When spiritual power finally seeped into the ring, he found one huge empty space. And resting there were 18 twin spacial stones. Why these things?

18 teleportation arrays?

But with these, he could set one at Yan Mountain and another on his body. This way he would return at a moment’s notice.

Who the hell said that these guys stashed their treasures in storage ring? It’s nothing like in the novels!

But it was quite reasonable when he thought about it. Those who didn’t bring their wealth with them feared meeting their end against the next opponent.

An average storage ring had some items with tactical importance.

But since there was a third immortal skeleton, then there must be a third immortal equipment.

Since three immortals already met their end in Origin Sect’s grounds, this place wasn’t that fortuitous.

Chen Ming went on with his search.

Ling Xian relied on his intuition, venturing deeper into the tree. After flying for four hours, he arrived before a pond at the bottom of the tree. And what filled it was natural Grand Dao energy!

I looked high and low for so long and only got a trace of it in Purple Mountain. Yet here, I find a full pond of it!

Ling Xian didn’t rush to absorb it since it was too much, and saw a white skeleton in the pond’s center, with a blue emblem in its palm.

Ling Xian jumped into the natural Grand Dao energy pond and reached for the emblem. It rested in his hand with three words inscribed on it: Divine Wood Seal.

He only touched it and already felt his spiritual power surging. The natural Grand Dao energy was drawn to the Divine Wood Seal, burrowing inside it.

As the level of natural Grand Dao energy dropped, it revealed countless symbols on the bottom of the pond, “This is the complete Dao Canon!”

Dao Canon, the first among myriad Daos!

This first line shocked Ling Xian’s mind. He saw the symbols transforming and evoking their true meaning, giving him the opportunity to understand them without effort. Besides, this transformation was connected to his instinct.

Just what is this situation?

From the white skeleton, symbols began to rise one after the other, and as Ling Xian comprehend them they sank in his body, painting his entire bones in white jade ancient symbols.

The spiritual energy moved erratically around him, forming a whirlpool, and above it, another black vortex formed.

Ling Xian lifted his head and understood. That was his Heavenly Tribulation.

He still saw many more symbols around him. If Master was here, his lecture would’ve helped me understand them all!

At this moment, the four Sovereigns were making a dash to his location. Liu Xuancha never felt more amazed in his life, “Dao Canon cultivation has such a secret! He is forming a Dao Seed with his cultivation! My body is the art, my path is the Dao!”

Fairy Zi Xia said, “As Chen Ming’s disciple, it’s obvious he’d find his chance. But what’s with it being so absurdly powerful?”

Xue Xunmei said, “I don’t believe it! Li Suyi is a demonic cultivator, Zhuo Qingyao a hardship cultivator, and now Ling Xian is an immortal cultivator. They don’t match at all.”

A gale swept their side and Chen Ming was there, on his three-colored cloud. Fairy Zi Xia asked, “How did you get your hands on a three-colored cloud? It looks like an immortal’s mount.”

Chen Ming signaled Fairy Zi Xia to shut up, “I don’t have the time for that right now!”

One look at Ling Xian’s situation and he understood what was happening. He spent six thousand merits to bring Dao Canon to completion then spoke, “Clear sky and muddy earth, the wind stirs as the clouds are calm. I know not its name, as the strong name speaks of Dao. The Dao is the mother of all creatures, the origin of all, be it living or not. Thus the heaven and earth split in yin and yang, native to the sun and moon. The heaven and earth is merciless and so is the Grand Dao…”

Ling Xian closed his eyes, listening enraptured to Chen Ming’s lecture on Grand Dao. The more he heard the more floating symbols around him sank into his body.

Liu Xuancha, Xue Xunmei, Fairy Zi Xia and Su Qinggang looked at each other in dismay, “Can this guy really pierce through all Dao Canon’s meanings?”

“How did he do it? I just want to know just how bored was he!”

“Les than you might think from the look of things. From Ling Xian’s appearance, Dao Canon has a great secret hidden behind it!”

The passing of the day marked the end to Chen Ming’s lecture and with it, the final three symbols entered Ling Xian’s body. The white jade skeleton also crumbled to dust. Chen Ming looked at Ling Xian and found another aura.

‘Dao Bones Aura

Description: my path is the Dao, my body the art

Effect: spiritual energy control. Once enabled, all spiritual energy in a ten li range is under your control.’

Chen Ming was swept by shock and disbelief. That’s a Main Character for you, his aura goes beyond strong! When he cultivates, he can do what no one else can, suck spiritual energy dry in a ten li range.

In times of battle, the spiritual energy comes under his control. You tell me if that ain’t scary!

But why the hell don’t I have it?

I also can’t get my hands on Zhuo Qingyao’s Eight Sacred Powers Aura. I might cultivate Nine Nines Mysteries Art, but mine isn’t genuine!

Chen Ming turned to the scripture on the pond’s bottom. Conquering Immortals Art. This scripture seems more intricate than a mere immortal art.

Is this what the Origin Sect relied on to kill immortals?

Chen Ming spoke in his mind, “Comprehend Conquering Immortals Art!”

“Ding! It requires ten million merits. Not enough merits.”

Chen Ming’s eyes lost focus. This needs a bit more merits, but why do I care? I can’t train in it anyway!