Many rumors buzzed all over Myriad Mountains. The fiends were nervous by one in particular. All fiend lords were shedding blood and lives in this battle for supremacy.

The fiend race wasn’t at all strong in this lands, not when compared with the righteous immortal sect and the demonic sect, who almost each ruler half of the world. One could go as far as to say that Myriad Mountains was their heaven and earth, their world. But this world of theirs was now going through a violent change.

Grand Archfiends took to the skies, fighting for their future, a bloody battle spanning mountains. The first to fall was the number one fiend under the Sovereign rank, Golden Howl. The blood ran like a river in Purple Mountain, for three whole days.

Some said they saw the eyes of the boulder-like lion heads of Golden Howl still holding grief.

Others said they saw Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader, Zhuo Qingyao, slash and hack her way through thousands of soldiers and upturning mountains.

In Grand Archfiends battles, Yan Mountain took advantage of its absolute supremacy and began to hunt down the Grand Archfiends. Now, the eyes of the fiend race turned to Fiend City. In front of it, Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord, a mysterious being who, with a wave, swept the whole of all Myriad Mountains in Scarlet Tide, stood at the ready.

Standing on a mountain peak, a hundred li outside, Chen Ming’s eyes wondered over Fiend City. It reached a height of a hundred zhang, a masterpiece blend of steel and art, “What a great Fiend City! It should provide enough nourishment for the Scarlet Tide.”

Fairy Zi Xia asked, “What are you going to do?”

Chen Ming smiled, “Fiend Sovereign wants to meet, and I also want to meet. Might as well see each other halfway.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “I’m coming too!”

“What do you want to do? If you come, then it will be the same as wanting to kill him. With a Sovereign’s power, only another Sovereign can pose him any difficulties.”

“What will you do if he retaliates when you see him? It’s better if we go kill him together, and avoid prolonging the nightmare!” I’m sure you know that if he realizes you’re stronger, he will ask help from Ghost Immortal’s Sovereigns in the surroundings.”

“In that case, wait until I set up the array to prevent him from getting the drop on Regalia Legion as we fight him.”

It wasn’t like the twenty-five thousand Regalia Legion had no chance of winning against the scattered three hundred thousand army. Just that it would be a close one with many losses on his side. Regalia Legion was the apple of his eye, and couldn’t bear for it to suffer too many casualties. It would be better to set up an array first.

With a flick, a flying sword appeared at Chen Ming’s feet and began taking a walk among the mountains around him. As an earth ranked array master, there were many he could discern. With a random wave, the earth throbbed, mountains moved, giving him control over the land. That was what the job of an earth ranked array master entailed. He didn’t get to that point yet, but at least he could do it through arrays.

Chen Ming didn’t complicate himself with setting up a killing array, he didn’t have the materials anyway. A bewildering array should do the trick, forcing the three hundred thousand army to split and go around it offering the opportunity to his Regalia Legion to pick the groups one by one.

Chen Ming flew above, overseeing the chaotic and rugged terrain. But among this chaos, he could find a silver lining, a trace of heaven and earth’s movement.

Be it mountains or rivers, all had their own movements, despite hidden deep withing its rugged features, following no set pattern.

What Chen Ming wanted was to make use of this silver lining and turn it into an array.

Fairy Zi Xia followed after him, “What can you make out?”

Chen Ming flew on a mountain peak and kicked a tree two times. Fairy Zi Xia bore witness to the mountain moving left and right one li.

Her eyes flashed with interest. She didn’t detect any change in spiritual power coming from Chen Ming, denoting he relied solely on his mastery of arrays, “Arrays are a strange cultivation system. No wonder people spoke of an earth array master being capable of standing up against a King rank.”

Under the watchful eye of Fairy Zi Xia, Chen Ming grasped the intricacies within the land. When he kicked the tree, the might of the entire mountain converged, this was a place that mortals liked to call the Dragon Vein.

The two kicks changed the Dragon Vein.

In the wake of Chen Ming’s trek, broken here and there by a few stops, Fairy Zi Xia saw a heavy mist forming, “How much can a mist help? Won’t a strong wind scatter it?”

Chen Ming chuckled, “Try it.”

Fairy Zi Xia was an immortal sect disciple and new a lot. She set a fierce gale with a wave, only to get swept by the mountain’s air current, and the fog quickly rearranged itself.

Fairy Zi Xia stared in shock, “Array can actually be this amazing on the battlefield.”

Chen Ming gave a random reply, “This is only the basic bewildering array, giving people a hard time finding their way out. In the case of a killing array, any who steps inside will have a fate worse than death. With my mastery, I can make it so not even a King rank can escape. ”

After busying for three days, Chen Ming emerged before Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu, “There’s now an array set in this mountain range. Once activated, the mist will rise, confusing the attacking troops. You only have to wait for them here, where there’s no mist. Once a group of soldiers finds you, you only have to kill them. Oh forget it, this must be too hard for you. I’ll just set up an array disk.”

Su Qingyang: …

Xue Ziyu: …

Just how dumb are we in his Eminence’s eyes?

Chen Ming fished out a silver mirror and flew above. The reflection in the mirror spanned hundreds of li of the array, “With the wide world, a mirror shall carry…”

Chen Ming mumbled and a great portion of the array was enveloped by an aura. Once done, he checked if everything reflected off the mirror, “If nothing else, this toy is more like a webcam. It wouldn’t be bad to set up one in each important location in Yan Mountain’s domain.”

While handing the mirror to Xue Ziyu and Su Qingyang, he added, “This silver mirror can show the movement of the enemy. I will leave the matter of the troops for you to handle.”

Su Qingyang promised while taking it, “Rest easy, we are ancient immortal sects geniuses. It’s a piece of cake to lead twenty-five thousand troops.”

Xue Ziyu added, “Yan Mountain is even stingy towards such a small army. ”

Chen Ming eyed them for long, and the more he looked the more he found them unreasonable. But he had no choice but to do it like this for now, “The one who is defeated, his sect won’t get to buy Yin Yang Harmony Pill from me.”

Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu showed unwavering will and staunched determination, ready to stare death in the face, “Your Eminence, we vow to bring victory to this mission!”