The war in Myriad Mountains still went on, but Chen Ming didn’t care. He handed over the rest to his disciples’ subordinates and the Regalia Legion.

Why would I have those broken toys if I did everything myself?

“Ding! When Li Suyi was taken, Ling Xian couldn’t prevent it. As his senior brother, Ling Xian is blaming himself for this. Please assist Ling Xian in advancing to the Dao Comprehending realm, to give him the chance of winning against Li Suyi, and bring him back. Reward: 30,000 merits.”

Chen Ming didn’t return to Yan Mountain. Ling Xian blames himself for what happened to Li Suyi. He even asked me to go bring him back. But I can’t intervene that easily, while Ling Xian can. At least, Wu Jiang wouldn’t make it too difficult for this small guy.

But the problem now is that Ling Xian isn’t Li Suyi’s match.

For the last on the Dao Initiation Board to fight against the first on the Dao Comprehending Board was suicide.

Fairy Zi Xia came to find Chen Ming, with the later beginning. “Don’t tell me there’s more needed to be done. As Sovereigns, we can’t involve ourselves without a proper reason.”

She said, “You’re right that Sovereigns can’t enter the battle. If we do, then the war will blow out of proportion. Such a war will leave the land in ruins. We have a more pressing matter on our hands.”

“What matter?”

“This land has many remnants of ancient immortals or Autarchs, the forbidden areas of this land. The Yellow Sea, your Yan Mountain, occupies one such area. These places are filled with dangers, secrets, and opportunities.”

“You’re saying we need to explore these remnants?”

“Not just us, but also other Sovereigns. We formed a team to explore them and clear any fatal danger to King ranks. We will then allow them to enter and find their fate. This is in preparation for the imminent final war between immortal and demonic factions. Even the demonic sect is going down this path. ”

“I understand. These remnants are exceedingly dangerous, to the point that even a Sovereign might be powerless against them, so very few must be willing to go. Therefore, the spiritual herbs inside must be close to a thousand years of age. That’s the same as saying there’s King ranked pills there, and might even help make legendary pills. Furthermore, there must be many Spirit Veins waiting for us to collect them. It’s the same as pickpocketing.”

Chen Ming’s thought on this, These ancient immortal sects consider their sects as their own lives, and I won’t get what I need out of them. It’d be better if I checked these remnants for any cultivation methods or magical arts.

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Be at ease, your name is already on the list. This team will consist of five Sovereigns. The other three should arrive in two days.”

“Tell me more about them. Won’t it be embarrassing if I don’t recognize them?”

“Relax, we’re all acquaintances. Our trip to the remnants is riddled with dangers, and it will be even more so if there’s any hatred among us.”

“Acquaintances? You’re the only Sovereign I’m acquainted with. Is there anyone else?”

“You’ll know when you meet them.”

Fairy Zi Xia didn’t lie and, two days later, Chen Ming understood what she meant by acquaintances. Just that from appearance, weren’t they Liu Mang, Su Qingyang, and Xue Ziyu’s dads?

One look and you’ll find them the spitting image of their fathers!

Who’d have thought those three fools’ dads were Sovereigns. No wonder they were dumb, they’re as boneheaded as their fathers.

Fairy Zi Xia made the introductions, as she was the only one who knew everyone, “This is Chen Ming, also Dawn Sovereign. The three are Obscure Sovereign from Steel Ox Valley, Liu Xuancha, Bone Plum Sovereign from Snow Mountain Sect, Xue Xunmei, and the last is Dipper Sovereign, from the Sword King Pavilion, Su Qinggang.”

Chen Ming saw the three strikingly similar to their sons. The difference was Liu Xuancha was bulkier, with an arm thicker than Chen Ming’s waist. He wasn’t carrying a spear either, but a zhang-long black sickle. But Liu Xuancha’s height of only ten feet wasn’t that imposing. Besides the standard Sovereign’s Dominion Aura, he had one extra.

‘Six Arms Aura lvl2

Description: arms that can carry thousands of catties. One swing and thunder rolls.

Effect: once activated, arm strength doubles.’

Damn! This effect is totally fierce!

A simple look told him his danger value was at 3200, beating Chen Ming’s by more than a thousand. This was an old Sovereign after all.

As for everything else, they were all question marks.

Chen Ming checked the others. Xue Xunmei’s hair was all white but only appeared to be around thirty years of age. He had two faint plum blossoms imprinted in his eyes, yet matching Chen Ming’s danger value. He also had a second aura.

‘Bone Plum Aura lvl1

Description: the proud snow faces the wind, standing alone in a sea of trees

Effect: staunch willpower’

It didn’t have a clear effect in battles, but it was clear of its effect in cultivation.

Su Qinggang was a middle-aged man with a blue longsword on his back, a danger value of 2400, and also an extra aura.

‘Blue Edge Aura lvl1

Description: the three-foot Blue Edge can split a strand of hair

Effect: easier understanding of the sword Dao’

It looked like all Sovereigns had opportunities. To reach the Sovereign rank they all had to have a certain skill.

The three were cordial now that they met Chen Ming, giving a bow in respect, “Thank you Dawn Sovereign for tacking our sons out of the demonic sect’s massacre.”

Chen Ming returned their bow, “I only did what an elder should. The feast is ready, let us drink while we talk about clearing remnants.”

Liu Xuancha smiled, “Perfect!”

They followed Chen Ming to the Fiend Sovereign’s residence inside Fiend City. Chen Ming began, “What does our mission entail?”

Liu Xuancha said, “For this mission, I will be the leader, but Dawn Sovereign needn’t worry. Your words still hold sway.”

Chen Ming understood his meaning, It’s more like your sons want to break through to Sovereign rank and for that, you need me to refine Yin Yang Harmony Pill. “Of course. I’ll only talk when I know and speak less when I don’t!”

Liu Xuancha gave a joyful reply, “Perfect!”

Fairy Zi Xia eyed Liu Xuancha’s happy face, guessing that Liu Xuancha thought if Chen Ming didn’t understand something, he wouldn’t open his mouth. This way the decisions would be left to him. But the problem was, Chen Ming’s cultivation veered way off from the normal path and fully embarked the side road. Was there anything he didn’t know?