so I said nothing to Qingyao. I’m afraid she beat your disciple to death. Blame me, it is all my fault. Blame me for thinking too highly of you. But be at ease, from now on, I will never respect you. I will do my best to look down on you!”

Li Changgeng’s face was blazing, choking on his words. How could he endure it?

Chen Ming saw the silent Li Changgeng and patted his chest, “Rest easy, Elder Li, I vow at the heavens, that you will never enter my eyes again!”

Li Changgeng finally waved his hand and scared his disciples with his shout, “What are you staring at? Go help your senior sister!”

Zhuo Qingyao didn’t care about this farce, because she stared towards legacy disciple seats, at Li Qian’er. According to the competition’s rule, the first place has the right to invite a legacy disciple and exchange pointers.

Zhuo Qingyao glared at Li Qian’er, You threw me off a cliff. If it weren’t for Master’s Jade Mushroom, I would be dead right now.

The fires of revenge burned brightly in Zhuo Qingyao’s eyes and searched among the rest of the disciple below the stage, “Enough nonsense. Forget wasting time with each match and come, all of you!”

Li Changgeng’s stared down Wang Tian as if to urge him to get up there, only to notice that his legs were shaking. Linghu Xiaoxiao might not be his match but he needed a dozen of exchanges before he could best her. While that Zhuo Qingyao just swung her sword and sent Linghu Xiaoxiao flying! One strike might not defeat him, but there was always the next one, and he surely didn’t want to be the next one to fly off the stage!

And she just declared she wanted to fight them all at once!

This clearly won’t end well!

He always trash this trash that when mentioning Zhuo Qingyao and if he went up there, how would he leave when she would break his legs?

“Master, I forgot the chicken soup on the stove. If I don’t return the soup will be ruined! Bye!”

With Wang Tian as a lead example, all disciples involved in today’s competition seemed to have forgotten important matters, “Look at the sky, it’s going to rain soon. I need to bring the laundry inside! Master, disciple will be taking his leave, bye!”

“Right, Master, I promised to go with other disciples moon gazing. It is late so disciple will be leaving, bye!”

“Master, I ordered a sword. It should be done by now. I’m leaving, bye!”

In no less than ten breaths, they deserted the competition.

Zhuo Qingyao saw how there was no one left to fight, and asked the judge, “Did I take the first place? Can I request for a legacy disciple to exchange pointers with me?”

The judge surveyed the area and found Wang Tian sprawled on the ground, Eh? Weren’t you the first to bolt, why are you still here?, “Wang Tian, you want to challenge Zhuo Qingyao?”

Wang Tian uttered profanities, “Who’s the son of a bitch that tripped me! I need to make sure Master’s soup doesn’t get burned. Junior brother, help me get up, we can’t stay here!”

Wang Tian turned his head by chance and saw the raging eyes of Zhuo Qingyao. It made him shiver, Will anything good come out of fighting this monster?

Wang Tian exerted his entire strength, and like a carp, he made a mad dash out of the area.