Chen Ming closed his eyes as the horsetail whisk stirred, sending bamboo leaves flying like a soothing breeze. Spiritual swords unsheathed from the leaves and raced at the huge trees.

Ten thousand swords swept the sky, blackening it.

To be truthful, Chen Ming had no way of controlling every single spiritual sword. His ability stopped somewhere around the three thousand mark, but putting this show proved no difficulty.

The other seven thousand flying swords weren’t capable of releasing sword arts, but could still perform simple flying movements.

The King ranks’ gazes focused on Chen Ming. They were unaware of the contents of the Sovereigns’ talk, but it was clear that Chen Ming was making a move.

“The Sovereign is attacking!”

“Does he want to fight with a sea of trees?”

“Wasn’t it that even a Sovereign is helpless against so many treas?”

Wood chips flew followed by toppling trees, like a receding tide. Among the sea of trees, the spiritual swords formed a ten li long line, falling every and any tree that bared its path.

The trees collapsed with each passing. Be it trees or King ranks, they were all rendered speechless. Innumerable great trees toppled, quacking the earth, without any intention of stopping.

Liu Xuancha was baffled to no end. Then he turned to Fairy Zi Xia, “Is this what you call fierce in crowd control?”

Fairy Zi Xia responded, “What, not enough? I think it perfectly fierce!”

Liu Xuancha said, “How can it be just fierce? This is clearly a Sovereign’s rage!”

The massacred never paused. The fearsome and terrible killing rate of Chen Ming overwhelmed the observers. That was because each passing moment meant the fall of more than three thousand trees. In the Kings’ eyes, Chen Ming’s sword skill was without equal!

“Our Sovereign is unparalleled!”

“So this is the power of a Sovereign. I thought the ancient immortal sects were small-minded when they only let Kings fight. I never knew a Sovereign could contain such might.”

“Wherever Dawn Sovereign is, hell follows!”

“All are mere mortals below the Sovereign rank.”

The great trees were raging. They couldn’t permit Chen Ming massacred to continue, “Attack together! He can’t keep this up for long!”

Tree after tree stood, making its way to Chen Ming, and stepping into the ten thousand swords field. In ten li radius around Chen Ming, an ocean of sword energy formed, making quick work of any that dared set foot within!

Twenty breaths in and Chen Ming held the same posture, pouring his heart and soul into controlling every flying swords, replacing his eyes.

Inside the sword array, he was One With the World. He sensed all minute changes.

The Kings grew more amazed, “I thought this was a one time move from a Sovereign, yet it’s clearly resembling a domain. Is it possible this is the Sword Domain?”

“I also believed it to be just an immortal art, but who knew it would persist for so long!”

“The trees no longer have the numerical advantage. Dawn Sovereign will kill them either way!”

“Dawn Sovereign lives up to his title!”

The great trees were beginning to feel fear settling in. They thought it was a single move, one who ended once released. But by the looks of things, the ten thousand swords didn’t seem to let up, still flying, still alive.

In this situation, even if they had double their numbers, it would still prove futile in killing Chen Ming!

But this was Forest of Origin, their homeland. They couldn’t just cower. And so, innumerable great trees charged Chen Ming only to fall in the ten li area around him.

Fifteen minutes passed in this manner and a hill of trees piled in front of Chen Ming. The trees finally got acquainted with dread. That human wasn’t something they could surmount, let alone approach!

The trees began to retreat, not daring to face Chen Ming, as the ballad of their leaves turned mournful.

Chen Ming opened his eyes, putting a stop to the massacre. He looked at a hill-like giant tree standing up, and a pair of eyes revealed themselves on its trunk. It’s piercing gaze riveted on his body, “Human Sovereign, do you have to become an enemy of Forest of Origin?”

Chen Ming and the four Sovereigns saw a thousand-zhang-tall ancient tree. He looked at its danger value and found it sitting at 3600. As for other things, he couldn’t discern from the large gap in danger values.

As the ancient three stood there, with branches piercing the clouds, it reached the Sovereigns in a single step. Chen Ming said, “If I wanted to wage war with Forest of Origin I wouldn’t have stopped!”

The ancient tree’s voice rumbled like thunder, “What do you want?”

“What we want is simple, Forest of Origin’s spiritual herbs!”

“Impossible! We are friends with spiritual herbs. We won’t sell our friends to safeguard our own lives.”

“If it’s like this, then I do have a way.”

The ancient tree stooped, setting his sights on the ant-sized Chen Ming, “Hmm? What way do you have, human?”

“Since you don’t want us to harm their lives, we will just take half of them, without bringing their lives any danger.”

The ancient tree considered, but proved unwilling, “No, it’s still selling our friends!”

“Then the only option is battle. As you’ve seen, with my rate of killing I only need a few days to turn this place into a wasteland!”

The ancient tree roared in laughter, “Human Sovereign, don’t think since I’m a great tree I do not know the secret of you, cultivators. You need spiritual power when you unleash magical arts, and cannot keep this rate for days on end!”

Chen Ming chuckled, “If it wasn’t for you being older and the small friendship between us, I wouldn’t speak so much. Since you won’t accept my good intentions, the only choice is battle!”

Chen Ming already shifted Dao Canon’s Dao Palace in front, covering him in Dao Canon’s spiritual power. Chen Ming smiled at the ancient tree, “You should be familiar with this spiritual power. Do you think it’ll dry up soon?”