Ling Xian was shocked by the sheer size of that ancient tree, “This where the sect who cultivated the Dao Canon is?”

Liu Xuancha said, “That rumor is thousand of years old, and it’s unclear if it’s real. The fact that Origin Sect only cultivated Dao Canon was something many didn’t care at first since its disciples were all of average cultivation. Then a day came when the Sect Leader acted, venturing alone inside the demonic sect and rampaging for a hundred thousand li, shacking the continent.”

Xue Xunmei added, “This was the only sect that cultivated the Dao Canon to the Transcending realm. Yet the people had no idea how it could achieve this feat.”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “Correct. I also tried my hand at Dao Canon but it was just too slow and hard. I just can’t understand how you could reach the Dao Comprehending realm!”

Chen Ming was fully aware of what hardships entailed cultivating the Dao Canon. Zhuo Qingyao and Li Suyi were peak King ranks while Ling Xian still in the Dao Initiation realm. This spoke volumes.

And this fellow had Luck Aura and, to top it all off, a ring grandpa.

He cultivated for two years just to enter the Dao Initiation realm, further proving how hard it was to train in Dao Canon.

The Origin Sect was filled with lichen. If the ancient tree didn’t tell a tree to lead the way, they would never have found the remnants of this sect.

As the group ventured towards the Origin Sect, they couldn’t discern anything about their surroundings. Walking for three li and stepping on the staircase inside the tree, Chen Ming found a frozen black trace of blood.

Liu Xuancha said, “It must be from some wild beast. There’s no way it could last thousands of years.”

Chen Ming said, “We’ve been walking for so long inside the Forest of Origin, but when has fellow Daoist Liu Xuancha ever seen another creature of flesh!”

Liu Xuancha looked long and hard at the bloodstain, “You’re saying it’s actually thousands of years old?”

Su Qinggang said, “The being who left such trace is not and ordinary one. If there’s one being who’s blood doesn’t decay over such a long time, then that’s an immortal!”

Chen Ming closed his eyes, letting his hand run over the stain, then flashed them open, “I am cultivating an immortal cultivation method and this blood has a faint trace of immortal power!”

Fairy Zi Xia tore the bark of a tree, “Look! Because of the bloodstain, the tree is dead. It must have endured an immortal’s power for a long time.”

Xue Xunmei said, “Here also!”

Everyone soon found many immortal bloodstains, to which Liu Xuancha said, “Does that mean the meteor shower wasn’t a natural disaster but an immortal appearing in this world?”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “The path to immortality was still open and an immortal might have risen!”

Chen Ming watched his surroundings as if he saw an immortal battle, “There was a battle of immortals here!”

Ling Xian’s voice came out rushed, “There’s a golden skeleton here!”

They turned to his location in an instant, to see one of its ribs broken and the Dao Palace crushed. Liu Xuancha said, “Only an immortal can have golden bones. The skeleton of our sect’s founder is also golden. I can sense the immortal power contained within!”

Fairy Zi Xia pulled Ling Xian back since the little fellow was on the verge of touching them, “Don’t! And immortal’s bones, even if dead, hold enough Immortal’s Pressure to easily crush a Dao Initiation realm cultivator!”

They all saw how a golden skeleton arm laid in Ling Xian’s hand, “Uh, were you talking about this?”

The four Sovereigns were beyond puzzled of how Ling Xian, just a Dao Initiation realm cultivator, could bear an Immortal’s Pressure, “Is it because of Dao Canon? Is that why he doesn’t fear the Immortal’s Pressure?”

A sudden drumming noise echoed in their ears. When they looked, they saw Chen Ming holding a hammer and banging on the immortal’s bones. Liu Xuancha said, “Chen Ming! What are you doing?”

Chen Ming lifted his head, “I was going to take some immortal bone marrow and refine it into immortal pills. Oh, wait, no matter how much I bang it won’t do anything the way I am now. Even if there’s immortal bone marrow inside it, that doesn’t matter right now. Since an immortal’s bones are still here, he must have not had the time to leave. His immortal equipment must still be here. Since the immortal’s bones are still here, it must be the same for its immortal equipment!”

Chen Ming showed a regretful expression, then it soon vanished.

THey rest heard him, hearts bursting with joy as they searched in silence. Humph, I heard it, kid! You’re still too soft if you think your change in expression can fool me, a battle Sovereign, who witnessed the world change!

The four Sovereigns flew everywhere, flipping here, rummaging there, in hope of finding immortal equipment.

Ling Xian eyed Chen Ming, With Master’s shrewdness, how could he ever let the four take advantage of him. Ling Xian crouched next to him, banging in sync, “Master, did something great happen?”

Chen Ming spoke while banging, “This is a sect even immortals fear and yet it came under attack. This resulted in the fall of an immortal, without the chance to take even the corpse away. Now tell me, is this immortal’s immortal equipment great, or the Origin Sect’s treasure?”

Ling Xian’s eyes flashed, “It must be a great treasure that can kill an immortal!”

Then Ling Xian asked in doubt, “But Master, how will we find it?”

“You fool! This is a sect that cultivated Dao Canon. Just operate Dao Canon and see if you get any unusual reactions. You’ll go and search them since your cultivation is low and those guys won’t pay you any attention. Your Master will stay here and help them in searching this immortal’s things.”

Watching Ling Xian walking in the depts of the tree as he operated Dao Canon, Chen Ming stashed the immortal skeleton in his storage ring then joined the treasure hunt. Sovereigns came to clear this forbidden area, so of course they wouldn’t leave all the chances to break through to the Kings. They were hoping to increase their own power.

The Kings would only find what the Sovereigns lost interest in taking. But how could they leave immortal equipment for their sake?

Of course, there were times when the immortal equipment just couldn’t be found, only to be discovered later by a King. After all, who was clear on this thing called luck?

Chen Ming’s eyes roamed on every Sovereign and reckoned Fairy Zi Xia had the highest chance of finding it. She had Purple Cloud From the East Aura, and it wasn’t just for show. But Chen Ming should still search around. Who knew, maybe he had that thing called Luck Aura. Anyway, the chance was before them, and it all came down to who was the lucky winner.

There’s no need to worry about that fellow, Ling Xian. Since he has Luck Aura, he is fated to find the Origin Sect’s treasures. So even if I don’t find the immortal equipment, I won’t come out with a loss.