Chapter 195: Ghost Immortal Is Out of ServiceMyriad Mountains, among the wild snow peaks.

A broken arm laid limp at Fiend Sovereign’s side, blood bubbling from his shoulder and falling in the white snow, leaving small holes in it.

Fiend Sovereign didn’t become a Sovereign with his own strength, while Fairy Zi Xia was a cultivator from an ancient immortal sect who aspired to become an immortal.

As the battle dragged on, the advantage was always on Fairy Zi Xia’s side.

She followed at a leisure pace behind Fiend Sovereign, who was reduced to a wild beast. He wanted to fight with his life on the line, but Fairy Zi Xia didn’t agree.

The best bet now was to play it safe, to cook the frog with warm water(1), and steadily turn up the heat. By the time the heat was enough to kill the frog, it would be too late for the frog to realize it had to jump off and escape.

Fairy Zi Xia was one such skilled hunter, following Fiend Sovereign every step of the way until he ran out of places to go.

Chen Ming stirred a snowstorm behind as he followed not far from them.

Truth be told, he admired Fairy Zi Xia for this. Well, her patience at least.

Fairy Zi Xia fired another arrow at Fiend Sovereign, dashing through the white snow, and spreading sparkles in its wake, just like a painting.

Fiend Sovereign turned and with only his right cutlass left, he slashed at the incoming storm, deflecting the arrow downwards.

His eyes flashed, “Every Sovereign is a disaster upon this world. With every new Sovereign, the cultivation world would roar its name to every corner. And when a Sovereign meets his end, the disaster is averted. I lived here and I will die here. I was born here and I’ll be buried here. This is a good story. I know that this is how stories are written. A dying Sovereign returns to his place of birth, waiting in peace as he gives his last breath. ”

The light in Fiend Sovereign’s eyes took a sudden vicious tone, “But those are just stories. I have overlooked Myriad Mountains for eight hundred years, and for what? This continent is not the fiends’ homeland. We were forsaken here, in this land, to the point that not even my cultivation method could help me reach Sovereign rank. But I succeeded in the end!”

“No one in this world gives a damn about fiends. This is why my eight hundred year cultivation won’t advance another step. So what if I rely on Ghost Immortal? So what if I die? Is there a difference? Without Ghost Immortal, fiends would never manage to slip between the immortal and demonic factions, it wouldn’t have been able to struggle to survive in this wasteland that is Myriad Mountains!”

“There’s no point in slow cooking the frog. I am a wolf, not a frog. I refuse to accept fate’s plans!”

Fiend Sovereign faced Fairy Zi Xia and Chen Ming, “I might die, but you will face a calamity!”

Fiend Sovereign gazed far into the snowstorm, smiling all the while, “I no longer want to be the fiends’ sky.”

“Rather than living in a secluded and gloomy mortal world, leaving for the surging Underworld River is better. What joy is there to living? Why not just die? I, Fiend Sovereign, wish to offer my body and become Immortal’s servant!”

Fairy Zi Xia shouted, “No! He wants to invite Ghost Immortal’s clone in this world!”

Chen Ming’s eyes burst with a sharp light. He was more than aware of the Ghost Immortal’s clone. It had a power in the thousands!

If it arrived, the consequences would be inconceivable, “Kill him quickly!”

Chen Ming could no longer afford to watch from afar. Yet Fiend Sovereign only laughed, “No use, do you think it’ll matter if you kill me? To bear Ghost Immortal’s power, one needs to be dead. You’re only speeding up the process and wasting your energy!”

Chen Ming was ready to face a horrifying scene, but all was quiet around Fiend Sovereign, with no change what so ever. Chen Ming looked baffled at Fairy Zi Xia, “What’s going on? Doesn’t it look like all is quiet?”

Fairy Zi Xia was also stunned, “Maybe Ghost Immortal didn’t hear his call?”

Inside the demonic sect, Bones woke up, snickering, “Who is calling me? Fiend Sovereign? That trash? I went to great lengths to get a clone over here, and you’d think I’m gonna waste it on you? Is this a joke? Only Wu Jiang’s body is enough to bear my power!”

Fiend Sovereign stood in a daze. The snowstorm ever the same, without the slightest change.

Fiend Sovereign shouted at the sky, “Lord Immortal, I am willing to offer my everything. I only ask of you to bestow me power!”

The only response was whistling wind.

Chen Ming waved, sending the sword dragon bathing in the white snow, flying across the endless sky and charged into Fiend Sovereign. He held no fear, laughing with all his heart, “Just you wait! Even if you kill me it won’t do a thing. Just wait for your deaths!”

Sword dragon flitted by, to Fiend Sovereign’s mad laughter, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, even if I die, I will come back a ghost. I will crawl out of the mud and kill all living beings on this continent!”

Sword dragon rand through the defenseless Fiend Sovereign, ripping him apart on the spot.

Fairy Zi Xia came next Chen Ming, still keeping her guard up, “Be careful, if Ghost Immortal’s clone descends, his evil knows no bounds. Anything can happen!”

Chen Ming was also on high alert, as he already saw a Ghost Immortal clone’s overbearing might for himself. Swords flitted around him constantly as he looked around for anything out of place.

“Ding! You killed Fiend Sovereign. Reward: 10,000 spiritual knowledge and 1,000 fame.”

“Ding! You killed Fiend Sovereign. Your military expedition has a 30% increase in speed.”

“Ding! You killed Fiend Sovereign. You receive a lottery ticket, which resulted in the nation weapon Wolf King’s Twin Blades.”

Chen Ming stood in a daze, Eh!? What’s going on? Dead just like that?

Wait, if he’s dead he’ll revive, and it’ll be a bitter fight!

Fairy Zi Xia and Chen Ming stood back to back. Looking for any changes. But even after thirty breaths, nothing was out of the ordinary,

Fairy Zi Xia was puzzled, “Just what is going on? What’s with this situation? Will Fiend Sovereign ambush us?”

Chen Ming looked towards the bloody rain that was Fiend Sovereign, “Maybe he’s dead for real, dead as a doornail?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Can’t be. Won’t that mean Ghost Immortal’s didn’t answer?”

Chen Ming pondered, “He probably called for Ghost Immortal who was out of service.”