The system lady found this moment to speak. “Ding! Accept a disciple completed. Earned 10 merits!”

Lustrous King Peak.

Zhuo Qingyao followed behind Chen Ming to the peak of the mountain, feeling her arms and legs sore from all this walking, Isn’t Master an immortal? Why does he walk instead of using the flying sword?

Chen Ming also felt the need to explain why he didn’t use a flying sword, “A cultivator seizes every moment to comprehend the world’s Dao. You had no complaints while walking this entire time. It showed that you have a strong heart.”

Was this a joke? Why would Chen Ming say he was afraid of killing a Main Character’s parents with his spit on his flying sword?

In her heart, respect bloomed. So Master was comprehending the world’s Dao all along and also tested my heart. Master is great indeed!

“Do you know the master-disciple ceremony?” he asked when they arrived inside his courtyard.

Zhuo Qingyao cutely nodded.

Chen Ming told her where the tea leaves and the teapot were, then laid back in his chair while Zhuo Qingyao boiled tea. It went without saying that this little girl had a certain charm. She had a delicate skin, with fine black hair, a pair of willowy eyebrows and clear bright eyes that conveyed stories.

Hold on!

Why a girl, for god’s sake!

Was this a romantic plot?

Oh, sh*t! Doesn’t this script revolve around the love between a disciple and her Master? Being together for three lifetimes and all that nonsense? Would he turn into Zhuo Qingyao’s harem guys—the legendary rebound guy!?

While Chen Ming’s mind was in chaos, Zhuo Qingyao presented him with the tea while kneeling, “Please receive this tea Master.”

Chen Ming drank once and spoke, “Qingyao, what do you think of the name Long Aotian(1)?”

Zhuo Qingyao felt awkward. Master, why are you asking me this weird question. “Very domineering.”

Chen Ming observed Zhuo Qingyao, The name Long Aotiangisn’t suited for a girl. Never mind then. “Qingyao, do you have a family?”

“Disciple has a younger brother taken slave by the city lord.”

Chen Ming showed calm while a smile blossomed in his heart. This was a well-written script. An unyielding girl, orphaned and homeless, whose only brother was a slave to the city lord, crossed countless mountains and rivers to become a disciple. Then she would return—after cultivating—to kill left and right and behead powerful enemies!

Taking another sip, Chen Ming said, “All right, by drinking your tea, I became your Master.”

“Master, my talent is very poor. I’m afraid I will disappoint you.”

Chen Ming smiled, “No no no, in my eyes, you have a freak level talent.”


Chen Ming coughed, “Every person’s constitution is different. It’s just that your Conception and Governor meridians(2) aren’t opened yet, so your Main Character Aura hasn’t revealed itself.”

It puzzled Zhuo Qingyao, “Conception and Governor meridians? Main Character Aura? But Master, I cultivated for seven years and I’m still at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm.”

“Nothing important. Let your Master see you cultivate.”

Zhuo Qingyao sat cross-legged on a stone. The so-called Dao Sense realm was to draw in spiritual energy into one’s body and temper the meridians, to use the meridians to temper the blood and the blood to temper the body. A strong body could withstand the establishment of the Dao Palace at the Dao Initiation realm as the spiritual energy passed through the body.

A normal cultivator’s body had ten meridians, and each opened meridian allowed the cultivator to advanced a stage.

Zhuo Qingyao established a connection with the spiritual energy of the world a gale rose as it formed a vortex and converged on Zhuo Qingyao. Chen Ming’s eyelids twitched. Main Character indeed. Only at the 1st stage of Dao Sense realm and she has more spiritual energy than one at the 7th stage. What a freak!

Chen Ming put his hand on Zhuo Qingyao’s back, feeling the spiritual energy inside her. He immediately found the problem. No way! Others temper meridians, so why are you tempering the entire body?

No wonder you were stuck for years at this stage. Others tempered the ten meridians, and you want to temper the whole body! What a baffling constitution. Was this the legendary constitution that allowed the tempering of 81 meridians in the Dao Sense realm?

He recalled that this constitution’s activation was quite troublesome, as it required a great deal of spirit stones. These spirit stones were even precious to the Dao Initiation realm cultivators and only they had the right to use them. As expected of the Main Character; cultivating at the Dao Sense Realm and needing Dao Initiation realm resources.

Chen Ming roused Zhuo Qingyao and took ten spirit stones from his storage bag. “Try using these spirit stones.”

Zhuo Qingyao looked scared, “Master, these can only be used at the 10th stage Dao Sense realm or at the Dao Initiation realm. If not, my body will explode.”

Chen Ming shook his head. “Rest assured, there is nothing to fear with Master by your side.”

Zhuo Qingyao was doubtful as she picked a spirit stone and began absorbing its spiritual energy. To her amazement, the spiritual energy inside her wasn’t strong enough to make her explode. Master is great indeed!

She then started to absorb spiritual energy in a happy mood. Detecting no problems, Chen Ming left the courtyard and an old servant approached him, “Prince, do you have any orders? ”

Chen Ming pointed at Zhuo Qingyao, “Old Fang, that is my disciple. It seems her younger brother was taken slave by the local city lord. You know what to do.”

Old Fang realized, “I understand. I will send three thousand soldiers and raze the city lord’s residence to the ground. I promise that not even a blade of grass will remain. I will then return with young miss Qingyao’s brother. This way, she can cultivate in peace without distractions.”

Chen Ming smacked his head, “You understand sh*t! Send a Dao Initiation realm Venerable.”

Old Fang thought three thousand soldiers were too ruthless, but Chen Ming topped it off by sending a Dao Initiation realm cultivator to kill the city lord. “I understand. I will ask the Lord to send a Dao Initiation realm Venerable to kill the city lord and rescue young miss Qingyao’s brother!”

Chen Ming smacked him again, this time on the shoulder, “No, Old Fang. Where did the cunningness you used to escape paying when going to the brothel went to? If you kill the city lord where would my disciple find a mini-boss to fight? Wouldn’t you ruin it? How could the storyline end like this? Send a Dao Initiation realm to look after my disciple’s brother. Make sure he doesn’t die or become disabled. The best would be for him to be beaten black and blue, to ignite Qingyao’s anger. She will have enlightenment and all will be perfect! Then she will kill the lord’s son or whatever and the lord will send an 8th or 9th stage Dao Inkling realm that was tied by marriage to oppress Qingyao. And only then will they be rescued.”

Old Fang scratched his head.

Chen Ming smack came again, “What?”

“Slightly confusing.”

“Don’t try to understand and do what you’re told you!”

“That city lord is just an ant. What if he knows that young miss Qingyao became Prince’s disciple? Wouldn’t he release him?”

Chen Ming’s eyes flashed, “You’re smart after all. Then also send ten thousand troops and seal the city. Prevent any word from being leaked!”

Old Fang gave a silent prayer to the city lord and said, “Servant obeys!”

(1) Translates as Dragon Proud Sky. It is often used to satirize the protagonists in some novels, denoting a person who has no common sense, brainless and using his immense power to easily kill his enemies. A typical xuanhuan protagonist.

(2) According to ancient Chinese medical theories, the Conception and Governor vessels, located at different acupuncture points, control the flow of the human body’s Yin and Yang energy, respectively.