The huge white wolf banner fluttered wildly behind Fiend Sovereign as he wielded the two cutlasses to hack apart the incoming Falling Star arrow.

With a thunderous boom, the shockwave smashed into the city walls, tearing them in two and hurling rocks in every which way.

Chen Ming saw how more than two hundred Archfiends swarmed him. An enough force of Archfiends was a threat to any Sovereign, but it was sad they had to bump into Chen Ming.

All were equal under the array!

Chen Ming waved the sword dragon to hurl itself at the incoming Archfiends.

Under the furious pressure of the array, the Archfiends felt their power diminish by half, watching the sword dragon closing in on them, with Chen Ming on top. He stood among the two hundred Archfiends, a faint smile on his lips, “Perhaps you are unaware of a Sovereign’s power. Then let me enlighten you what it means to be a Sovereign.”

Chen Ming spread his arms as if he was embracing heaven and earth. The next moment, the sword dragon collapsed, with the swords spiraling around. Flying swords traveled over the entire Fiend City, with one even coming out of a tavern, only to find it in the next moment passing through a soldier’s chest.

Chen Ming’s surroundings were filled with swords, shifting wildly like locusts. He closed his eyes not moving an inch, pouring his heart and soul into Dao Empyrean Bamboo, into controlling each and every flying sword.

“It is high time to let these people witness what it means to walk the path of arrays, to be a one-man army!”

“I am legion!”

In the pack of white wolves circling Chen Ming, Sinister Moon Wolf sat cross-legged on a white wolf watching flying swords dancing wildly and slipping through the gaps of the pack. They went straight for Fiend City. Sinister Moon Wolf saw in perfect detail how a sword executed an art at Unity stage, sweeping everything with a mere strike. It turns a tavern into ruble along with taking the lives of a dozen Great Fiends inside.

In a side alley somewhere, groups of soldiers were storming towards the city gates and participate in the war. A flying sword bared their path, hovering in mid-air. It was because Chen Ming was wracking his head about which move would be best to use.

The soldiers regarded the sword, “Is this sword a divine weapon?”

“I didn’t see anyone controlling it, yet it flies on its own! What else can it be if not a divine weapon!?”

“Fetch the sword. If we offer it to Sovereign, he will reward us!”

“Go grab it!”

Chen Ming’s take, These weirdoes’ thought processing is beyond uncanny.

The flying sword flicked towards them, radiating lightning, followed with a lightning shower descending from the sky over the entire alley. The alley was now painted fully black, with burnt corpses every step of the way.

At another place, in a soldier camp, a flying sword pierced the ground. The next moment, the earth rumbled, with lava coming out around the sword, incinerating all it touched, and even turning the ground into lava. The flames grew higher and higher touching the heavens and enveloping the camp.

Sinister Moon Wolf watched two dozen tornadoes of weapons whistle over the eastern side. When a Great Fiend met one it would turn into bloody rain out the back while also dyeing the twisters scarlet. Yet they continued unfazed in wreaking havoc to the Fiend City.

The city turned into a light show as the lightning, storm, torrent, meteors, inferno, and flying swords intertwined. Sinister Moon Wolf’s eyes grew colder the more he watched, Is this truly just a Sovereign and not a Sage?

They came upon a calamity, one that wanted to turn everything into nothing!

Sinister Moon Wolf noticed how each sword entered Unity. It was the same as if each had the power of an Archfiend behind it, and the one controlling everything was a Sovereign. His power was far above an Archfiend, but what was truly frightening was that as long as Chen Ming lived, the flying swords would be relentless in their devastation!

Every part of the Fiend City was shaken by a disaster.

Chen Ming sensed how quick spiritual power left him, Uh, might have overdone it a teensy bit. I can only keep this up for one hour. This was mostly because of Dao Canon. Once it hit the Dao Comprehending realm, it was damn great. It could recover spiritual power more than a dozen times faster than any other cultivation method. Not to forget that it also had many times more spiritual power in its Dao Palace than any other!

An hour might be tight but, at the same time, enough.

No wonder Ling ancestor said you could kill an immortal in the Transcending realm. This was an awesome cultivation method!

Chen Ming had the crowd control power of a Sovereign before he even was one. Now his power surpassed a Sovereign, and his destruction of all beneath such rank was akin to a natural disaster.

Even Fiend Sovereign stared with a blank look, “Chen Ming is not a new Sovereign?”

Fiend Sovereign watched the shut eyed Chen Ming and was beginning to feel like this was a mistake. He thought he could kill Chen Ming by pilling soldiers over him, but no one imagined a Sovereign array master would have such tremendous power.

On the view of crowd battles, an array master turned into a group of Sovereigns!

Fairy Zi Xia found the chance to take a peek at him, just in time to see him standing on the ruined city gates, his eyes closed, and ten thousand swords swarming like locusts around him!

Fairy Zi Xia recalled how he gobbled up endless Yin Yang Harmony Pills. Has his consciousness reached the Sage rank?

Fairy Zi Xia knew first hand of Chen Ming’s power in fighting crowds; he was a freak. Now that he entered the domains of Sovereigns, his power turned him into a monster through and through.

With Chen Ming’s current display, what three hundred thousand? It would be a cinch to kill even a million!

Chen Ming was refining the entire Fiend City by himself, torching it!

Fiend Sovereign turned left, then right, but all he saw was smoke and fire. The city was close to ending up in ruins, tipping his fury past the boiling point, “Sinister Moon Wolf, kill Chen Ming already! If this goes any longer there’ll be no Fiend City left! Now, while he’s distracted and tired from controlling so many flying swords!”

Sinister Moon Wolf nodded and rushed toward Chen Ming, only to see a faint smile creeping on the later, “You must be kidding! You think an array master would fight in close range with you?”

The next moment, Sinister Moon Wolf heard a sword whistle behind him, and a black long sword struck his back, running him through!