The feel of Dao Canon’s energy sent a shiver down the ancient tree’s trunk, enough to reel three steps back in fear.

He left tree huge footprints on the group, looking more lie deep craters then mere holes.

The Dao Canon left a deep-seated fear in his memories. He could still hear, even now, ancestor’s voice saying that once a cultivator broke through to Sovereign domain in Dao Canon, his spiritual power was unlimited!

He was more than clear that the spiritual power of Chen Ming was from the Dao Canon!

Chen Ming revealed some of his might, and that he also had the power of an Autarch in crowd control. A Dao Canon cultivation comparable to an Autarch in power was not Forest of Origin’s match.

There was a saying regarding an Autarch ranked Dao Canon cultivator, ‘the unmatched transcendent’.

A Dao Canon cultivator at the Autarch rank could kill immortals!

The ancient tree felt helpless, “So the origin returned. I should have known that only a man of origin would dare step foot in Forest of Origin. We are willing to accept Exalted’s condition.”

Chen Ming was overjoyed, “As long as you know of my intention of friendship for the Origin Sect, then it’s fine. Quickly take me to the Origin Sect’s location.”

The ancient tree cupped its hands, “I will send a great tree to act as Exalted’s guide!”

Chen Ming turned to the Kings, “You cannot harm these spiritual herbs’ lives, and can only take half. Understood?”

They bowed in thanks, “We are grateful for Dawn Sovereign’s grace!”

A King asked, “Sovereign, there is no one proficient in herbs among us. How are we to collect without endangering their lives?”

Chen Ming’s thought, So you need people versed in herbs! Perfect, since I have three thousand and six hundred of them. “Go to Yan Mountain and look for the Lords. They are all learned, and can also help you refine them into pills.”

They’re perfect in giving the disciples a bit of extra income. They are in desperate need of spirit stones now that they organize Regalia Regiments. This opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time. It should also net them quite the profit.

They bowed again, “We thank Sovereign!”

The other four Sovereigns looked at each other in dismay. Were they a team? Was Liu Xuancha even the leader here?

None of them did anything, yet Chen Ming already solved the problem!

Even Liu Xuancha had to admit, Chen Ming’s method was damn perfect. The number of trees here was alike an ancient immortal sect’s. Where would they find a sect in this time and age to deal with the Forest of Origin?

It was great they could take half of each spiritual herb, since this way the Forest of Origin would no longer hold any danger. So long as no one endangered the lives of the spiritual herbs, anyone could collect as many as he pleased. Without such an agreement, even setting foot in the Forest of Origin would pose a problem. Not to mention when looking for spiritual herbs they would find far less than half.

Despite the last part of the arrangement was a tad selfish from Chen Ming, giving his disciples the advantage, they could only swallow their objection. After all, he had tens of thousands of alchemists, and the disciples had to know alchemy, proficient in plucking spiritual herbs without harming their lives.

And this was an impossible feat for them!

Liu Xuancha fished out his compass. They’ve hardly been in Forest of Origin for three days and already cleared it. When he checked the progress of others, there was no news of anyone clearing other forbidden areas so far.

Thus, Liu Xuancha left a message inside: ‘Forest of Origin is clear of danger. We waged war with the trees here for three days and three nights and finally reached a consensus. Normal cultivators can enter Forest of Origin to look for spiritual herbs, but they cannot harm their lives. For a detailed method of harvesting spiritual herb, please inquire a Yan Mountain disciple.’

The other Sovereigns on the jobs looked at the compass by chance and saw Liu Xuancha’s message, “No freakin’ way! It’s only been three days and this boor of Liu Xuancha already cleared it!?”

“This guy couldn’t be messing around, could it?”

“That can’t be! But why aren’t his words conveying any shred of trust?”

With the passing of another few days, new info buzzed about. Dawn Sovereign fought with the Forest of Origin, slaughtering millions of great trees until Forest of Origin swore allegiance to Dawn Sovereign!

All the sects were discussing was mostly about Dawn Sovereign, “Who would’ve known Dawn Sovereign’s power reached such a height!”

“Maybe we shouldn’t have vilified Dawn Sovereign before, regarding not wanting to take Li Suyi back. His power isn’t small at all, to clear a forbidden area by himself! The reason why he didn’t waltz in the demonic sect is because it would spark the war of Sovereigns, plunging the land into chaos. Dawn Sovereign has the livelihood of the common people in his thoughts!”

“Dawn Sovereign is indeed our light, shining the path to immortality!”

The news spread like wildfire, especially those regarding heroes in the stories the people liked so much. And so, all kinds of plays and street performers announced: ‘Dawn Sovereign’s ten thousand swords battling Origin. Chen Ming wiped Origin with a flick. Yan Mountain…’

When the Sovereigns caught wind of this, they turned back to Liu Xuancha’s message in the compass, “From the first time I saw it I knew Liu Xuancha’s message was unreliable!”

“I have to say, Liu Xuancha’s message this time is even more so.”

“There’s no way I’d believe a new Sovereign has such power!”

Yet more and more Kings rushed to Yan Mountain, without showing any signs of stopping. No one has been in the Forest of Origin for thousands of years. To put it plainly, if those spiritual herbs from thousands of years ago weren’t dead, they should be at King rank! Such a great resource could move anyone’s heart. The first to go would be the first to grab the most. And so, they scrambled to ask a Yan Mountain Lord for guidance then go enter Forest of Origin for harvesting. To top it all off, these Lords would even refine them into pills. They could offer them the harvested spiritual herbs along with a spirit stones gift, and the Lords would give them the resulting pills.

Chen Ming has yet to hand in the Fiend Expedition mission since it was still ongoing, with only an 80% completion rate. As there were many more Archfiends who haven’t yet sworn fealty, the war pressed on. But it no longer required that many disciples to involve themselves with it, so it was better for some of them to come over here and join the excitement.

Chen Ming along with Ling Xian and the four Sovereigns were standing on a branch of a tree, gazing upon the mysterious Origin Sect. This was a sect established in a humongous tree. Its trunk was as thick as a small mountain. It rested on its branches, like a long bridge, holding withing the secrets of the Dao Canon Chen Ming so desperately wanted.