Twelve nation weapons danced about Chen Ming. He now had full control over them, thus he sent Overflowing Void to skewer Sinister Moon Wolf.

The twelve nation weapons whistled in Chen Ming’s vicinity, targeting the defending Archfiends. Their resistance proved moot, as a tide of hundreds of flying swords came at them from above.

Before Sinister Moon Wolf even got the chance to close in on Chen Ming, a dozen flying swords ran him through.

His bloody body was thrown off the wolf, visions blurry. He used the last of his strength in a struggle to watch the city in which he lived his whole life, “Who knew… the world… can… also… be hell…”

Fiend Sovereign saw Sinister Moon Wolf’s head hanging powerless, “Second brother!”

Fiend Sovereign’s eyes only held never quenching rage, and he aimed it all at Chen Ming, “Chen Ming! Die!”

Fairy Zi Xia barred his path, “Don’t forget, your opponent is me!”

Fiend Sovereign wielded the cutlasses in a frenzy at her, “Splitting the Heavens! Scram!”

Two saber waves grew to a hundred zhang as if they wanted to cleave the world. Fairy Zi Xia drew her bow and shot three arrows simultaneously!

The purple radiance met with the saber waves in a resounding clash, resulting in hundreds of zhang wide crater. Fiend Sovereign’s eyes seem to rip Fairy Zi Xia to pieces. Also a Sovereign!

A hundred li away, Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu set their sights on Fiend City, “Uh, why isn’t Fiend Sovereign’s army here by now?”

Xue Ziyu pointed at the city, “There’s something huge happening over there!”

Despite being a hundred li away, the two could discern the madness inside Fiend City, “No way! We saw his Eminence’s power in crowd control, and he wasn’t even a Sovereign yet. Now that he is, his power is out of this world!”

“Fiend City has turned into a living hell!”

“The sects will have split views again, regarding Yan Mountain’s power. His Eminence is only a new Sovereign, yet he has the power of many in a battle. He might even be stronger than one, in the 2nd stage of the Transcending realm.”

“You meant to tell me that his Eminence is akin to an Autarch rank? On this continent, an Autarch is an overlord of a huge faction!”

“When it comes to crowd control, he might be above it.”

Su Qingyang blurted, “If his Eminence is above an Autarch in crowd control, why are we standing here for? Let’s go fight the enemy before his Eminence wipes them out!”

“In other words, his Eminence toiled three days to set up this array to enter a battle of wits and brawn, yet he himself is oblivious to the fact he holds the power of an Autarch?”

Su Qingyang waved, “Their Mountain Lord is fighting Fiend City’s three hundred thousand army. We can’t just watch from afar. Hear my order, charge!”

Back to Chen Ming, he was close to cleaning up the leftovers of the Archfiends that dared charge him, as the survivors scrambled to flee Fiend City. Yet he stopped attacking since the toll on his spiritual power was significant.

It looks damn fierce and excessive in violence, and it is one too, but the problem is the drain on spiritual power.

The endless tide of spiritual swords returned to Dao Empyrean Bamboo. He stood on the city gates and opened his eyes to the chaos outside. He saw a ring of corpses around him, while he stood in a twenty zhang wide clear circle. His might scared even himself, “Is this a Sovereign?”

“A Sovereign has no qualms regarding disasters!”

This destruction is on the level of natural calamities. A disaster that couldn’t be avoided.

But I can’t sustain it for long. It would be better if I can swindle those ancient immortal sects some more. Pei, I mean, ask some more cultivation method, to get more Dao Palaces set up.

Chen Ming flew in the sky on his sword dragon, discovering the surviving army staring blankly, still overwhelmed at how close death brushed passed them.

“Is the living hell over?”

“The flying swords are gone!”

“Just what were we up against all this time!?”

“In the next life, I’ll make sure not to fight a Sovereign.”

Chen Ming stood on the sword dragon, his azure robe without a smidgen of blood, “The Heaven is one who favors long life. I also do not like massacring. If you do not want to die, be nice and stay where you are!”

Chen Ming didn’t want to wipe them all out. Where will my disciples look for soldiers then? In the event that each disciple forms a thousand soldiers Regalia Regiment, it will total to three million soldiers. I just killed who knows how many just now, most likely close to a hundred thousand. That is so sad. These Great Fiends will become my disciples’ men in the future.

Ah, people. They do not shed tears until they see the coffin. They do not know the meaning of fear and reverence.

Chen Ming sat on the gate’s remains with knees together and feet to the side, watching the fight between Fiend Sovereign and Fairy Zi Xia carrying them dozens of li away. He pulled a wine bottle and took a sip, then looked around. Are these Great Fiends still in a daze? Not a moment sooner, they woke up and soon found Chen Ming resting on top of the gate remains. Fear swept their very being, too paralyzed to move even an inch.

Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord, Chen Ming, was an unconquerable demon in their eyes. As for the reason, it couldn’t be simpler. If you didn’t see others around you, they were probably dead already…

Today woke them up and helped them recall the saying: all are equal under the array.

This saying stayed true since it’s beginning.

By the time Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu hurried over, Chen Ming was already drinking wine. Xue Ziyu lifted his head, “Your Eminence, you exude such an immortal air in your calm demeanor of drinking wine under the stare of hundreds thousand troops!”

Su Qingyang found the city filled with death and ash, along with the horrified Great Fiends, “Only his Eminence could settle an army in a snap!”

They heard a noise from above, and when they looked, they saw Chen Ming spurting wine followed closely by curses, “Who the hell drinks this damn wine! It’s too strong!”

Then he took out a bottle of juice, made by Chen Lingyu, and quenched the fire, “Oh, juice is still better!”

Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu’s eyes met, and since they didn’t want to annoy Chen Ming, they had to force themself in saying, “His Eminence is carefree and relaxed, unrestrained in his demeanor!”