The sun’s rays landed on Fiend City, shining upon the patrolling Archfiend on its wall, and casting shadows of those flying above, as they kept an eye out for Yan Mountain’s movements.

“Report! Yan Mountain remains in the same place, and shows no progress.”

A white wolf pelt draped Fiend Sovereign’s shoulders. His eyes were pure white, with no pupils, giving an eerie feeling. When he walked out and looked in Yan Mountain’s direction, a hundred li away, a sword dragon soared, with a man an a woman standing on its head.

If he didn’t already know of Chen Ming’s style, he could at least still discern Chen Ming and Fairy Zi Xia were from the immortal sect.

He wore a Daoist robe and held a horsetail whisk. No matter how you looked at it, he seemed like a Daoist overlooking the world.

Chen Ming arrived before the city gates on the soaring sword dragon, at the Fiend City’s level, eyes on Fiend Sovereign, “You, ingrate(1 lit meaning white-eyed wolf)! Yes, you! Don’t look around, you’re the most conspicuous. Your Sovereign doesn’t want to meet me? I am here now, so go and fetch him for me.”

Fiend Sovereign put his hands on the city walls, shattering from the pressure. His voice held some anger, “I am Fiend Sovereign.”

Chen Ming was struck dumb.


Chen Ming gave him a more careful look:

‘Danger value: 2050. Danger rating: disaster.

Auras: Sovereign’s Dominion Aura, Control Aura lvl2, Wolf King Aura.

Wolf King Aura

Description: with a white cloak as snow, I am the only White Wolf.

Effect: control over the entire wolf race.’

Huh, this Fiend Sovereign’s power doesn’t look like much; but that’s normal. If he had an aura improving his power, he would have dealt with the Grand Archfiends a long time ago.

This made him realize something, Looks like there’s a chance slaying tactics might work.

Fiend Sovereign stared at him, “Chen Ming, you must have worked hard for your cultivation to reach thus far.”

“Since you said this, then you must already know. Therefore, I’ll give you a word of advice. The sea of bitterness is endless, but if you turn your head you’ll see the shore.”

Fiend Sovereign was stunned, I was the one who wanted to warn you. How come it’s the other way around?

Fiend Sovereign said, “Why should I turn around? Chen Ming, must we fight?”

“The chaos of the fiend world needs an ending. This is something you can’t achieve, and is now up to me!”

Fiend Sovereign leaned on his strong backing, “Chen Ming, your rise to power was swift, becoming a new Sovereign in few years. But becoming a Sovereign isn’t easy. It’s better to cherish your life more. As a new Sovereign, there are many things you do not know, but I do. Thus, I decided to tell you, tell you who is behind me…”

Chen Ming’s question cut him off, “You mean Ghost Immortal is having your back?”

Fiend Sovereign was stunned, again, “Since you know there’s an immortal at my back, why do you come to die? We plead immortal for the right path to tread, to become stronger. Now, Ghost Immortal will descend upon this world bestowing us the Grand Dao, guiding us on the road to immortality. So why wouldn’t you give me a helping hand?”

The coldness in Fairy Zi Xia’s gaze sent shivers. The ancient immortal sects behind her went to great lengths to seal Ghost Immortal. If he would descend upon this world, the consequences would be unimaginable. She was furious, “Ghost Immortal corrupted his mind. Your Eminence, let’s kill him and do the righteous work of Heaven!”

One look was enough for Chen Ming to figure that Fiend Sovereign couldn’t be persuaded. When in fact, he never had that intention to begin with. Just that this was a convention and cliche exchange of lines. All Sovereigns he met began with the same line, You must have worked hard for your cultivation to reach thus far.

C’mon! Can’t you change your pick up lines?

Chen Ming bowed towards Fiend Sovereign while offering a faint smile, “I, Chen Ming, Lord of Yan Mountain, here and now formally invite Sovereign to do battle. Let’s see who becomes the new sky of the fiend race!”

Fairy Zi Xia smiled, “Your Eminence is indeed the number one zealot of our immortal sect. Not even the immortal behind Fiend Sovereign can frighten you!”

Chen Ming didn’t feel like correcting her on the zealot part, Let this Immortal Master Chen tell you my glorious work of that time. I slaughtered Ghost Immortal’s clone. Before he even finished his script!

The surrounding Archfiends eyed Chen Ming with enmity. But his name spread far and wide, along with his title of all were equal under his array. These weren’t just empty words.

Fiend Sovereign burst into laughter as he looked around, “You came with a feeble woman just to declare war? You only have thirty thousand troops, at best, while I have three hundred thousand. I will order them to pile on you, and will kill you either way!”

Chen Ming smiled, “Be my guest.”

The 88 stars on Chen Ming’s back formed and flew before he finished, straight for Fiend City.

Fiend Sovereign’s eyes shrank. The power of these stars isn’t small. This Chen Ming is indeed a Sovereign. I didn’t think that in Myriad Mountains, under my very nose, another Sovereign might appear.

Fairy Zi Xia witnessed Chen Ming’s move before. Even Xie Qianchou, a demonic sect’s Sect Leader had a hard time dealing with them. When Fiend Sovereign was about to face the stars with a move of his own, he saw how these stars went to smash Fiend City behind him!

Fiend Sovereign roared in rage, “Despicable!”

88 stars streaked the skies and where they struck, each left dozens of zhang-wide pits, bombing the fiend army.

Even Archfiends turned to dust on contact!

This clearly described the might of a Sovereign!

Fiend Sovereign no longer stood idle with a cutlass emerging in each hand, two-foot-long, and pure like moonlight, “Wolf Cavalry, kill!”

Ten-foot-long white wolves rushed out of Fiend City. They were carrying cutlass-wielding Archfiends on their back, ready to kill Chen Ming. They had entirely white eyes, knowing no fear. Meanwhile, Fiend Sovereign jumped towards Chen Ming to attack, “Kill!”

“As long as I, the Wolf King, am here the entire withe wolf race will die before it’ll retreat!”

“We received the general’s order!”

Chen Ming spared the white wolf Archfiends only a glance, They do have some courage, enough to even wave their weapons at a Sovereign. Wolf King Aura does have it’s perks.

Fairy Zi Xia pulled out her immortal equipment, Shooting Star Bow, pulled its string and shot an arrow at Fiend Sovereign, “Falling Star! How can they harm a Sovereign?”