One month later.

With Yan Mountain sweeping away Myriad Mountains’ other faction, fires burned where ever one looked. Before it was the rule of fiends, but now they were reduced to a mere tribe. This wasn’t at all what Chen Ming wanted since he only looked to change the rule to Yan Mountain.

The war was far from over and it progressed steadily, but not as bloodthirsty as when it began. If one surrendered to Yan Mountain, one’s life would be spared, Archfiends included.

In this month, Yan Mountain’s Scarlet Tide brought the Archfiends close to extinction. The fall of Fiend Sovereign showed that resistance was futile.

All Great Fiends obeyed Yan Mountain disciples’ plan in transferring to the Yellow Sea, to establish the forces of Yan Mountain’s Lords.

The fires of war spread, yet Yan Mountain’s war didn’t startle the other large powers since battles sprung up over the whole continent. In King rank battles, the fights were vicious, using any means to end the other.

Forbidden areas, offering King ranks the chance to break through, opened one by one. Whether it was the demonic sect or the righteous immortal sect, they all acted the same. Preparing for the final battle.

The King ranked battlefield enveloped the continent, eliciting everyone’s eyes to focus on the Dao Comprehending Board. The fight on a spot was fierce and relentless, shaking the viewers as regards to the speed of changes.

Astral Immortal Sect no longer left Chen Ming on the Dao Comprehending Board. His strength netted in the death of two Sovereigns, how was he still a Dao Comprehending realm cultivator?

Astral Sage worked in the dark, lifting Chen Ming’s name from the board and the one to take his place as number one, was an unknown name, Li Suyi.

“Just who is this Li Suyi?”

“I never heard of him!”

“He must be the one who was once the second on the Dao Initiation Board!”

“This increase in power is too terrifying!”

Then the demonic sect declared that the leader of the seven calamities lost against Li Suyi’s saber. Li Suyi was now the head disciple of the demonic sect.

More and more information started pouring out regarding him. Li Suyi was once Yan Mountain Mountain Lord’s third disciple, but the demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader kidnapped him and made him his subordinate.

Again with Yan Mountain!

Why was it that when there was an event, Yan Mountain entered the scene more and more often?

Everyone started to recall the demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader’s saying, “I took one saber from you while you killed mine. We are even!”

Only now did they understood its meaning. Taking of the saber must refer to Li Suyi while killing his pointed at Xie Qianchou.

“Just what kind of sect is Yan Mountain, to have a genius like Li Suyi?”

“What good did it do to have such genius, when the demonic sect snatched him anyway. Yan Mountain doesn’t dare do sh*t!”

“I wonder what is Yan Mountain’s stance in this regard.”

“What stance could it have? The one to steal Li Suyi was the demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader!”

The demonic sect’s Blood Sea.

Li Suyi honed his skill before the sea, with Wu Jiang’s flat voice coming from behind, “The Demonic Blood Saber was refined from this Blood Sea. It stood in silence among its waters for thirteen thousand years, absorbing the evil within the Blood Prison, and turning into immortal equipment.”

Li Suyi never stopped honing his skill, and replied without looking, “I heard that many people from the demonic sect aren’t pleased. Don’t they believe I’m not worthy of being demonic sect’s head disciple?”

“In a large sect, there are all kinds of people. You were a disciple of the immortal sect before and just when you entered the demonic sect, you became a head disciple. Of course, there’ll be resentment.”

“These people are disrespectful to you. You’re the demonic sect’s Head Sect Leader yet you don’t control the whole demonic sect?”

“Demonic sect has close to half the continent in its grasp, just like the ancient immortal sects. When did they ever have one person who’s words were followed to the letter?”

Li Suyi sheathed Demonic Blood Saber in the Blood Saber Coffin on his back, “Give me a list of all dissatisfied King ranks.”

Wu Jiang waved and a paper floated towards Li Suyi, “Make sure you’re ready.”

Li Suyi snatched it, “It just so happens that I need food for the breakthrough to Sovereign rank.”

Wu Jiang laughed coldly, “Are they all food in your eyes?”

“They are all food for becoming stronger!”

Wu Jiang rested his hand on Li Suyi’s shoulder, yet he didn’t shirk away. He looked in Li Suyi’s bloodshot eyes, “If all are food, then what of me?”

Wu Jiang’s red pupils stared in Li Suyi’s eyes, yet found no hint of change, “Think well on your answer in the next three years I give you. If it doesn’t please me, I will kill you!”

Li Suyi brushed Wu Jiang’s hand from his shoulder, walking away, “There’s no need to think, and I will tell you right now. In my eyes, you are a large and tough meal.”

Li Suyi’s response was quick, as if without thinking. He knew that Wu Jiang was this contient’s strongest. But he also knew the strong liked to preach trust in the face of the weak. And there was no need for the strong to breach that trust. In this case, Wu Jiang was clearly stronger while Li Suyi was weaker.

When Wu Jiang said he’d kill him, he was telling the truth.

Li Suyi walked forward, without looking back, because he was convinced his answer came from his heart, whether it was right or wrong. Why should he mind anything when it came to his feelings? Demonic cultivation implied four words: free and at leisure.

Wu Jiang followed Li Suyi’s back, with no intention of attacking. The reason was simple, he liked the answer. Without a qualm, therefore unrivaled. Unrivaled, therefore free and at leisure.

Li Suyi’s back vanished from his eyes, and was overcome by wild laughter, “Ha-ha-ha-ha, it’s so similar to the way I was when I committed patricide!”

“If you had answered me three years later, regardless of what, I would still kill you. Because a heart like that is filled with chaos and confusion, not enough to become a demon.”

“This is one good saber. Even unsheathed I know this fact.”

“Did you ask for the list since you didn’t want to go against your Master who is now on the righteous side? It won’t matter. Since you lifted the blade, you entered the sea of bitterness. Once you entered it, there’d be no point in bothering about these needles things, because the sea of bitterness is endless!”

Wu Jiang turned to the Blood Sea, scattering Xie Qianchou’s ashes. The ashes touched the sea’s waters and sank lower and lower, “If one could turn back, what would be the point of the boundless sea of bitterness?”

(1) It comes from a Chinese idiom related to Buddhism. The sea of bitterness has no bounds, turn your head to see the shore. Only Buddhist enlightenment can allow one to shed off the abyss of worldly suffering. Repent and ye shall be saved!