Forest of Origin

The King ranks looked ahead to see tightly packed trees, with just a ten zhang tall area through which they could pass. The silence was an eerie one, with the occasional rustle of leaves. There were no birds, no animals, just rustling.

“This is the Forest of Origin. Since we’re here, we need to think of a way to enter, searching for our chances!”

“Wood spiritual energy is very dense here, so there must be a Wood Spirit Vein inside!”

“Wood Spirit Vein has many spiritual herbs growing around it. Maybe some might even be at the King rank!”

Many cultivators ventured inside from the skies, hoping to find spiritual herbs or treasures. Not even three days passed before the news came from the Forest of Origin of a discovered medicine field. In this field, the most precious were five millennium-old King ranked herbs!

The cultivators rushed to the field to find hundreds of spiritual herbs strewn about and, in its center, the five King ranked ginsengs!

“That’s Millennium Snow Ginseng!”

“Just one is enough to promote one at Dao Seed stage to Divine Palace stage!”

“Why have we stopped in front of it and not went inside?”

One cultivator said, “There are human skeletons all around it, and even corpses from people who got to close!”

The ghastly sight shocked them, as there were even King ranks corpses among those strewn about.

There was an unknown danger around it, preventing entrance.

Even with all the hesitation, some weren’t content with just leaving like this, “In this great war between immortal and demonic factions, chaos spreads all around us. If one doesn’t become a Sovereign, he will soon end up dead. The opportunity lays before us, surrounded by a dangerous test bestowed by Heavens. How can we just stand and watch?”

A King rank flew slowly inside the medicine field, to avoid any lurking danger. He landed quietly somewhere, yet he didn’t trigger any sort of danger. He laughed in joy, “Look, my chance is here!”

The eyes of the rest went red, “With opportunity before us, how can we let one man have it all?”

“We also want a share!”

“Sure enough, chances come to those with great wills, with staunch Dao Hearts! That’s me!”

Right when the first person pulled a spiritual herb, with its roots leaving the earth, a tree resembling a human stood up, “Wretched humans!”

One by one, trees stood up, their endless branches shrouding the sky, smacking the Kings. It was a bloodbath, Kings falling like flies from the steel-like body of the trees, denying the cultivators any chance of resisting. Those that took spiritual herbs, threw them and flew above to get away, but there were too many roots all around, and one soon coiled around their legs leaving no hope behind.

“My life is finished!”

“What monsters are these? They have a King’s power!”

“The trees are as tough as King ranks, and there’s so many of them. My life is finished!”

Flying swords came out of nowhere, unleashing sword arts, and soon, hundreds of roots were cut apart. This gave the chance for the flying Kings to escape.

They saw the flying swords return one by one to an azure-robed young Daoist’s horsetail whisk, “This power! It’s a Sovereign!”

“I wonder which Sovereign graced us with his presence. Without him, we would be dead!”

“It’s Dawn Sovereign!”

The trees lifted their heads and roared at Chen Ming, “Human Sovereign, I warn you not to meddle!”

Chen Ming chuckled, “And if I do, what then? Tell your leader to meet me!”

The tree shouted, “You don’t have enough power to meet our leader!”

“Spiritual herbs aren’t your lifeline, so can you not take all Heaven’s gifts for yourself?”

“Everyone, there’s no need to listen to these cruel humans’ reasoning. Kill them!”

“Wipe them all!”

Chen Ming turned to the other four Sovereign who just arrived, “Seems like talking is useless. Let’s deal with them first. Smashing them should knock some fear into them!”

The leaves on the great trees rustled, singing a ballad in the fleeting wind, solemn and lonely. It drifted to were great trees stood, some of them ten zhang tall, other dozens, and even some close to a hundred.

The whole Forest of Origin seemed to wake up, as the ground rumbled and trees sprung from below with roots turning into legs, charging over the King ranks’ location.

Chen Ming swept a look, There must be millions of them. This is going to be a bit tricky to handle.

Yet he hadn’t seen even one tree comparable to a Sovereign, as thousand were King ranks and the rest in the Dao Initiation realm.

Were they trying to kill the group by piling on them?

In all honesty, even Liu Xuancha’s eyes flashed with a trace of alarm, “Just based on the numbers of the trees in this Forest of Origin, it comes close to an ancient immortal sect. Even us five Sovereigns can’t handle that many trees!”

Xue Xunmei said, “And because they overcame the meteor shower, fire won’t work on them.”

Su Qinggang said, “We’ve underestimated the number of trees in the Forest of Origin. Not even a Sovereign power tree came and yet we have a hard time dealing with them. Only if an ancient immortal sect assembled, will we subdue them! We had better retreat!”

Liu Xuancha pondered, “There are enough spiritual herbs here to last an ancient immortal sect for a long time. But the number of trees exceeds what we can handle!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “From what I see, they consider these spiritual herbs as their own. They grew them themselves, and since they’re all plants, they won’t just let us seize them.”

Chen Ming had to enter the Forest of Origin and had to find the Origin Sect’s remnants. As of yet, only Chen Ming stood silent, and the four turned to him, in wait for his answer, “In fact, we only need to scare, not kill them. Then we can meet with their leader.”

Liu Xuancha was amazed, “I know Fairy Zi Xia said you’re amazing at crowd control, but you’re facing a force strong enough to withstand an ancient immortal sect.”

Chen Ming just gave a faint smile, “Scaring them might just work. There’s no harm in trying.”