Four Sovereigns sent their awareness into piles of rotten wood, in the hopes of finding the immortal equipment.

Chen Ming spread his own awareness, one spanning two hundred miles, and, in the next instant, he found an immortal power trace. He went wild with joy, “No way! Nailed it in on the first try!”

He embarked on the journey of finding the trance, “All that sleeping must have strengthened my consciousness. That’s how it got so wide, while the other’s are lower than mine.”

He tore apart dozens of dried wood covering with spiritual power and, above a cliff, Chen Ming found a deep cave. Inside it, there was another immortal skeleton!

The skeleton entered Chen Ming’s eyes in its entirety, but he soon homed in on its waist. There was a bag attached.

Can it be he still had immortal equipment on him before his death?

Chen Ming stashed the skeleton in his storage ring, the lifted the bag. It had an auspicious pattern embroidered on it, that of clouds. When he sank his awareness within, he detected a strong immortal power. It was immortal equipment!

But what kind of immortal equipment is this?

And does this toy binds to an owner?

Well, whatever. Let’s try dripping blood, don’t all novels talk about this? Chen Ming gently swiped a sword on his finger and, drip by heart-rending drip, blood entered the bag’s mouth.

“Ding! Bag of Clouds is assessing. Because you cultivate a cloud cultivation method and have Control Aura lvl 2, the Bag of Clouds recognizes you as its owner.”

Chen Ming finally got to know its name, Bag of Clouds. What kind of name is that?

He inspected the inside of the bag, to find… clouds. And because it recognized Chen Ming, they all began drifting around.

They flew everywhere inside it, and Chen Ming soon found a five-colored cloud, its speed several times his!

The Bag of Clouds seems more like a cloud raising bag. Are these clouds considered mounts?

Chen Ming wanted to try calling one out, so he targeted one and ordered it. Come out!

A white cloud popped in front of Chen Ming, then stepped on it. I still can’t understand how you control this thing, but its so fluffy and oh so comfortable.

Chen Ming sent his senses back into the Bag of Clouds and, as he was the proud new owner, it sent some information about itself. He understood that Bag of Clouds only had clouds in it and that they were all mounts.

Chen Ming peered the cloud instruction(manual) in detail, then stepped on the cloud while laughing, “Race time!”


The body’s position was sent through his legs into the cloud and as Chen Ming leaned forward, it dashed out of the cave!

The wind whistled past him, yet it didn’t affect the mount or its rider, and it zipped Chen Ming ten li in a flash!

“With the white cloud this great, I wonder how fast will that five-colored cloud go?”

No sooner said than done. He exchanged the white one with the five-colored cloud, stepped on it and said, “Go!”

With a boom, his face made intimate contact with a mountainside, then slowly slid down. Chen Ming wiped the dust of his nose, “This one is too fast! I can’t even make sense of my surroundings! I reckon only an immortal can control it, so I’ll leave it be for now.”

The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.

After some deep thinking, he took out a three-colored cloud this time. After a few moments of getting used to it, it wooshed through the sky. Ah, so carefree. Now this I can control.

When checking the clouds amount, he found thousands of white clouds, over a hundred two-colored clouds, just ten three colored clouds, and a single five-colored cloud. With this many, I can give each disciple one, and, while I’m at it, hold cloud piloting lessons.

This way, Yan Mountain’s disciples will ride the clouds(1) one after the other. The image will evoke such respect!

Before we even fight, we’d have won through grandeur!

As to avoid his disciples from twirling on the clouds, he left on each of them a line: ‘The sky is vast, the earth is broad, but safety comes first. Soaring wildly through the clouds, Master and disciple will leave streams of tears behind.’


He jumped on the three-colored cloud and resumed searching with his awareness. There was nothing else except the Bag of Clouds. This settles the sect’s mount problem. The immortal equipment here is very useful!

Chen Ming sensed several hundred li away, a bright light in front of Fairy Zi Xia, bathing her area in a purple aura, “No wonder she has Purple Cloud From the East Aura. She found immortal equipment already!”

Seeing the light around Fairy Zi Xia, the other three Sovereign rushed to where she was. Since she found the immortal equipment, there was no point in wasting time with the search.

Seeing the three rush to her, Chen Ming resumed his silent search. Since two immortals fell in this place, who could say there wasn’t a third immortal!

I reckon Ling Xian will also find immortal equipment. The only one without one will be Chen Lingyu. Regarding his legacy disciples, Chen Ming wasn’t one to play favorites. He had to think of a way to get her immortal equipment. Say what you will of this Bag of Clouds but it’s useless in Chen Lingyu’s hands. It doesn’t even increase her power, so there’s no point in giving it to her.

With his senses wide open, Chen Ming streaked the skies on his cloud, coming like a storm above a mountain peak. He found a cave with a trace of immortal power within its depths. He stepped inside, and only after walking ten li did a golden flash welcomed him.

To be perfectly honest, to one loaded with cultivation methods as I am, there aren’t many pieces of immortal equipment who won’t bind to me. He wiped the dust away and an undamaged storage ring entered his eyes.

The storage ring was on a golden fingerbone. Chen Ming was having doubt if his luck changed for the better. It was a storage ring and an immortal’s item at that!

Chen Ming pried the ring from the skeleton, peeked to see if anyone was watching, and stashed the bones. That done, he sent his spiritual power inside the ring to see what laid in store for him.

If all immortals keep their treasures on themselves at all times, then I struck gold!

(1) It can also mean arrogant, confident.