Once the feast was over, Liu Xuancha began by unfolding a map, “This map contains 38 forbidden areas. Those marked are explored, so we can pick among the rest. Here are their descriptions. You can all take a look and then decide which forbidden area to take.”

Chen Ming read the descriptions, but right from the first area’s description, a sudden rush overwhelmed him. His frail heart was making a racket in his chest.

Forest of Origin. This was the location of the Origin Sect. It was a sect that only cultivated Dao Canon, but, one day, a meteor shower rained from the sky for three days, destroying it.

Origin Sect grew ancient trees that developed awareness, yet they didn’t harm the sect’s people. After the meteor shower, the ancient trees took root underground to survive. Later generations of cultivators that dared set foot within have all died, for unknown reasons. It was speculated to be done by the ancient trees.

Isn’t a sect that only cultivated Dao Canon what Ling Xian just so happens to require?

A sect only focused on Dao Canon was bound to have a treasure to promote Dao Canon’s progress.

To be honest, Chen Ming had done his fair share of investigating the Dao Canon, but nothing useful came of it, puzzling him. Even a basic scripture like this must have a history. But since it was related to a forbidden area, of course there was no information about the Dao Canon.

I look more like a cheat to these Main Characters. Li Suyi was flourishing, and it was only right for Ling Xian’s time to shine to come next.

Liu Xuancha looked at the rest for a bit and asked, “What are your propositions?”

Chen Ming declared on the spot, “How about we go to Forest of Origin?”

Liu Xuancha said, “Forest of Origin is too dangerous, with barely any information about it. It’s best if we don’t go. If you insist on going, you have to at least tell us the reason.”

Chen Ming resumed, “I wonder if my cultivation of Dao Canon reaching the Dao Comprehending realm is reason enough.”

Liu Xuancha said, “In the Forest of Origin, trees grew unchecked into a jungle. And these aren’t your average trees, they all have awareness. There might even be many at the King rank. ”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Chen Ming is strongest in crowd control.”

Liu Xuancha: …

Liu Xuancha blacked out for a bit, “Alright, we will go to Forest of Origin. Oh, Dawn Sovereign, let me give you something. This is an item only Sovereigns from the ancient immortal sects can have.”

Liu Xuancha opened his hand to reveal a compass, “This acts the same as Astral Immortal Sect’s Astral Immortal Disk. You can find all the information you want on it. You can call for help or send others information. And we also tag each explored forbidden area with the compass.”

Chen Ming took it and sent his awareness inside. He could see the status of the other Sovereigns and also a map resembling the one he just saw. And on this map, Liu Xuancha’s name was on the Forest of Origin.

Eh? Is this the cultivation world’s facebook?

Who knew there was such black tech around?

Even if a Sovereign has a high knack for cultivation, he still takes time to dab in toys.

Chen Ming said, “I have to prepare for my disciple to join us and see the world. It shouldn’t be a problem, right?”

Liu Xuancha said, “If you want to bring him, you’ll watch over him.”

“No problem!”

Since he went to fetch opportunities for Ling Xian, why not take him with. That Luck Aura was definitely no joke!

Liu Xuancha said, “Back up, just now you said Dao Canon. And you said you reached the Dao Comprehending realm with it?”

Chen Ming was confused, “Is there a problem?”

Liu Xuancha said, “How bored are you to cultivate Dao Canon? If you haven’t wasted so much time on Dao Canon, you’d have been a Sovereign thirty years ago.”

“My disciple is at the peak of the Dao Initiation realm. So go ahead and tell me just how slow it is to cultivate Dao Canon.”

Liu Xuancha didn’t want to tackle this problem, so he went out, “We are ready to leave when you bring your disciple.”

Chen Ming also didn’t voice I don’t have thirty years. He took Zhuo Qingyao to look for Ling Xian.

When Chen Ming returned to Yan Mountain, he was met with the long waiting Ling Xian. He kneeled, “Disciple is powerless, letting the demonic sect take third junior brother away and now he entered the path of a demon. This is all disciple’s fault. I ask Master for permission to go bring third junior brother back!”

Chen Ming said, “You want to go bring Li Suyi back with a Dao Initiation realm cultivation?”

Ling Xian’s will was firm, “Disciple knows disciple’s cultivation is lacking, but Dao Canon is slow, and disciple can no longer wait.”

“I am going with other Sovereigns to explore Forest of Origin. You will come with me, and after coming out you can do what you will.”

Ling Xian got up and bowed, “Master, can I not go in that Forest whatever?”

“Forest of Origin is the location of the Origin Sect. This sect was the only one in this land that only cultivated the Dao Canon. It’s up to you if you come or not. ”

Ling Xian’s eyes shined, “Master, I’ll go pack my things!”

Chen Ming turned to Zhuo Qingyao, “Take the insights in cultivation your Master wrote for the past month to the Scriptures Pavilion and let the disciples go through them. While I’m gone, Yan Mountain will be in your care.”

Zhuo Qingyao cupped her hands, “Disciple understands.”

Zhuo Qingyao left with quick steps, overtaking Ling Xian in a blink, and said, “Second junior brother, this trip is riddled with dangers. Make sure not to stray half a step from Master!”

Ling Xian nodded without thinking, much, “Don’t worry head senior sister, I will be careful.”

As she waited for Ling Xian to get his things, Zhuo Qingyao’s gaze turned towards the distant Chen Ming, “This should prevent anything from happening between you and that fox. Too bad I can’t kill her, and she’s not an enemy either. Right, I recall that Wu Feihua is still alive. All enemy leader descendants must die!”

Zhuo Qingyao went inside the Main Hall, where Chen Ming gave orders, and sat in his seat of honor. She took three breaths then turned to look at Yan Mountain’s three Grand Archfiends commanders, “You have seven days to bring me Wu Feihua’s head. If you fail, your strength must be lacking, and I will have to give you some pointers and help you out.”

The three’s foreheads dripped cold sweat, “We will take three days to bring Wu Feihua’s head before Head Sect Leader!”