Only now did Chen Ming notice Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu, giving them a look of admiration, “It’s all over yet you know to show up now?”

The two had no way to refute him and heard Chen Ming continue, “Send the Regalia troops to protect Yan Mountain’s disciples drafting all Great Fiends into their ranks. I will go to where Fiend Sovereign and Fairy Zi Xia are fighting, to prevent Fiend Sovereign from dragging any other Ghost Immortal’s forces in this fight. ”

They nodded, “Your Eminence, be at ease. Any that dares cause trouble will find their ends at my hands!”

Chen Ming rested easy when he saw the Regalia Legion taking control of Fiend City and turned his eyes at the mist array. He mumbled, “You mean to tell me I had a battle of wits and brawn with air?”

“Whatever, it’s better if I end Fiend Sovereign for good, removing future troubles.”

Chen Ming sat cross-legged on the sword dragon’s head and flew in Fiend Sovereign and Fairy Zi Xia’s direction.

In the Fiend City, the disciples began taking the remaining soldiers as their own, under the watchful eye of the Regalia Legion. Zhang Ming had close to two million spirit stones and, seeing so many soldiers, he almost burst in joy. A suit of armor for a Regalia soldier went for above ten thousand spirit stones, but they only needed the materials, thus lowering it to around a thousand. If he wanted to have a Regalia Regiment, he would need to pay at least a million spirit stones.

But this was no reason for Zhang Ming to worry. As long as he had a thousand Great Fiends, he would have no trouble making his own Alchemy Houses and Tool Refining Workshops and would be armed to handle such expense. If even that didn’t work, he’d copy his Master. Squander all spirit stones in a year, raising a Regalia Regiment in that time, and then attack other Archfiends with it!

Myriad Mountains was now Yan Mountain’s turf, and it went without saying the safety it offered in attacking the Archfiends in your own territory.

Once inside Fiend City, Zhang Ming gathered with the other disciples who refined pills and tools alongside him, “Juniors, Master lifted all restriction. It’s all up to each one of us if we can become Kings in Myriad Mountains!”

They responded, “Senior brother, say the word and we will do it!”

Zhang Ming said, “Many disciples participate in this campaign, but our spirit stones are sorely lacking. We will gather about ten thousand Great Fiends, take all the armors left behind then take a part of the Great Fiends back to the Yellow Sea. There, we will do just like Yan Mountain, establish our Alchemy Houses and Tool Refining Workshops. This is the only way to guarantee the secrecy of those houses. As for the Great Fiends, each will organize a Regalia Regiment as a garrison inside the Yellow Sea. When they are finally wearing spirit armor and King Slaying Sword equipment, we will go and attack other Archfiends!”

With the plan set in motion, Zhang Ming turned to handle the Great Fiends. He thought he needed to run his mouth in convincing them, but who knew just his identity was enough for them to hang their head and surrender, “I, in quality of Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord Chen Ming’s disciple, have come before you to give you the chance to walk a bright…”

“We surrender!”

“What!? He’s Lord of Yan Mountain, Chen Ming’s disciple?”

“With Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord so powerful, his disciple shouldn’t be far off. Don’t you know already? Yan Mountain’s Head Sect Leader is Yan Mountain’s Mountain Lord’s disciple, and she already killed two Grand Archfiends!”

“Then isn’t a Sovereign’s normal disciple even more revered than an Archfiend?”

Zhang Ming stood there in shock. Before he could even finish, they surrendered without a fuss. I have to admit, Master and head senior sister’s reputation does have its perks!

You mean they don’t know Master has three thousand disciples?

Generally speaking, when a cultivator took a disciple, he would only have one legacy disciple, to take on Master’s mantle. As for normal disciples, they numbered ten.

Yet Chen Ming had three thousand and six hundred disciples…

Su Qingyang and Xue Ziyu gapped in astonishment at the sheer number of disciples, “In all my long life, this is the first I see someone with three thousand disciples. Can he teach them all?”

Xue Ziyu said, “I now know why his Eminence’s path of cultivation took a side road. He cultivates everything all for his disciples…”

Su Qingyang witnessed the disciples’ recruiting of Great Fiends going without a hitch, “The Great Fiends shouldn’t be aware Yan Mountain has three thousand disciples…”

“Who knows, Yan Mountain has a single Master, and the rest of Yan Mountain’s people are his disciples…”

“That might not be the case. Yan Mountain has tens of thousands of alchemists, that we have yet to see. All we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg called Yan Mountain. Its power is without limits!”

No matter how hard they looked, it’d be almost impossible to see Yan Mountain’s alchemists. Since if you’d singled out a disciple from the rest, he wouldn’t know a shred of alchemy!

After three days, Zhang Ming regarded his army of one thousand. He recalled how he was an average merchant’s son three years ago, how he admired a Dao Sense realm cultivator like an idol. And now, he was the lord of a thousand Great Fiends.

“This is all bestowed to me by Master. I will follow my Master’s order to the letter! Staying in Yan Mountain for so long, everything I had has all been from Master’s grace. He imparted me with the Grand Dao, yet I never showed my filial piety towards him. That’s it! Master likes to read all kinds of cultivation methods and magical arts. Once I’m done settling the Regalia Regiment and attacked other Archfiends, I will gather all manuals and gift them to Master!”

The disciples gather with Zhang Ming all had guilty consciousness at his words. They recalled how they ate from Yan Mountain, took from Yan Mountain, yet they never gave anything back. They recalled the bloody figure of Chen Ming returning after fighting Moon Fiend. It was all for them, “We must not disgrace Yan Mountain’s reputation!”

“Master has done so much for us, and it’s time we do something for Master. Since Master likes manuals, we shall build a Scriptures Pavilion that will encompass all manuals in this land!”

“Good idea! Let’s consult with second senior brother and help arrange it!”

Zhang Ming waved his hand all of a sudden, “What we have to do right now is to organize our own Regalia Regiment. Have you all seen the marks on the map? Of this entire continent, half of it is our enemy. Only if we establish an endless Scarlet Tide will we engulf the continent. At that moment, everywhere the Scarlet Tide covers will belong to Yan Mountain!”

The disciples looked at the lands around them, “The day will soon come when the world’s sky shall turn scarlet!”